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  11. CNC HITACHI SEIKI 5NE turning center model 1100
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  16. LC3024 Techno Thrust bearing cluster f*** still?
  17. lubrication
  18. Hitachi seike 5ne 11000 fanuc system 6t
  19. LC 4896 Accuracy Problem
  20. Reversing direction control
  21. Z plunging beyond origin
  22. start stop switch wiring
  23. CNC Router Rack and Pinion
  24. Need help with Z axis touch off plate
  25. Mounting a non Techno supplied spindle to a LC4848
  26. Help with Techno CNC Router
  27. LC4896 dust shoe connector
  28. What control signals are sent to the servo amplifiers?
  29. How to calibrate misaligned axis - Urgent!
  30. Grease gun for LC4848
  31. Techno Service
  32. G-code interface serial number
  33. 4896 issues... where to start... (Long)?
  34. Z touch off before start
  35. While I am waiting... here's my 4th axis
  36. Change tool locations to table?
  37. Well, when it rains it pours!
  38. Cutting starts in wrong place...
  39. Techno CNC Router
  40. Techno Canned Routines?
  41. Program Controlled Spindle RPM
  42. Faster servo g-code interface! version 1.421
  43. DaVinci
  44. Changed My Tool Storage...
  45. Techno Isel Post Processor...
  46. srv400 board
  47. SRV400 Servo System
  48. FREE! DIY Wireless Pendant
  49. Davinci stepper with Galaad or Kay? Anybody?
  50. Vacuum Shroud issues
  51. New Machine: Where do I start?
  52. DaVinci
  53. Home-Where is it?
  54. Old G-Code (DOS) from year 2000 - How do you make the motion continuous?
  55. Techno Vacuum Table Help
  56. Insyalling new more powerful stepper motors
  57. Feedback Wanted
  58. lc4896 from 2004, is there any differences frm new one?
  59. Oh no!! My circles in the drawing are cutting as ovals! What to do about it?
  60. Buying an used Techno, what do you think?
  61. How do you tighten the end bearing nut?
  62. Control Interface version 1.422 Beta
  63. 4th Axis
  64. Feed and speed?
  65. 4896 Plus Servo - Axis Problem
  66. How do I Generate bores using the available G and M codes?
  67. Techno Servo retrofit with Viper drives
  68. A Gecko G540 retrofit for a Techno Router
  69. Techno CNC accuracy question
  70. Newbee trying Techno retro fit
  71. Spindle vfd control via modbus & rs485?
  72. How to retract Z when machine pauses.
  73. Retrofitting Porter Cable with a Taper?
  74. How do I upgrade from 250ipm to 800ipm on my lc4896?
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  76. Problem with drilling
  77. Help! Bought an older Techno 49" x 41"... Controller too dated!
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  81. LC Series- Cutting out of square, and arcs on y axis.
  82. Setting up my HSD ATC Spindle
  83. Techno Isel old Gantry table for CNC Router
  84. Need to Techno CNC Alphacam post.
  85. Begiinner CNC Woodworker
  86. Techno Isel - Fault - No controller Power
  87. Techno Isel CNC servo motor needed
  88. Techno CnC service
  89. drill bank
  90. Techno CNC Service
  91. Need help with old DOS gcode program setup
  92. Isel Stepper Controller and Motor with mach3
  93. Resurrecting an Isel CPM 3020
  94. Axis not recognised
  95. Techno HD Router y-axis jumping
  96. Techno Isel (1995) program language? fanuc?
  97. Techno CNC Future features requests
  98. Jogging Issues
  99. breaking bits!
  100. LC 48x96 cutting out of square
  101. Jog wheel
  102. New to me Techno router
  103. cutting drawer boxes
  104. techno HDS line amp
  105. MAC200SD parts, anyone need anything?
  106. MAC200SD Upgrade?
  107. CNC Problems
  108. Techno HD Router- will someone who has one please help
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  111. Davinci Question.
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  115. CNC drift error
  116. Ball nut assembly is incomplete??
  117. Basic Operating Question
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  120. DC Servo Questions
  121. My feelings on "import" machines
  122. PLEASE help on a techno 4896
  123. ISEL C116 Controller
  124. ISEL C116 Controller
  125. dovetail joints
  126. LC Series 59120 out of square
  127. got no help from techno. found armor cnc. thanks!
  128. Techno CNC Under New Ownership
  129. Need Help! Grease for Techno Isel?
  130. Rebuild info
  131. Need Help! someone help me
  132. touch off
  133. Newbie Need info
  134. SRV400 Libs C++
  135. HDS Production Screen
  136. HSD ES915 ATC Spindle Question
  137. Need Help! Need info regarding the hsd 4.5 kw spindle
  138. Build Thread Retrofit Techno LC 4848 Router, Mach3 with GeckoDrive G320x
  139. Need Help! Need help on rails carraige dust issue
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  141. johnohara's Techno-Isel DaVinci
  142. Problem Techno cnc power on issue
  143. Need Help! Need help on Thk linear carraige
  144. Need Help! Need help on thk rails blocks
  145. Need Help! Need info on jog rate.
  146. Cutter Comp for resharped bits
  147. Techno-Isel FB2 Gantry Router
  148. Cutting Aluminum on Techno Gantry
  149. Need Help! Post Processor Needed - 2004 Techno CNC 5'x10' Premium Class
  150. Old Techno Isel revived with USBCNC
  151. Techno Isel Lubricants
  152. Need Help - Spindle won't run
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  155. Need suggestion on selecting servo pack for new cnc router. ( urgently )
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  159. Stepper motor
  160. Offset G41 G42 - manual programming
  161. Dsp or Weihong nc studio for cnc router 3d jobs
  162. Need Help! nc studio software Problem
  163. Need Help! nc studio software Problem
  164. Controller not enabled issue
  165. Techno hds cnc router osai controller
  166. Hds cnc router z exis upward move question
  167. To bring the dead back to life or not ?
  168. Need Help! plasma cutting cuts 350mmx250mm instead of 100x45
  169. Need Help! Neaded Isel Mctl_upmv4.dll
  170. Just In Drilling Aluminum
  171. new to me tech lc 4896 atc
  172. What is the best option for drilling versatility with a Techno LC series 4896?
  173. Need help on hds cnc router.
  174. looking for help on a davinci
  175. techno davinci book or pdf
  176. Armor cnc Eric Feldman is the best
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  181. Osai rio module m16 cnc router.
  182. Techno hds cnc osai rio modules
  183. Need Help! 4896 LC M1 position error.
  184. Pause-Skip Function Weirdness
  185. Problem with Enroute 5 rendering
  186. Techno hds cnc router
  187. 1990 XYZ Gantry Table Way Covers
  188. Touch Probing Questions
  189. Techno LC4848 Need Help
  190. Over travel limit Z question on a HD
  192. Newbie Techno-Isel DaVinci Update/Retrofit
  193. HD Mini Issue
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  200. New to me Techno router
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  202. Titan controller upgrade
  203. Techno Davinci upgrade - looking for advice
  204. Sign too large to CNC machine
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  206. Need a file. . .
  207. LC4896 power on - clicking problem
  208. ISEL CPM 4030 what soft to use ??
  209. Techno Patriot Weight
  210. Problem TECHNO.PST not proper.
  211. Techno and G/M Code Support
  212. Some sad news about a forum member & his machine is for sale
  213. Rave What could possibly make my machine any better?
  214. looking to buy Techno
  215. Problem Need Controller For LC4896
  216. Techno servoce quality
  217. Any advantage to replacing DaVinci stepper motors?
  218. Just In H20T43-SRV400 controller card differences
  219. Need Help! Reactivating old Isel router
  220. Please, help!.Problems with connection ISEL 4030 with PC
  221. what size thk guide is equivalent to gides in Davinci?
  222. Dis-assembly of Gantry III table & frame?
  223. ISEL Gantry XYZ setup - need help identifying wheather servo or stepper
  224. ISEL stepper question
  225. Help with 8 wire NEMA 23
  226. Cleaning, Lubing, Spring question on ISEL
  227. Techno Davinci
  228. Techno/ISEL questions - coupler/ hand wheel / Z axis spring
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  232. Need Help! Techno Series 400 ATC swap.
  233. Tool diameter compensation on a Techno CNC machine