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  1. need akira-seiki sl-15 tailstock
  2. Need Help! Tool Breakage Detection
  3. 42CrMo4 mill
  4. Problem Haas 4th axis indexer - removal (dumb question)
  5. SMW Autoblok Vise and live tool holders.
  6. Properly zeroing axis on 4th axis setups
  7. Precitool, YG-1, Sandvik or Walter?
  8. Need Help! Tool Life Management - worth it?
  9. Aluminium cutter 2-cutter or more teeth?
  10. finish- and rough cutter: life time too low
  11. Help: 2mm drill in 1/4" collet
  12. Hydraulic tool holders or Shrink Fit.
  13. Opinion on these brands: KEO, Micro100 and Kyocera
  14. Need replacement for Kennametal CPGM insert
  15. Need Help! help me with jewellers bits
  16. What tools to use?
  17. ISO 30, ER-16 tool holders?
  18. Vortex 4 flute "Tornado" Spiral. Are they worth the money?
  19. Need Help! having issues with finding a tool to cut krypotonite
  20. Need Help! Normal endmills for cutting aluminum on CNC router?
  21. Reduced Shank Milling Tools
  22. Engraving???
  23. Bit recommendations?
  24. Pragati turret clunks a bit
  25. Collet adapter from 1/4" to 1/8"...
  26. Need Help! Which Collet for Perske Spindle?
  27. Any ideas on a good tool for around 80,000 holes in a 4/8 sheet??
  28. Cheap Face Mill help?
  29. EcoCut or TurretGang user opinions/tips
  30. Paljet
  31. Surfacing and Boring heads?
  32. Need Help! How to sharpen high speed steel milling tools
  33. ADVICE- CNC Laser
  34. BallSeat Tooling Question
  35. Need Help! ISO30 taper green blank
  36. How to get the most out of your end mill?
  37. Need Help! cutoff tool
  38. Need Help! CNC Milling Hardened Transmission Gears
  39. Cutting slots in cardboard tubing
  40. Anyone familure with Gator Turn or Cradle-Loc (TM) Holder?
  41. just thought I'd introduce myself
  42. BEST FOR 86L20
  43. tombstones
  44. What tools for job, 316 s/s
  45. low cost tooling supplier?
  46. Help ID this shell/face mill
  47. Need Help! What Router Bits for Brass / Aluminium??
  48. live tooling lubrication
  49. Capto tool holder
  50. Newbie Purchasing Drill Bits for Tormach 770
  51. Newbie- cnc router tooling
  52. CMT compession bit feed rate?
  53. looking for a decent shellmill
  54. Carbide Cutters
  55. Collet Nut Question
  56. Newbie Keeping Jobs In U.S.A.
  57. Unmanaged tool crib stocking problems, overload of new unused tooling
  58. Peck drilling with carbide
  59. metric tooling
  60. Need Help! KV4540
  61. 100mm deep milling - mills and holding systems
  62. Need Help! Diamond Knurling Carbide
  63. Newbie Recomended research
  64. Need Help! tool legth sensor
  65. Acme tapping on CNC lathe
  66. Need Help! Long length engraving bits / needle
  67. Engraving Tools
  68. Ball mill toolpath problem!!!
  69. Need help trying to find carbide endmills
  70. Pierce Point Endmill
  71. Canadian Supplier
  72. Build Thread Organizing Raw Stock Material
  73. Need Help! help,help,help
  74. Kyocera End mills any one tried?
  75. Where to get? - Lathe combo turning/grooving...
  76. Orange Vises
  77. Need Help! Iscar vs. Seco
  78. Newbie Stainless steel turning
  79. Problem Weldon tool holder screw
  80. Problem Face Milling Hardened High Speed Steel (Around HRC 66)
  81. Bad Day in Lathe town
  82. Newbie What to look for in a tool Shank
  83. How are really small mill bits made?
  84. Milling depth control
  85. Problem dry cutting 6061 t6 alum.
  86. Newbie Touching off Tooling
  87. Need Help! internal pocket
  88. Need Help! Machining open cell polyurethane upholstery foam
  89. Magnetic Milling Chucks
  90. Toolholder Interchangability
  91. Need Help! sales rep/applications engineer
  92. quick question???
  93. Need Help! Tooling up, need ideas.
  94. Cut .06" thick aluminum sheet
  95. Newbie Tapping C863 bronze
  96. Bott/Lista tool trolley inserts' dimension
  97. Can anyone explain VDI tooling interfaces?
  98. fimec vs elte vs china what is worth
  99. Need Help! cat 40 shell mill holder xlong
  100. scm record100 xilog plus
  101. tangential knife issues
  102. Routing Aluminum
  103. What Drill Bit is this?
  104. Kodiak Cutting Tools
  105. Quality 3mm drill/router bits?
  106. Need Help! Deep Pocket Milling
  107. Buying My First VMC, Need Tools
  108. 304 Stainless Drills??
  109. Ma ford vs Merlin
  110. Problem v-groove
  111. King KSC-R8-15 Collet Set
  112. Low-cost PCB milling spindle suggestions
  113. Any Mil-Tec opinions
  114. Newbie Advice needed on my first CNC work tests
  115. ER collet conversion for sherline?
  116. Need Help! Drill tap combo
  117. Need Help! feed and speed for plastic
  118. Newbie Tool Supplies
  119. Need Help! Edge finder for router speeds
  121. Tangential Knife geared motor, good idea?
  122. Newbie EcoCam Tangential Cutters
  123. Thinking of buying a Procunier Tru-tap, any advice?
  124. Problem cutting brass
  125. Tool Choice Trouble
  126. Newbie Cat 40 on a cnc lathe question
  127. Need Help! reduced end mill with 1/4 Shank
  128. spra-kool midget mist coolant spray unit question
  129. Actively driven rotary tool/ Spinning turning
  130. Face mill for my spindle?
  131. Tool holder choise
  132. Metalworking book for beginners?
  133. Need Help! CNC terminology
  134. Wickes WPR1200 for use as a spindle?
  135. Need Help! Machining D39 Powdered Metal
  136. Problem 4140 Q & T Roughing tool life
  137. Big Plus Spindles
  138. Straight Flute End Mills
  139. Gang tooling for revolving turret
  140. Long tools
  141. Need Help! RF-ID glue issue
  142. Fadal Doors
  143. Need Help! Garr alumastar 3 flute carbide endmills 10 and 12mm
  144. Source of Miniature End Mills?
  145. Collets
  146. Collet for Yuasa Speeder
  147. Using 1/16" and 3/32" shank bits with a Hitachi KM12VC
  148. Tools for bead roughness
  149. Smooth Shank no taper chuck adapter
  150. Please help me identify this toolpost
  151. Where to buy drill bits?
  152. Can someone tell me what is this ?
  153. Single cut knurling vs Dual cut
  154. Tapered versus straight bits - Ball end
  155. Newbie Definition of a spindle versus a router
  156. MDF cutting bit that can accept low feed rates
  157. Point cutting round over bits
  158. Ball nose Bits
  159. Tapping problem please help
  160. NMTB Size Selection For New Mill
  161. NST-35 tool holders?
  162. Need Help! Breaking bits - Need advise
  163. Need Help! DL400 REV B Kurt double 4" vise quick refurb.
  164. Need Help! korloy king drills having trouble cutting on lathes but not machine centre
  165. Solid ER endmill holders - do these exist?
  166. Need Help! Tap Holder
  167. Dumb qestion, I came across a tool while looking for BT35 tool holders on Ebay.
  168. Need Help! What kind of collet is this????
  169. Need Help! R8 quick change tool specs
  170. Help selecting high quality tooling for Aluminum
  171. Shrink Holder manufacturer Help
  172. Newbie Correct drill bit for Aluminium
  173. What is this CNC bit used for? (pics)
  174. Depth Routing Tooling. Extensions and Bits for reach
  175. Short hsk-40a collet chuck?
  176. Stop Rats Nest of Swarf (Cutting 6082T6 CNC lathe)
  177. HSK 63A Toolholders for roughing: Looking for suggestions, comments, etc.
  178. Problem Need info on setting tools zero point
  179. Build Thread "Penticle 5000" make-on-contact (normally open) touch probe from gel pen
  180. Need Help! Newbie needs help on speed and feed
  181. Paper Cutter tool
  182. Newbie looking for end mills, shipped by USPS or located in Canada
  183. Shrink Fit Tool Holder Question
  184. Need Help! Anyone know the name of this collet chuck?
  185. Need Help! Where to buy ID rings for CNC bits ???
  186. Identify this tool?
  187. 303/304/400 Stainless Steel - Cobalt Roughing tools VS. Carbide Roughing tools...
  188. Problem Bottom facing tool?
  189. Port hole finishes
  190. Selecting CNC Router Bits
  191. Engraving bits and depth of cut
  192. Shell mill arbors for HSL 63F
  193. ISO 40 spindle convert to CAT 40?
  194. Problem Knurling Trouble
  195. 3D model for sandvick tool
  196. Need Help! Is this 30 degree 0.2mm v-bit?
  197. Need Help! SK50 DIN69871
  198. Ways to attach collet to a spinning spindle
  199. Please Help 1/4" ball 3" Length of Cut
  200. Spindle help needed
  201. material removal rate: what's faster for the same thing? Mill or lathe?
  202. Need Help! ER 8 Clamping Nut
  203. Ok geniuses, where do I find these tools?
  204. Newbie There are too many to choose from.
  205. Need Help! Face Mills
  206. CCMT in CNMG insert holder?
  207. Inner ring engraving
  208. Need Help! Milling of vertical walls of a Pocket
  209. Router bits for plastics, straight vs. spiral?
  210. Maximum milling bit size/glue residue left on bit
  211. Newbie Profilfng Boring Bar
  212. O-flute vs. non o-flute
  213. Need Help! Need help with finding cutters.
  214. Lathe tooling
  215. Tool Holder Confusion
  216. Looking for opinions
  217. Any favorite Back Bore tools?
  218. tools & cutting speed
  219. What sort of tools are these?
  220. Problem I found the best cutter for alloy and then lost it!
  222. Need Help! CTN3 - SP300 inserts
  223. Tooling Cart Maintenance
  224. Newbie Best place to buy good value (i.e. lower price good quality) CNC router bits on web
  225. Compression cutter tooling marks
  226. Cutters for high speed deep profiling?
  227. Toolng database with more functionality
  228. CNC Tool Holders and Tool Chucks for the Woodworking, Aluminum and Plastics Industrie
  229. Bit for Silicone
  230. Determining length of a countersink tool
  231. Need Help! High Speed Scribing
  232. Help me find a 3-5mm ball nose edge finder
  233. Threading Inserts
  234. Newbie Please help with a few questions
  235. Tapping and Surface Footage
  236. Need Help! 1.6X .35mm tapping
  237. holder/storage rack for CNC inserts
  238. end mill recommendation for max removal rate in aluminum
  239. 1/4" / 6MM router collet to ER11 adapter
  240. bit coatings
  241. Newbie Recommend End Mill for 4000RPM Max CNC Mill Cutting 6061 Auminum
  242. Cute miniature internal carbide tools
  243. Need Help! Need some advice on cutting c276
  244. Multipurpose tool holder (Rhombic insert) for both face and z-axis cutting
  245. What is your favourite machine?
  246. What is the Best Cutter for 6061 Aluminum
  247. Bits - Europa tool ???
  248. Need Help! Narrow, large radius-of-curvature ball nose tool
  249. Super Detailed CNC machines for hobbyists... do they exist?
  250. Need Help! Router Bit Selction
  251. Any online shop for Cnc centers tooling
  252. NT40 toolholder replace with CAT or BT ??
  253. Need Help! Looking for a tool- 1/32" Roundover Bit with Pilot or an equivalent.
  254. Newbie CNC Lathe Toolholders orientation
  255. Need Help! Looking for micro end mill for plastic material
  256. CNC NEWBIE - Help with
  257. Problem Feed and Speed for 4" Carbider slitting cutter
  258. Flat Bottom Drills
  259. looking for 1.5" diameter or bigger PCD v-bit?
  260. Need Help! What to know the name of part in picture
  261. Low profile clamping recommendation
  262. Indexable Drilling (Need help finding tooling)
  263. Cleaning ISO tapers
  264. CNC Router Bit for cutting a stack of paper ie a book
  265. Need Help! Looking for Single-Form 55 degree Thread Mills
  266. Need Help! Large Deep Bore on a Casting: Tooling/machine
  267. Drilling / Milling Carbon Fiber Blocks
  268. cant seem to find the right bits for closed cell eva foam
  269. Tools sell
  270. Need Help! What are these Endmill tools called?
  271. Newbie Best tool for solid wood?
  272. Need Help! need tooling help for this part
  273. Need Help! Is it Really a 90 degree cutter as they claim???
  274. Need Help! tip-resistant
  275. Need Help! Cut 1/4 NPT from the back side?
  276. Single flute end mill wear
  277. Torsion Spring "Threading
  278. New Cat-40 Tooling
  279. Newbie Chatter Free
  280. Rigid tapping with pecking and a floating tool holder
  281. chatter
  282. nesting 8,13,16mm trespa ( solid grade laminate) router bits tip keep breakkng
  283. Slotting with a ripper
  284. Can anybody recommend a good source for countersink drills?
  285. Info on foam cutting bit - Long one
  286. Crazy tool vibration/chatter, can't figure out why
  287. tool holders
  288. New To CNC - End Mill Sizes, 2 Flute 3 Flute, 45 Degree, 55 Degree..........
  289. Need Help! ID Grooving Issue
  290. Where to Buy? "Made in India" carbide tooling
  291. GTN-3 Tool Holder
  292. Need Help! Has anyone used this X-Edge tool before
  293. Problem Bad cutoff Finish in 6061 Aluminum
  294. Need Help! Need some ideas for table mounting an angle head tool
  295. Nebie question Boring heads
  296. In search of mystery gang tool blocks
  297. Which End Mill
  298. info on bits and liner rails please.
  299. ER11: A Type vs B Type
  300. Turning a friction weld