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  1. Need Help! Lead screw length
  2. New Machine Build my new MDF project
  3. Newbie Need help with the specs
  4. First Time CNC Builder Needs Help!
  5. z axis settings help needed!
  6. Newbie New to CNC, Need Help/Opinions
  7. New Machine Build Wiring config (and the maker) of stepper motors
  8. Dust Skirt for a Taig Spindle?
  9. New Machine Build Parts for DIY CNC woodworking router in Europe
  10. New to cnc and a few questions
  11. Spiral anti-backlash couplers introducing backlash!
  12. Newbie Stepper driver question
  13. Newbie Collecting info
  14. Need Help! small desktop router build idea
  15. .....parts...
  16. Anyone using an "Avenger" ATC spindle yet?
  17. Need Help! using 2 steppers on x axis
  18. Need Help! using 2 steppers on x axis
  19. Low RPM Spindle
  20. i cut a channel in my table
  21. Need info about this breakout board
  22. Need Help! Single Shaft or Dual?
  23. Question about slave stepper
  24. New Machine Build New CNC router build log
  25. laser cut MDF??
  26. The Evil Dishwasher
  27. Question on Stepper Motor Sizing
  28. Wiring issue (Maybe)
  29. Zaxis repeatability
  30. Newbie - Issues please help
  31. A4 build log
  32. Large unregluated supply worth selling?
  33. Need Help! steppers randomly stop as DRO still counts w/vid
  34. G540 fault light...what does that mean?
  35. 10 tpi screw
  36. Best upgrade so far.
  37. Need Help! Setting up X and Y G540/Mach3
  38. Need Help! Noise
  39. Parco instead of 80/20
  40. Need Help! Some Simple Questions
  41. I guess this is an optical limit switch...how to wire?
  42. Building a cnc machine
  43. Why are my motors so hot?
  44. Need Help! Mach3 questions
  45. The Lions Roar
  46. Fla100 mach3 config
  47. Bearings
  48. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  49. Need helping figuring out CNC issue
  50. New Machine Build My initial CNC Driver design work...
  51. DB9/G540 questions
  52. Blower over backer vacuums
  53. Problem Meltdown... Where to go from here
  54. New Machine Build Which driver?
  55. Design critique - redbluecnc
  56. Z-Axis THK - Am I on the right track with these?
  57. Max length for an acme threaded rod. End support or fully support the frame?
  58. Build Thread A4 build log
  59. Need Help! DB9 shielding wiring
  60. Need Help! Home switches and Limit Switches
  61. your location & need help :) ????
  62. Dual Z-axis Machine Examples??
  63. Cam Software
  64. Basic mechanical engineering questions for new build
  65. tool offsets and tool changes in mach3
  66. Need Help! Z DRO moving, axis not moving
  67. Shop Wiring Question
  68. Probotix SideStep Chopper Driver
  69. Any one know of a good shaft lock?
  70. rm1605/bk/bf12 ballscrew questions
  71. A question on couplers.
  72. gecko 540 :(
  73. soft limits?
  74. Mach ignores limit switches
  75. Need Help! Problem with Probotix stepper motor driver?
  76. Recommend a 110v spindle for 6061 aluminum
  77. Help! Machine is inaccurate!
  78. Too many lead screws...
  79. Need Help! Inductive Switches
  80. initial specs for new build
  81. DIY Home buildable controller
  82. Newbie 8020 machine using router part trucks
  83. Linear bearing on 8020 mounting ????
  84. New Machine Build cnc plasma cut parts for DIY cnc router
  85. New Machine Build zenbot 1216 setup files
  86. Slide ideas?
  87. Need Help! Protecting CNCRouterParts Carriages
  88. Z-Axis Advice Please...
  89. Star Linear rail help needed....
  90. Problem Heavily vibrating motors when stationary.
  91. Zeroing End Mill Question
  92. file wont run on mach 3
  93. Where can i find Acme 1/4" Threaded Rods?
  94. Quick question about ball/acme screws
  95. Newbie Zero top of material or top of bed
  96. Need Percision bass dxf
  97. New Machine Build Revised design model
  98. Need Help! cnc for stainless steel engraving + few other questions
  99. How do you add text to your videos?
  100. Top plaining question
  101. HY-TB3DV-N, nema 24 RPM problem
  102. jerky interpolation
  103. New Machine Build My first desktop CNC
  104. Joining gantry under table
  105. Newbie Two motors on one axis
  106. Newbie Thinking about Building a CNC Needs some input and pointers!!
  107. right router
  108. Crane's Next CNC
  109. New Machine Build My take on a "desktop" 32" x 15" x 9" 'router'
  110. Blocked cooling lines...
  111. dual x axis stepper question
  112. Where to buy plastic material
  113. Using T-Slot Gantry as Spindle Water Cooler?
  114. About Z accuracy when changing bits
  115. Momus Design CNC Plans
  116. MDF releases urea-formaldehyde
  117. Calibration issues?
  118. Need Help! Stepper Motor help?
  119. 8020 CNC Router
  120. What happens when stepper motor is close to a magnet?
  121. Newbie Newbie website. -- new2CNC.com
  122. Newbie question- looking for guidance and recommendations
  123. lead screw diameter for 6 ft table
  124. lead screw question
  125. Need Help! Mach 3 feedrate displays wrong on X axis
  126. Problem Probotix, Mach3, or Cut2D problem?
  127. HUGE CAST CNC build
  128. control box relay
  129. Cheap E-stop switch...
  130. Newbie Need ideas for simple 1 axis cnc motion rig
  131. K2 Linear Slide with 3KW Spindle
  132. About Z axis (using CncrouterParts carriages)
  133. Problems with Wolfgang spindle
  134. Good Dremel Tool Mount?
  135. Build Thread CNC Router Restoration!
  136. Making drill template for nema 23
  137. New Machine Build Mobile Mill To Go
  138. Problem I think I toasted my Xylotex board
  139. chain drive??
  140. Newbie Thinking about making my first CNC
  141. Question about rack and pinion systems
  142. It's alive! Video of first start to finish part
  143. Low Cost CNC Retrofits?
  144. Question on THK
  145. thoughts on rotating nut design (acme)
  146. New Router Build
  147. router making weird noises, video included
  149. Jet 1236 lathe add router ?
  150. Lathe for CNC ?
  151. Cutting Aluminum Learning Curve
  152. Cutting stainless steel on a router
  153. 3 axis ABC head
  154. Need Help! need to find trapezoidal nuts
  155. BloomingtonMikie's CastCNC machine (pic heavy)
  156. Need Help! Router choice, Kress 1050?
  157. Help! Jet Lathe Conversion
  158. cnc plasma table plans
  159. Need Help! Newbie! What spindle to buy for milling??
  160. Need Help! Understanding 0 z axis?
  161. Need Help! Bearing Blocks.
  162. cut mild steel?
  163. Proximity or mechanical limit switches?
  164. How powerful of a motor do I need?
  165. Build Thread microCarve A4/Gecko G540
  166. Adjusting cncrouterparts bearing trucks
  167. New Machine Build CNC Table 6' x 11' Heavyduty
  168. Drag engraving tool in UK
  169. Need Help! Upgrade CNC tenoner control to Mach 3 compatible
  170. kl-600-48 power supply low voltage on switch?
  171. Most profitable use of your table
  172. Need Help! Question about finishing projects
  173. fl-200 cutting area??
  174. 80mm Spindle Mount Sources?
  175. Newbie It Lives!
  176. New Machine Build AltCNC
  177. Save me from myself
  178. Need Help! 5 phase VEXTA UPH599 wiring problem
  179. Best way to square up a solsylva?
  180. NEWB build. I have some questions
  181. New Machine Build Structural issues
  182. Two Drivers on One Motor??
  183. Need Help! Vacuum Table Question
  184. Need Help! Best tool change head?
  185. New Machine Build My Deskstop CNC Router is WORKING!
  186. Smooth Stepper questions...
  187. Help a guy and help yourself rails and rings
  188. New Machine Build Metal monster, pictures added
  189. Paint to adhere to HDPE
  190. New Machine Build Cheap and practical using 8020 and salvaged parts
  191. What type of router would be best for me.
  192. Need Help! picking to right Interface Board
  193. Newbie Guide to build CNC with less tools, but it written by Newbie.
  194. newbe
  195. Newbie Help with some initial design decisions
  196. Laptop Printer Port
  197. problem with backlash?
  198. Need Help! Salutations and other assorted mess
  199. Need Help! Solid State Relay Question (Hopefully Easy)
  200. Hitachi Routers available cheap, 1 year warranty $80!
  201. holes not coming out round
  202. New Machine Build 4x6 8020. Miserly on Materials.
  203. My Latest Machine - CNC #4
  204. 5x10 CNC Router using CNCROUTERPARTS Components
  205. Cutting 2024-T3. Please - Give me your $0.02
  206. First DIY CNC - mix and match belt/screw drive?
  207. Need Help! How to get in touch withFine Line Automation
  208. Initial design questions
  209. are stepper motor kits on ebay any good
  210. Newbie cam software
  211. Data cut cnc router
  212. Ballscrew Selection
  213. Build Thread 2nd CNC Router (going for sturdy this time)
  214. tool burning
  215. Heads up! Stepper deals on eBay!
  216. Looking for someone to Collaborate with on Home CnC concepts (Ann Arbor)
  217. Router Diemsions, hitachi, makita, dewalt, PC..
  218. Electric Scooter Motor as Servo
  219. Build Thread 4-axis machine build
  220. Free 2.5D CAM software out there???
  221. How big is big enough?
  222. screw whip lengths and limits
  223. Need Help! Driving the X Axis
  224. Need Help! Dumpster Multi Start AB Nuts
  225. New Machine Build My new CNC design - your opinion is needed! [RENDERINGS INSIDE!]
  226. Need Help! Best breakout board to use with my setup.
  227. Help please motor mount purpose
  228. Unwanted circles in Mach 3
  229. Salvaged Stepper Motors, Now What?
  230. New Machine Build New 8020 Machine Build
  231. Anyone ever cut bloodwood???
  232. Machine Crashes and Tool Explosions
  233. MDF router on the cheap...
  234. Need Help! What software?
  235. Fairly Standard 8020 Build (New)
  236. rotating lead nut design
  237. New Machine Build Ridgid mill/router
  238. Where to buy cheap bits?
  239. Newbie Looking to build
  240. Aluminium Profieles Where to Buy them Cheap?
  241. CNCRouterParts Stepper Wiring ??
  242. Build Thread Full Aluminum CNC
  243. Problem Y and A Axis Out of Step
  244. How much movement in a welded frame?
  245. Digital Tool Meta Machine Router
  246. Need Help! DIY CNC with Y on table instead of gantry?
  247. Another source for the mini mill head assembly?
  248. any diy position feedback designs?
  249. New Machine Build My CNCRouterParts build - NEMA34
  250. Drill Bits for CNC?
  251. Need Help! Acme pulley?
  252. Need Help! Spindle for cutting Aluminum
  253. Need Help! Having a hard time cutting 6061
  254. Single axis keeps reversing polarity on startup
  255. Need Help! Ok all you smart guys!! lol need some help! Refurb !!!!
  256. New Machine Build All 45x90mm aluminum build
  257. spare parts router build
  258. New to cnc
  259. Mach 3 to CNC Machine = No communication
  260. Looking for solid model of mini mill head
  261. Direction keeps changing
  262. X axis not constant: Any ideas?
  263. Solsylva 10 x 9 - First Build
  264. Ballscrews/Limit Switches
  265. Let's see your vacuum tables !
  266. New Machine Build Just started bulding the second machine...
  267. Circle start/end issue?
  269. Threadmilling aluminum on my router
  270. Router build tips
  271. Super Mario Stepper Motors
  272. Newbie Raised X rails / dropped table
  273. So, You Want to Design a Machine?
  274. Power supply help
  275. I have a 3kw spindle with a xin ye YPC3d72g VFD(need settings to get rpms to show)
  276. Problem Prepping & Painting a steel rail to prevent rust
  277. Adding a spindle, can my actuator and frame handle it?
  278. Need Help! Stepper? Size for this machine...
  279. Stepper motor help
  280. Need Help! EMC2 and G540 help needed. Wrong way Homie.
  281. Need Help! Need help with machine controller software
  282. Really dumb Prox switch question
  283. anybody tried one of this for a spindle?
  284. speeding up my cnc machine?
  285. Need Help! How on earth do you cut THK LM rail?
  286. Need Help! Axis on the blink.. direction change issues HELP
  287. Z Axis Opinion
  288. Build Thread My 12x12" official build thread (mill router) :)
  289. Porter Cable 690 LR Sale for $89
  290. Advice please: Drives and steppers
  291. Rails....How to Choose?
  292. Router using ER collets?
  293. Question about Vacuum Hoses
  294. Let's talk bases for 4x4 or bigger machines
  295. Design issue question
  296. Steppers for Gecko G540
  298. 8020 rotating nut
  299. Need Help! Spindle calibration with Mach, VFD, and a G540
  300. Age old Question I'm sure but what power motor for . . . .