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  1. Newbie with a question
  2. UHMW table
  3. Porter Cable Collet Replacement for Accuracy
  4. Need Help! Material strenght question...
  5. Help understanding linear ways
  6. rubber cord for vacuum table
  7. Hello, new to the forum
  8. Need Help! Double x axis drive
  9. Probotix Kit Fuse Help
  10. Discussion of moving table vs moving gantry
  11. Spindle Test Porter Cable Vs. Bosch
  12. Newbie Build CNC Router?
  13. My First 3 Axis CNC Router Build
  14. My CNC Router Design
  15. 2 brothers first build
  16. Newbie Where do I start?
  17. material hold down systems....ideas?
  18. Newbie Solsylva 13 x 13 for learning?
  19. Wiring help...
  20. Making the gantry solid
  21. 4 axis lathe
  22. I need links on how to assembly a servo motor controller for my cnc 3 axis router
  23. Question about new 4 axis router (lead screws)
  24. New Machine Build Tron parts needed
  25. Y axis linear bearing question
  26. Newbie Fist CNC, Need guidance
  27. Double check and offer suggestions...planning
  28. New Machine Build 3 or 4 axis board?
  29. Begginer building plumbers pipe cnc
  30. converting N.m to oz-in
  31. Poor man's T-Slot wannabe
  32. motor frame sizing help
  33. Vertical Climbing CNC Machine
  34. Problem goodmanwoods
  35. Building a Rockcliff out of thin plastic
  36. Questions for my first CNC Router (for aluminum)
  37. Platform for router
  38. stepper power question
  39. My Machine Design
  40. First time CNC Router Table Build
  41. A question on motors
  42. Need Help! Ordered bearings from VXB
  43. tslot or mdf plans
  44. I'm a nOOb looking for a router design
  45. rack and pinion design
  46. New Machine Build Neostyle 4' x 8' 3d router
  47. New Machine Build Concept Design- Heavy & Upgradeable
  48. Total Newbie Question
  49. module 2 rack and pinion
  50. Help choosing steppers and drivers
  51. Motorization of cross table
  52. Need Help! Steel tubes for bearing tracks
  53. Need emergency help. Slaved Y still binding..
  54. Need Help! MDF Parts
  55. Building 1st router.
  56. My home made CNC .
  57. Need Help! Rotating axis addition - Questions about lathe chucks.
  58. New Machine Build The innevitable upgrade
  59. New Machine Build start of my router build 39x39
  60. New Machine Build Just built a new CNC - One issue: What bits to use?
  61. New Machine Build new CNC router table
  62. New Machine Build dont know where to begin
  63. Any pics of DIY 4th axis for small CNC
  64. Need Help! Trim Router on/off control?
  65. Newbie calulating accurrcy for cnc build
  66. collecting my bucket of parts
  67. Hickory Ridge CNC frame
  68. I need help with EM-463 stepper
  69. Looking for a Coupling for 1/2" motor shaft to KR33 6mm shaft
  70. help for newbie
  71. Machining Steel Tubing Flat
  72. New Machine Build 400-600mm z-travel??
  73. New Machine Build My New cnc gantry machine.
  74. homeshopcnc HF Spindle
  75. Preloading
  76. Need Help! Afraid to buy anything from PROBOTIX
  77. need hiwin cad files for old ag series rail and blocks
  78. Newbie Kelinginc for steppers and controller
  79. Ball Mills Vs. Round Nose
  80. Quicky Lube, Grease
  81. New Machine Build My parts list - would like opinion
  82. Newbie Rockcliff PSU
  83. Rack-n-pinion vs ball screws vs Acme
  84. I need help with leadscrew!!!
  85. Newbie stepper motor selection
  86. My home made cnc router
  87. Need Help! diy gearhead
  88. 350oz tormach has no torch
  89. Newbie New user> building a cnc depron/balsa cutter?
  90. Newbie Wath do think abouth this machine
  91. Newbie Totally new to this!
  92. Rod with sliding gantry.
  93. Comments Needed-Wood vs. Metal in Garage shop
  94. Just starting to look...
  95. Use of unipolar as bipolar or unipolar?
  96. Build
  97. Need Help! gear pitch for racks
  98. Need Help! To Ground or not to Ground That is the question!
  99. New Machine Build My inevitable upgrade
  100. Build Thread CNC Router - Foam/Wood Working
  101. Long Z axis problem
  102. Need Help! E-Stop, Probotix PBX-RF, and Mach3
  103. Need Help! Home again Home again Jiggety Jig. Well Not Just Yet!
  104. Question on V bearings
  105. Question about Microstepping and axis resolution
  106. Need Help! ExpressCard Parallel Port for notebooks?
  107. New Machine Build any good to use
  108. Newbie Is this the way to go?
  109. Newbie Drives
  110. 2D conversion
  111. Need trim router advice
  112. Concept for Five Axis Mechmate with 1000mm Z Slide
  113. Need Help! Vacuum Pump
  114. Build CNC machine out of aluminum?
  115. WOW...I"TS ALIVE!!
  116. Can anyone Near Hamilton, ON do a CNC job for me?
  117. Newbie learn a little about cnc router machines
  118. Newbie Help with selecting acme thread and steppers
  119. New Machine Build Cheap LinearBearing
  120. First time builder
  121. Need Help! Choise the right linear guide
  122. Evaluate/critique my design
  123. Milling UHMW
  124. Router speed control
  125. Plexiglass instead of MDF
  126. HP Plotter
  127. Need Help! Clamping work to table
  128. Needing some help and desgin plans
  129. New Machine Build Richster's Solsylva dual leadscrew build
  130. CNC Milling Vs CNC Router?
  131. OSIX project 002 CNC machine
  132. Newbie Alignment Blocks
  133. First projects on a CNC router
  134. controlling a small six axis machine....
  135. Newbie Adding to a Romaxx cnc...
  136. Mach 3 & dampers
  137. belts vs screws?
  138. Newbie Just starting out / Introduction
  139. Need Help! Confused About Machine Design Geometry
  140. Build Thread Kress Router...any good!
  141. First Router Table Build 4x4
  142. Need Help! Bearings selection / suggestions for a long spindle suport
  143. Where to get Linear Motion
  144. Old machine rebuilt
  145. New Machine Build Nutting out final design
  146. First Router Build, Is The Frame "Beefy Enough"
  147. First CNC Router
  148. Need Help! Building Vacuum Clamp and Mechanical Clamp Sub-Table
  149. Any one have an Angel to share?
  150. Newbie Decided to build a wood router.
  151. Need Help! What to use in this situation
  152. Gecko Drives worth the cost?
  153. Flat spot in circles
  154. cheap linear bearing idea...
  155. Problem Why & How
  156. Need Help! Why is my circle not round?
  157. Question about gear reduction on small belt machine
  158. Need Help! Mach & cnc router interface problems
  159. Newbie Getting the consept.
  160. Ballscrew machining and end supports
  161. Need Help! Any Ideas on a Low-Cost Metal Base Table?
  162. Newbie First CNC questions
  163. New Machine Build A journey into CNC router building
  164. Crazy one motor two screw idea, can it work?
  165. 99.999% done
  166. Need Help! Drive Nut and threaded rod.
  167. Turning on a cnc router.
  168. New Machine Build Critique Time.....80/20 design
  169. Screws and backlash...personal choices
  170. Power Supply Unit math (wood PSU box?)
  171. A video of machine to enjoy
  172. Yet another Newby gets the bug!!!!
  173. is this machine good for the price ??
  174. Needing some help from the pros
  175. newbie need to learn mach 3 where to start
  176. new DIY woodworking cnc questions
  177. best break out brd to use with smooth stepper brd
  178. Offset Rail Idea.
  179. new to site and CNC, am building a machine
  180. Router bits?
  181. Need Help! STarting NEw project - Need Serious Help to Understand PArts before starting
  182. Quieter Dremel
  183. DIY acme die / tap
  184. Newbie Need digitizing help
  185. Cheap CNC-machine for cutting plexiglass ?
  186. open table vs closed-table gantry setups
  187. Building my first CNC Router
  188. No one to help with a metal table.
  189. Any way to use this as a leadscrew?
  190. Pilot Pro Ex ???
  191. Home/Limit switch Cable HELP!!!
  192. Newbie First post - Hello
  193. router arm dimensions
  194. Solslva Belt Drive Question
  195. Newbie Determining Screw Length?
  196. Porter Cable vgroove bit is piece of junk.
  197. Identifying the AXIS of a cnc router.
  198. Help with AB Nut mounting please
  199. Pendant for under $10
  200. Newbie Help with some wire issue...
  201. Where to start, on how to build a CNC?
  202. New Machine Build Three Axis CNC from Table Saw
  203. Need Help! About to start New Build
  204. Need Help! WTF C11G Gecko 203V
  205. How wide? 5hp spindle router, 2.5D, 12" Z axis.
  206. Linear Scales from CDCO Machinery?
  207. Multiple Spindles (Routers)
  208. New Machine Build Need help deciding which way to build pls!
  209. What's a post processor and do I need one?
  210. Down draft table?
  211. What can be done with this?
  212. Ball Screw Bargain?
  213. where do you guys buy your wire and cable?
  214. Surfacing Bits...
  215. help with x stall
  216. Build Thread Phoenix Modification 2.0: Flange Bearings
  217. New CNC, some questions
  218. Need Help! Do i need a Vacuum Hold System
  219. Build Thread Hi! Just want to introduce myself! I'm looking to build two very nice CNC routers.
  220. motor speed
  221. Z axis...how far?
  222. Machining Ball screw ends
  223. Patrick Hood Daniel's CNC kit
  224. Need help with CNC pcb
  225. Question about Z Axis
  226. New Machine Build extruded aluminum frames with rails from wide format plotters is there a market?
  227. Cooling a Rotozip style CNC
  228. new Machine Log.. feel free to comment
  229. Whats the point of these needle thrusts bearings?
  230. Radial Bearing Backlash?
  231. Steel Supplier
  232. New Machine Build 8020 style aluminum cnc router
  233. New Machine Build Fixed gantry router
  234. Need Help! Old Vacuum Cleaner
  235. What spindle to buy?
  236. need elecltricl schematics for controll and limit switches
  237. anyone tried USB to Parallel cable?
  238. Newbie New to CNC
  239. estop diagram
  240. Newbie Questions that I have....
  241. Need Help! Kcam configutarion
  242. how to measeure spindle speed with mach
  243. What Bit for fine details?
  244. Newbie Techno Components
  245. Need Help! Collets for DeWalt Trim Router
  246. parallel cable pins
  247. Plans for small PCB router?
  248. Need Help! Quick Disconnect cable connectors?
  249. Allen Bradley AC Servo Motors
  250. Online Store that sells ACME leadscrews
  251. Problem Do I need mechancial synchronizing dual belt drive?
  252. Free software to measure SolidWorks files?
  253. Newbie Spindle from High Speed Foredom Handpiece?
  254. Newbie CNC Software
  255. time to show my first CNC Router design
  256. Aligning & Tuning new CNC
  257. PCB Drilling Table
  258. Make lead screws or buy?
  259. Need Help! Collet for GMN TSSV Spindle
  260. inconsistant tool path problem
  261. Build new 25X37 CNC router?
  262. rebuilting a ballscrew
  263. suicide prevention help neede
  264. Need Help! coupling a worm to the stepper motor
  265. CNC faceting and engraving bit machine idea.
  266. Lathe code idea for Z
  267. Need Help! Screw doesn't fit bearing
  268. EZ-Router to MechMate Comparison
  269. CAD of a NEMA 23 Stepper Motor?
  270. My base is bowing
  271. Would you cut one for me?
  272. Need Help! Buying parts and pieces
  273. my router table
  274. help with material choices
  275. any one try cnc jig grinding??
  276. Square
  277. Newbie Z-axis 0 point (home) ?
  278. Newbie looking for jewellery engraving machine
  279. 24x24 "square" router build
  280. Accuracy problem
  281. Question to Solsylva builders/users
  282. New Machine Build 2nd CNC - Steel and MDF?
  283. Newbie Table top 80/20 build
  284. New Machine Build Mini PCB drill table
  285. chattanooga
  286. How 2 DFX File
  287. Replaced regular threaded rod with ACME leadscrew
  288. Anybody use these rails before?
  289. Need Help! Feed Rate and Spindle Speed chart?
  290. Just another homing problem
  291. a paper shredder motor for spindle motor??
  292. Engraving Metal?
  293. Newbie Planning to build a CNC router
  294. New Machine Build Machine in a weekend
  295. Spinde setup
  296. Should my motors make noise?
  297. cheap V groove bearings, any issues w/these?
  298. Technifor
  299. which axis should have the best bearings
  300. how long did you keep your 1st build before building a 2nd?