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  1. Canadian seeking machining/computer setup
  2. X3 super X3 help locating
  3. The FairTax... Yes, No, Maybe So, I Don't Know or Other
  4. Name of club
  5. Just noticed there is a Syil Canada site!
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  7. Is 799 a good price for an X2 in Canada?
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  9. canadian mill
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  11. Howdy, another canadian
  12. Hi from Montreal
  13. Buying a machine from USA -> into canada.
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  16. Need some help fellow Canadians!
  17. Need advice about wood product, manufactured in Canada
  18. Hello from Alberta
  19. R&P Rack in Canada
  20. Best way to import a router from the US to Canada.
  21. Where to buy Screwless Vise in Canada?
  22. OT Rant
  23. Newbie...here's who I am
  24. McMaster Carr hates Canadians
  25. Are fellow Canadians as industrious and technical as others?
  26. Canadian price lists...
  27. Canadian Card for the Festive Season
  28. Canadian Club Kinda Sucks...
  29. North America mastercam 5 axis programing
  30. North America need help on some data for CNC retrofit
  31. BBQ Time Okuma LB-15 Service Guy Needed
  32. New Here ballscrew
  33. New Here MIC-6 Aluminum Plate Supplier - Ottawa/Montreal Area
  34. North America Letter stamping/laser/engraving on aluminum
  35. North America laser machine's part in Montreal
  36. Opinon 72-80W laser tube
  37. New Here laser power supply for 72-80W laser tube
  38. New Here CNC Training
  39. North America Boycott Ebay GSP exorbitant pricing
  40. New Here ER20 spindle help
  41. Looking for Mentors Go to Canada?
  42. New Here Looking for experienced technician to set up Bavelloni 315 in Toronto Ontario
  43. North America Built to last.
  44. North America 80-100W long life laser tube
  45. New Here Hi to all CNC group members. I need your Help with Deleting/setting up
  46. New Here USB Vs. Ethernet Pokeys
  47. North America Aluminum scalloped bar supplier requested.
  48. New Here How import router to have the lowest tax?
  49. New Here Pratt and Whitney Fanuc 0-MB Tapedrill Parameters
  50. North America GreenCut
  51. Off-Topic New CNC makerspace in downtown Toronto
  52. North America Camtech Laser L5 engraving problem
  53. North America Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine, 120 W CO2 Laser Tube, 51” x 35”
  54. New Here buy Vacuum pump and corian dupont in Toronto
  55. New Here Materials to CNC in Toronto
  56. Off-Topic Contact in Winnipeg Manitoba
  57. Opinon Need a company to machine acrylic sheets
  58. Opinon Anyone have infos about this CNC?
  59. New Here need help setting up my cnc min
  60. New Here New Member with a new Project
  61. New Here Need help choosing a CNC
  62. Opinon Place to order CNC parts in Canada
  63. North America Lakewood Machine & Tool - Precision Manufacturing in the GTA is HIRING!
  64. North America Seeking Lathe Help around Toronto
  65. New Here Looking for some small parts machined
  66. New Here Fiber Marking company name on Metal
  67. New Here Complete Syil X4 + CNC For Sale, With TONS of Extras.
  68. New Here Routech Record 240 start up problems
  69. North America New to CNC
  70. New Here High Density Urethane
  71. North America Anyone form london Ontario or surrounding area
  72. New Here New type accordion bellows
  73. New Here wanted some one to cnc foam buck from cad file in toronto or surrunding area
  74. Opinon AC Servo motors or Stepper motors
  75. Looking for Mentors Anyone near Mississauga area building their CNC?
  76. New Here New to CNC-Z.Bavelloni maintenence
  77. North America Start finish arm speed Biesse Rover A3
  78. North America mitcham machine tool thoughts? experience?
  79. New Here Looking for a Tormach or similar in canada
  80. New Here Newish here, from Northern Saskatchewan
  81. Off-Topic Toronto Community Machine Shops (and workshops)!
  82. North America Canoe Yoke
  83. Opinon Looking for Tech around Langley, BC
  84. Opinon CHINA MACHINE
  85. New Here Looking For Tech in Ottawa Ontario area
  86. New Here GTA Looking to have a buck milled out of MDF
  87. Looking for Apprentice Toolplas in Windsor, ON is seeking a CNC Machinist
  88. New Here Envy Designs
  89. North America Glass engraving with a DIY cnc router.
  90. New Here howdy folks Noob around here
  91. Opinon Canadian Can Cam CNC Routers--looking for opinions
  92. Off-Topic Made in Canada still possible?
  93. New Here Feeds and speeds - ad nauseum ;-)
  94. New Here spindle help
  95. Looking for Mentors I want to learn arc welding
  96. Off-Topic Source of HDF
  97. Opinon Shipping Cost
  98. Opinon Toronto CNC help please
  99. North America review of my YS-1325-Wood Working CNC Router
  100. North America McMaster-Carr ships to Canada now?
  101. New Here Where to buy DIY parts from inside Canada?
  102. North America Question about taxes in Canada
  103. North America London, Ontario, Canada Area CNC repair Required
  104. New Here Looking for a used hobby lathe.
  105. North America Questions about a new CNC router
  106. New Here Electrical enclosure
  107. New Here Windsor clubhouse?
  108. North America Muti-pass program
  110. New Here CAM software
  111. Opinon Problem: Signal Generator
  112. New Here 5x10 plasma table purchase
  113. North America buying first cnc need help
  114. Looking for Mentors looking for a mirror finish on my EDM sinker
  115. North America Question about oxy/fuel torch controller
  116. North America wanting to change cut program in laser
  117. North America parameters lost mitsubishi V70 C vertical cnc
  118. North America Edmonton area: CNC rails for sale
  119. North America Looking to Purchase New OMNI basic 1325 cnc machine shipped to Toronto
  120. North America Something went wrong on Amazon.ca
  121. Looking for Mentors Toronto - Fusion 360 Beginner Help
  122. Looking for Mentors Anyone in North West Toronto? Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4
  123. New Here CNC Advice - Newbie
  125. North America Material Suppliers in Canada
  126. North America looking for multi start acme screws in canada
  127. North America prototyping and manufacturing service
  128. New Here CNC's on kijiji
  129. North America aplhacam nesting in wood programmer needed ASAP Toronto
  131. North America Laser machines are available in Toronto
  132. Opinon Complete new guy looking for a starter router cnc for little stuff like PC parts
  134. New Here Chinese CNC Routers
  135. North America Unite
  136. New Here X missing steps
  137. North America General I-Carver CNC machine & cut2DPro - exporting issue
  138. North America Unusual question
  139. Opinon High speed spindle supplier
  140. New Here anyone from the GTA area
  141. New Here need help to pick a laser engraver
  142. North America For Sale, Feeler FV-1600 cnc mill
  143. New Here Hello and question about an old AXYZ Millennium