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  24. Sanyo P5 1000w Servos
  25. VSD-A / VSD-E users : I need your support about stepper motors!
  26. Frame ground vs. Electrical ground.
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  28. inductors, do I need them?
  30. Do I need braking resistors?
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  34. Need help deciding if Granite Devices will work with my servos
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  37. Cannot configure the drive.
  38. How to monitor VSD-A "Ready" status?
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  40. Sample drive configuration files for Keling motors
  41. need help using vsd-a with linear motor
  42. VSD-E 160v Version Release date?
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  47. dare not supply any power to VSD-E...
  48. Can VSD-E drive DC fanuc/getty
  49. Where to install relay for E-stop?
  50. VSD-E SPI port
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  52. Braking resistor tip
  53. VSD compatible ?
  54. Wiring differential encoder
  55. x axis problems
  56. One more VSD-A rev2 needed
  57. Galvanic Isolation, What does it mean for my power supply
  58. Problem with FTDI Cable
  59. New drive features & software
  60. Setting up Mach3 + CNC4PC BOB + VSD-A-r2
  61. Low cost servo drives (brush DC, 160V, 20A)
  62. motion master conversion
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  64. Need Help! An unidentfied box of brushless servo motors
  65. It Moves!
  66. DualDC question
  67. Possible to configure without GD Tool?
  68. Is a filter needed for ironless motors?
  69. Need Help Converting a Seiko robot to Step/Dir
  70. Homing with index
  71. VSDEPI, Mach3 and limit switches
  72. VSD-e & Linear motor resolution
  73. new to this; need help!
  74. Need Help! Noise problem, induced by VSD-E?
  75. VSDE 160 BLDC problem
  76. VSD-E and Sanyo 100w P5 servos
  77. SimpleMotion control library
  78. VSD-E and VSD-XE difference
  79. VSDEPI and EXT_RELAY problems
  80. GD Tools and BLDC Motors
  81. Stepper drive beta testing program
  82. Newbie Using Granite with EMC2
  83. Would like description of external brake operation
  84. VSD-A + emc2 + pluto-servo
  85. Follow error when trying to test home.
  86. Relay question
  87. Regenerative resistor
  88. Need Help! Trajectory page
  89. Unable to get 'Target Reached' Output to work
  90. Need Help! Company/Contacts?
  91. Mach 3 homing issue.
  92. Brushless Motors and encoders
  93. Arc cutting problem
  94. Smoothstepper and Granite problems.
  95. Cant get it to run stable, varius problems.
  96. VSDE and Fanuc motors.
  97. VSD-E disable and recovery
  98. Sudden loss of motor power VSD-A v2
  99. Wiring Clarification
  100. Follow error
  101. Power supply voltage exceeding 160V
  102. indexer control
  103. VSD-E Parallel = VSD-E USB
  104. Following errors
  105. Stepmotor test
  106. I have a position, torque, and velocity question.
  107. Firmware question
  108. USB adaptor pinout
  109. Need Help! VSD-A BL70-300 locking problem?
  110. at it again
  111. Newbie Granite Drive with Windows 7 64Bit
  112. VSD-A Error #9 on some rapid moves
  113. Scratched bigger CNC lathe boss just said. AWWW
  114. VSD-A Disable Pin
  115. What does VSD-XE NOT control?
  116. New Machine Build simplemotion for 6-axis
  117. Next Gen AC Drive - care to leak any details?
  118. Why do I need Input filter?
  119. Homing to hard stop problems
  120. USB to SPI Cable
  121. motion error while standing still
  122. Following Error and Recovery
  123. Connection to Drive [tuning] issues
  124. inquiry about running Fanuc Red Cap motors, response?
  125. Understanding EMC2 and feedback concepts
  126. Is AC servo conversion really this easy?
  127. Possible to disable error correction?
  128. Still waiting to hear from these guys
  129. Dual DC Options
  130. VSD-EX with BLD 300 Motor
  131. Motor Inductance & Resistance (DCtool settings)
  132. Bipolar Stepper + encoder, does Granite support?
  133. Planning Retrofit, lots of questions re: VSD-XE
  134. encoder connection
  135. Need Help! SPI communication error when High Voltage applied
  136. DualDC - HV bus over voltage or under voltage fault
  137. Optimal Step Pulse Frequency for VSD-XE?
  138. VSD-XE for sale
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  140. vsd and kollmorgen servodisc
  141. Problems with VSD-E
  142. Sneak peek to the new GDtool 3
  143. Mach/Granite losing position
  144. Pics of my VSD-XE install
  145. Need Help! Problem with Analog Input mode
  146. stepper motor without encoder
  147. VSD-XR
  148. Need Help! VSD-E tuning help
  149. How to wire Opto inputs?
  150. Random motion fault trip during cutting
  151. What values are the velocity and acceleration in Trajectory planner?
  152. Need Help! How to tune the torque loop of my Z-axis?
  153. XE-160 New Build wiring/noise problem
  154. Need Help! LG Washing Direct Drive Motor and VSD-E
  155. Argon and Ion (New drives..!!)
  156. Newbie BLDC motor
  157. E-Stop Problem
  158. How to set Input Scaling
  159. lights out
  160. New Machine Build Home Switches
  161. New Machine Build Step Response graph in Torque Mode
  162. Step/direction or analog... which to use?
  163. Spare stuff
  164. Replacement Fiber Optic Cable
  165. VSD-XE Overheating at idle
  166. I can't tuning my AC Servos
  167. Clarification needed on AC motor specifications/suitability
  168. New Machine Build Dual AC Servo Tuning
  169. Need Help! Open loop VSD-E?
  170. GDtool Communication Problems
  171. Need Help! Motor Settling Issue
  172. SPI port (6 pin header) pinout
  173. more GDTool communication issues
  174. Serial/digital encoders
  175. Need Help! fault register firmware flag
  176. CMD to BOB Wiring Clarification, Dual DC
  177. Product box artwork competition - win servo drives!
  178. Need Help! Z axis touch off plate connection
  179. Direct SPI communication
  180. Replacing tool turret servo system
  181. Need Help! GSE-C 220 BARSANTI MACCHINE
  182. I/O Functions and hard stop homing for Mach 3
  183. Antek Power supply and Granite drive issue
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  186. Need Help! GDTOOL Geared motor with external encoder - how to test and setup.
  187. Argon drive stepper + encoder?
  188. Seeking for advise, DIY or off the shelf machine
  189. ARGON servo drive €100 eur introductory discount one more week
  190. Drive constantly "Recovering from follow error or from disabled state"
  191. Very Strange VSD-E Behaviour
  192. completely puzzeled
  193. New Machine Build Stragne but dangerous behavior of VSD-E
  194. Has my VSDEPI Breakout board died??
  195. No encoder pulses detected on VSD-E 160 drive. Ideas?
  196. Problem with VSD-E in DualDC drive mode, axis 1 works but not axis 2.. any ideas?
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  198. Newbie Need some advice / Regarding; Argon drivers.
  199. VSD-E USB Cable
  200. Newbie How would i wire a Argon with a Kanalog interface.
  201. Need Help! GDTool Torque Tuning Step Responce.
  202. Granite VSD-XE tuning
  203. New IONI Servo Drive Indigogo campaign.
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  205. Electronic gearing
  206. 2 encoders on ARGON
  207. Newbie needs help with VSD-XE drive.
  208. I am a newbie, Argon drive with Mach 3?
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  210. Closed loop 4 axis CNC drive from Indiegogo: the ATOMI project
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  212. VSD-E drives
  213. Is Granite Devices out of business?
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