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  1. Free Router plans! and Discuss it here.
  2. MDF or ply for JGRO router?
  3. jgro Style CNC Build Journal
  4. Substitute for aluminum angle in jgro's plans?
  5. Noob will pay $500 + material costs for a ready to go jgro style machine
  6. Questions about JGRO Router
  7. My JGRO
  8. Parts For JGRO
  9. Pipe Bearing Adjustments (JGRO)
  10. jgro machine - drill rod for rails?
  11. CNC cut JGRO parts?
  12. jgro router modeled in Catia
  13. JGRO router basic questions
  14. JGRO Pics Finally
  15. question about it's capabilities
  16. Largest JGRO router seen or built
  17. Jgro router as a 4/5 axis machine
  18. software question?
  19. JGRO Revisions?
  20. Anyone want to do some custom Milling work??
  21. More details on Jgro router design??
  22. Which is better 1/2"-10 OR 3/8"-12 acme rod
  23. Can't decide what motors to use ???
  24. Post your 3D work done with 3 axis router
  25. Starting from sub-zero
  26. Spindle for JGRO
  27. JGRO in the UK?
  28. Rotozip Dimensions??
  29. Yet another jgro build
  30. How many limit/home switches to buy for 3 axis
  31. Wow, cool stuff. A few questions
  32. AutoCad resizing
  33. Software to cut out letters
  34. Gantry on outside of y axis guide pipe
  35. JGRO Design OK for First Machine
  36. Jgro finished
  37. JGRO questions
  38. Is making a part as easy as drawing it in 3d?
  39. Thunterman's jgro iteration
  40. JGRO Build - Some Assembly Required
  41. Dual Drive on Long Axis?
  42. How accurate?
  43. JGRO. not this ...
  44. Leadscrew?
  45. How big is JGRO???
  46. How big is JGRO???
  47. For the love of GOD use metric!
  48. Need help with rough cutting(backlash??)
  49. JRGO Cut List
  50. Modified JGRO
  51. Tips for JGRO
  52. First Cnc Wood Router
  53. Cant get threaded rod straight.
  54. Best (Cheap) CNC Software to Use
  55. Noobie Questions
  56. First Machine -JGRO
  57. building it need advice on steppers and etc.
  58. Redesign of JGRO in Denmark.
  59. Quick question on bearings for JGRO
  60. HDPE alignment blocks & antibacklash nuts request
  61. Brand spankin new to this stuff.
  62. Need help before I start
  63. jgro assembly
  64. Final stages
  65. MDF threading
  66. New guy with a question
  67. JRGO Plans in metric
  68. Bearing
  69. Anti Backlash
  70. How big a motor does it take to do the job?
  71. having problems adjusting y axis
  72. Jordan's Jgro
  73. Bearing carriage running on an angle profile instead of using round tube
  74. new guy in need of parts help
  75. RE: new guy in need on parts help
  76. just started today
  77. New Build
  78. Help with plan nomenclature
  79. SolidWorks files
  80. Diary of a FoamCutter building a jgro router table
  81. Material???
  82. My Jgro
  83. woody 123
  84. Alternative to angle aluminum?
  85. Hitachi router or the rotozip
  86. Building JGRO - questions
  87. New guys requesting quick info
  88. Which stepper motors for my application
  89. jgro design and electronics?
  90. DeadTom's JGRO machine
  91. Cutting Aluminum or copper?
  92. Jgro in South Africa
  93. Chronicle of a Geek. (Jgro Build)
  94. JGRO videos needed
  95. Drakkn Guitars JRGO finally starts in UK
  96. Is there at Kit or just the plans?
  97. SeniorCNC (JGRO Build)
  98. My first CNC
  99. My first post
  100. Modified JGRO
  101. heavy gantry
  102. Anyone use HDPE decking lumber instead of cutting boards?
  103. My turn at a Jgro build
  104. JGRo Build by Thinwater
  105. clammy's jgro
  106. Plans
  107. Another New JGRO Build - Advice Sought...
  108. Where is Dtl26 used?
  109. Stepper Motor
  110. My JGRO build
  111. acme leadscrew
  112. linear bearings question.
  113. How is this done...?
  114. PLEASE i need some help!!!
  115. Essential and Desired Tools for JGRO Build?
  116. Anyone Interested in JGRO Component Parts/Kits ?
  117. My cnc router !
  118. JGRO Step gainning?
  119. Another JGRO Build Completed
  120. alien_squirrel's JGRO build
  121. New JGRO build for Matt888 started with Q's inside...
  122. How to configure JGRO with mach3 or TurboCNC
  123. 09-07 jgro build
  124. material mdf or fiber board?
  125. my jgro
  126. How to extend JGRO length and have a firm bed?
  127. paint job
  128. jgro build questions
  129. new jgro pictures and more questions
  130. JGRO Build nearly complete, motor help please
  131. Instead of Gas Pipe
  132. Mismatching Motors?
  133. mostly steel JGRO
  134. rebuilding jgro cnc
  135. stepper motor help
  136. JGRO questions/Build
  137. Urb's first attempt at the JGRO
  138. Keeping the cutting bed from bowing?
  139. Going to be starting a jgro, so here comes the questions
  140. New UK JGRO
  141. Keeping threadscrew nuts from moving?
  142. Motor Tuning and motor "wake up" ...?
  143. can't wait
  144. Stainless Steel Threaded Rod - Where to buy?
  145. Not new but in need of advice
  146. gas pipe or hot/cold water pipe?
  147. New Machine Build JGRO in basement (upstate NY)
  148. And Yet another JGRO Router Built
  149. New Machine Build A Fast (hopefully) JGRO Build
  150. Build Thread Feed rates for a JGRO
  151. Delrin vs UHMW
  152. Extruded Aluminum build?
  153. JGRO Build- New to the Hobby
  154. cutting bearing support channel
  155. Build Thread I can blame this on Bush too if it goes badly!
  156. New to Forum need advise
  157. Need Help! cutting steel
  158. New Machine Build Question about using nuts and bolts.
  159. New JGRO build
  160. Build Thread New JGRO in Indiana - Enjoy
  161. Can someone check this out!!!!!
  162. P-CAD?
  163. Z Axis Bearing setup help!!!
  164. Newbie Planning on building..
  165. 3 axis board
  166. Kind Of New Machine
  167. Any northern-illinois builders?
  168. New Machine Build My first CNC --- JRGO Design
  169. New Machine Build new build in israel
  170. MDF vs Plywood
  171. leadscrews in Europe ?!
  172. What bearings do you recommend?
  173. Surfacing the spoil board
  174. One More Time
  175. Need Help! Sticky Stepper motors
  176. up and running
  177. I have researched too much!!! CNC help!!!!
  178. Need Help! Collet? endmill?
  179. Mounting limit switches
  180. Newbie Spoil Board
  181. Yep, one more ;)
  182. Best Leadscrew for Speed (and Accuracy)?
  183. two leadscrew assembly questions
  184. adjustment block material: MDF, delrin, HDPE, ?
  185. New Machine Build 24"X36" CUTTING BED
  186. New Machine Build JGRO build, mostly steel
  187. I need help re-equiping piecemeal
  188. x axis question
  189. Another nut-tensioner solution!
  190. Jgro cnc build Log
  191. New Machine Build Another JGRO machine......:)
  192. increase adjustment block hole size?
  193. epoxy or friction fit flange bearings?
  194. anti whip block needed with dumpstercnc nuts?
  195. Code Breaker Needed!
  196. How do I make the X and Y axes exactly perpendicular?
  197. Hold Down Channels?
  198. Problem Aluminum Tubing Gantry
  199. Bearing help
  200. The end of a JGRO
  201. bed support question
  202. rvoh1
  203. JGROs in Europe, especially Germany?
  204. Need Help! Different idea for torsion box support
  205. New Machine Build What router does the JGRO use?
  206. Newbie Kerk Leadscrews for JGRO
  207. Original Spindle for JGRO
  208. New Machine Build Big Orange jgro
  209. Newbie Q's about hold down channels
  210. Newbie Putting together Base Assembly (assy02)
  211. Newbie Advice needed for spindle, milling brass
  212. In Baltimore/Philly corridor: who wants my JGRO base & bed?
  213. Newbie What to cut first?
  214. Problem plans in metric units
  215. Need Help! Need 1/2 Flanged bearing
  216. JGRO Kit
  217. Newbie Wow - Cool new hobby
  218. Need Help! Too much motor?
  219. Newbie I'm getting serious about a JGRO
  220. JGRO Desing by KUKI21
  221. anti-backlash nut alternative
  222. New JGRO on the block
  223. Build Thread JGRO (improved) steel frame
  224. bearing alining.
  225. New Machine Build What else beside MDF is needed?
  226. New Machine Build Building my first CNC
  227. Newbie New to CNC
  228. Limit Switches
  229. Many questions from a first timer
  230. Really New!
  231. Stepper motors recomendation
  232. JGRO Plan Clarifications
  233. Lithophanes on a JGRO?
  234. Problem Missing steps
  235. New Machine Build It's Complete....Yay!!!
  236. Router bits
  237. New Machine Build Cutting
  239. JGRO in progress... Very Simple Questions
  240. Need Help! Gantry Support Pipes Adjustment Blocks
  241. Jgro build... a few questions..
  242. UK JGRO n00b
  243. do i need to glue it up? when to paint?
  244. Larger pipes for Z axis
  245. z axis requires more force than x to move (?)
  246. Another new JGRO family member
  247. new member
  248. Offset Gantry
  249. Base and bed assy. question
  250. Newbie question
  251. Build Thread Finally building a JGRO
  252. JGRO plan in 3D format?
  253. ordering parts for the jgro
  254. My First Router Table
  255. Build Thread John's JGRO - Aus
  256. Steppers to use in JGRO and using them on future. CNC projects
  257. Newbie JGRO leadscrews/ parts
  258. JGRO - Support Table / Stand / Bench
  259. Build Thread Datacop's JGRO Build
  260. Need a little help with my JGRO
  261. Need Help! laminating MDF
  262. New Machine Build zero backlash lead screws
  263. Build Thread Bushy's JGRO Build
  264. What's your favorite JGRO upgrade?
  265. What is JGRO?
  266. JGRO parts made if you have access to a manual mill
  267. New Machine Build A plastic JGRO
  268. lead screw question?
  269. Has anyone made the jgro from plywood?
  270. New Machine Build JGRO shopping list
  271. New Machine Build Sort of - Upgraded my JGRO
  272. JGRO Cutting Area
  273. Newbie JGRO Budgeting
  274. Cutting Speeds
  275. DXF parts all on one sheet?
  276. Lead screw Mounting
  277. g code files
  278. Newbie Drill press needed for build?
  279. JGRO Build
  280. CamBam + Mach3 combo for JRGO?
  281. JGRO Router - Metric Plan?
  282. Introduction and a question
  283. Jay's Build
  284. Getting ready to get started.
  285. New Machine Build My first build (yet another jgro)
  286. Steel Adjustment Blocks
  287. Newbie New JGRO build
  288. New Machine Build JGRO with X axis as a driver roller
  289. New Machine Build JGRO with X axis as a driver roller
  290. JGRO Art Machine by Benjamin Grosser
  291. No Thread
  292. Need Help! CNC Tuning
  293. Newbie Stepper motors problem
  294. Newbie Questions about ACME screw assembly
  295. Newbie has acme questions
  296. New Machine Build JGRO-based CNC using Android/TinyG controller
  297. Newbie Jgro - Linuxcnc .ngc questions
  298. Newbie CNC Questions
  299. New JGRO Build
  300. Spacer on Y axis linear bearing