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  1. Introducting the gorilla cnc
  2. gorilla cnc dust collection
  3. routing a pine sign
  4. using the cnc as a plotter or printer
  5. looking for gorilla users/owners
  6. machining out a picture of a deer
  7. machining a happy face from maple
  8. machining a horse and plow
  9. maching a sad face in red oak
  10. machining brass plate
  11. machining out an awards plaque from walnut
  12. electric guitar attempt
  13. control loss or glitch gorilla cnc
  14. electric guitar body
  15. electric guitar rev 2
  16. looking for canadian cnc machines
  17. simple use for the cnc
  18. unable to grease the z axis
  19. some finished pictures of our version of the telecaster
  20. general gorilla cnc machines
  21. modified telecaster electric guitar
  22. award palque
  23. birch electric guitar
  24. modified telecaster pic guard
  25. aluminum maintence free roof cupola
  26. haida eagle plaque
  27. simple sign
  28. 2nd cedar outdoor plaque of a series
  29. 3rd cedar tool_plaque
  30. shop sign
  31. re-surfacing the cnc table top
  32. simple house number
  33. styrofoam sailboat plaque
  34. 3D personalized plate
  35. Need Help! Gorilla Spur Gears
  36. machining butternut theater faces
  37. fish plate
  38. router collet add on
  39. collet add on to porter cable 7518
  40. the toronto wood show sept 25_09
  41. cougar and elk scene
  42. expermenting with a mockup of a lathe
  43. Tool Depths and changes Question
  44. animal faces
  45. a black walnut cut
  46. dentist specialist plaque
  47. 4th axis project
  48. Running times on router
  49. gorilla plasma cnc up and cutting
  50. Another router bites the dust
  51. Dust bristles
  52. xmas plaque
  53. pharmacist plaque
  54. tired a wood called bow wood or orange osage
  55. rotary attachment
  56. rotary attachment --fluting
  57. dust collector design and setup
  58. new site for cnc now gorilla is gone
  59. an exercise to do simple lettering on the rotary output
  60. square stock to a small table leg
  61. Problem Collet holder
  62. working with aluminum/arborite
  63. latest work
  64. free 3d files to download
  65. cedar plaque
  66. shop sign
  67. Gorilla Machine
  68. loss of z axis control
  69. maching out a guitar neck
  70. maching out a guitar maker's plaque
  71. wallunit doors
  72. cnc machining of foam
  73. corian and a foam seagull
  74. 3 d files
  75. corian maching
  76. graphics and font
  77. beaver logos and doll craddle
  78. tracing parts out for cnc
  79. more tracing using software and a pen
  80. tracing and cutting
  81. mahogany coffee table design and cut
  82. cutting out a sink opening
  83. maching out vetric's free clock download
  84. indexer removal
  85. testing new bit design
  86. another new bit design
  87. tried the violin blank again with 1/2 bit
  88. bird's eye maple top
  89. new drag knife design
  90. cut some carboard
  91. using a drawing table called a rollup II with cnc trace software
  92. using a drag knife
  93. Gorilla Machine
  94. more drag knife cuts
  95. electric guitar body
  96. my version of a B C Rich electric guitar body
  97. traced out an electric guitar body using a portable drawing
  98. maple guitar body
  99. wooden blackbass
  100. finished the fish project
  101. donek tools drag knife with aspire 4.0
  102. vac hold down device
  103. vac hod downs --vac pucks
  104. small vac hold down with a surface seal
  105. new fkexible vac hold down devices
  106. 2014 honda odyssey drink holder
  107. wood plaque
  108. interesting file for a sphere using a 3 axis cnc
  109. construction of a vac table and tests following
  110. part 1 building a vac press for veneering
  111. part2 building a vac press for veneering
  112. tracing ,copying drawing and producing a *.dxf file machine ready
  113. second method of configuring the drawing tablet
  114. rosettes of pine and corian
  115. spiral rosette design form aspire
  116. more detailed designs for rosettes
  117. ceiling design converted and cut out
  118. cutting out a Hacker's Masque
  119. new drawing tablet cordless pen and
  120. setup and configuring the drawing board super l vi
  121. tracing out a duck
  122. copying a 1/8 plastic part
  123. converting lawn chair profile copies to vectors for cnc cutting
  124. vetrics monthly download
  125. corian signs
  126. corian sign
  127. sign with metal insert
  128. logo converted to machine type file
  129. johnson bar
  130. different chair design
  131. african masks
  132. simple house/apt sign
  133. cnc wood frames with metal art inserts
  134. house bird
  135. swimming sea turtles
  136. swimming sea turtles part 2
  137. swimming sea turtles part 3 snd final
  138. raised panel cutting with cnc
  139. 2nd attempt at raised panel cut
  140. 3rd final run at a raised mdf panel
  141. copied a red oak raised panel profile to an mdf panel---good results
  142. last copy of a raised panel wood door
  143. exterior cedar sign
  144. simple signs
  145. drawing to cnc
  146. vac puck used on an adjustable clamp
  147. continuation of the horse build
  148. outdoor wooden clock
  149. free download from vetric----pineapple fruit server
  150. august free downlaod form vetric
  151. small stool build using fillets for tight joints
  152. Issues with Signal Generator, or something else...
  153. patio rocker build
  154. 1950 utility chair diagram digitized and cut out
  155. tracing a table saw push stick and cutting it out
  156. canada's 150th birthday
  157. stair treads
  158. large sign hogging exces material
  159. 2nd run at stair tread grips
  160. 6 slice pizza server board
  161. 20x30x24 deep plywood storage box dovetail joints
  162. oval cribbage board
  163. large letters and numbers from a board