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  1. logilase 9060
  2. logilase 9060a arrival
  3. new laser try out
  4. materila vs laser settings
  5. using the indexer to engrave glass
  6. using the indexer on a cherry column
  7. using the indexer
  8. engraving sides and doors on a cabinet
  9. photo of a dog to the laser
  10. engraving glass and a wooden plate
  11. some were asking for an alignment demo
  12. adding a border on the plate and small demo
  13. locamotive engrave
  14. people asking for my setup
  15. materials i have tested with good results
  16. using the laser and router
  17. engraving projects
  18. engraving doors
  19. engraving birch doors
  20. another spot to check out logilase
  21. glass insert
  22. remembering how to set up the indexer
  23. intarsia and inlay work with the laser
  24. key chain demos
  25. Lexan on the laser
  26. vehicle lettering
  27. model plane cut timing test
  28. photo to maple
  29. *.jpg file converted to a vector and cut
  30. beaver tool logos and craddle side
  31. New to lasers, Need help, how to clean cut 1/8" mild steel on a 2200 watt laser
  32. final beaver tool logos
  33. drawing addition to laser files
  34. special box and business cards
  35. copying and cutting gaskets
  36. copying and cutting a corner shelf
  37. cutting neat boxes
  38. slight OT - Mitsubishi Troubleshooting
  39. Upstate NY Laser Technician?
  40. engraving a picture of swans
  41. engraving a wolf
  42. Logilase's Minilase vs New hobby FS with removable floor -looking for input
  43. 3D files converted to cut
  44. clock dial from a magazine
  45. lasering an aztec calendar
  46. lasering the 2D parts from a 3d file
  47. 2d design of a spiral pulley
  48. simple gear arrangement
  49. mor3e clock mechanism research
  50. a 3d file to 2d and cutting it out
  51. more 3d to 2d file cutting
  52. cutting boards
  53. wood cutting boards part2
  54. trace,draw,and copy diagrams output to dxf file laser ready
  55. 2 small projects
  56. emails asking about these drawing boards and john walsh software
  57. examples of tracing and producing a dxf file
  58. lasering photos
  59. rosettes designed for ....
  60. 3D horse to 2D and cut out
  61. wood clock cut started
  62. wood cloc works
  63. galloping wood horse
  64. cutting model aircraft parts out
  65. new logilase laser design small footprint called prime
  66. logilase prime laser
  67. chair cut out trial
  68. cutting out the human body
  69. old plexi inserts in a lighthouse
  70. interesting laser cut boxes with built in hinge
  71. wooden horse part 1
  72. more goat skin engraving
  73. bird house cut outs
  74. canada's birthday
  75. perpetual calendar