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  2. Replacement motor for IH mill
  3. Chip and Coolant Splash Guard
  4. Chips!
  5. Auto tool changer ?
  6. newbie
  7. Extreme delay in mill shipment
  8. Z axis -cnc conversion
  9. Squaring the Column of Your Mill
  10. Using a DRO to map your ballscrews
  11. RF45 Oil Capacity
  12. Z Axis Spacer Block
  13. thoughts after six months
  14. What is 'XY Table Extensions'?
  15. IH versus Mikini Mechatronics 1610L
  16. How much to cut for y axis extension?
  17. Newbie Impressive!
  18. Any IH between Indy and Peoria, IL
  19. 460 Block pictures
  20. Auto Tool Setter Button IH taylored !
  21. Broke my last drill/mill yesterday
  22. IH manual mill
  23. IH mill table
  24. More Art from Chris
  25. keeping the spindle from hitting the table
  26. Build Thread NT 30 ATC using a VFD
  27. holding a large piece
  28. selling my mill
  29. Build Thread loady builds a cnc machine
  30. Pccy's? Join the registry!
  31. New Enclosure Design
  32. Way covers.
  33. IH limits....
  34. Newbie DIY 5-axis CNC?
  35. Need Help! Mill stops for no reason
  36. Need Help! ShuttlePro wheel speed
  37. IH Email down last couple days
  38. IH Mill encoders
  39. Manual and CNC Control?
  40. IH mill gear shift.
  41. Axis locks.
  42. Oil foaming.
  43. Square drive screw on top of IH mill
  44. Newbie Hi and a couple questions....
  45. Accuracy, Repeatability
  46. southeast missouri
  47. Duplimatic information
  48. having issues with a program
  49. A couple IH questions
  50. Machine Tools Warehouse IH Clone Stand...anybody got one?
  51. IH CNC plans
  52. Z Axis disassembly
  53. Planning to buy and convert :x
  54. Questions
  55. Z axis servo motor getting really hot
  56. IH going to build a lathe conversion?
  57. 4th axis
  59. IH AWOL?
  60. IH Clone
  61. I'm finally one of the cool guys...
  62. New Way Covers for the IH Mill...
  63. need info on a new IH mill
  64. Caps
  65. IH clone is now available in Australia
  66. Completed NMTB30 conversion on IH mill
  67. Conventional Wiring Setup
  68. metal choise
  69. In a nutshell
  70. New IH on order...
  71. CNC Tapping
  72. Screw size of Way Locks
  73. 3phase motor selection
  75. Mach Settings
  76. Removing IH 3HP/3PH motor
  77. IH - Ballscrew Nut question
  78. Need Help! Spindle to hot to touch!!!
  79. Shars and Glacern vises the same??
  80. IH Mill as Bending Brake for Way Covers
  81. Is IH still in business anymore?
  82. Lead screw nuts and end supports
  83. spindle leak
  84. Manuals
  85. Our new IHCNC turnkey mill... plus my additions
  86. Finally - success with a IH CNC Kit
  87. New gear head very noisey
  88. 12Z mill cnc upgrade
  89. CNC Masters upgrade for the RF-45 mill
  91. Progress at last
  92. Attention Industrial Hobbies -- Return My Money
  93. I wanted to buy - no reply fromIH
  94. Need Y-axis servo motor
  95. Horsepower, Torque, Gears and Belt drives
  96. Anyone in Denver with an IH mill
  97. IH update
  98. Importing IH Clone from China
  100. (Novakon's) Comparison chart
  101. Dimensions for IH CNC enclosure/splash guard
  102. Build Thread jet's CNC kit installation
  103. Need Help! RF-45/IH MIll DIY CNC Conversion
  104. New Machine Build Y ax drive idea. Tell me what you think.
  105. New Mills Here!!!!!
  106. Tapmatic Head and IH mill possible?
  107. keyboard & mouse interference issues.
  108. 1/2" 3 flute high helix and 6061 pocketing?
  109. Newbie Fagor DRO
  110. Can I hold tolerance and machine this Part w/ an IH cnc?
  111. what are the wires at top of Z axis
  112. Need Help! Newbie with a mill..
  113. Build Thread Finally starting my CNC conversion
  114. Spindle Motor connections
  115. Aligning direct drive stepper
  116. new turnkey setup questions
  117. Telescopic Way Cover
  118. IH steps per
  119. Newbie IH cnc kit
  120. X-axis to Y-axis - are they square?
  121. Rotary Table Size: 8" vs 10"
  122. Ruined gears due to bad bearing need help quickly
  123. Thinking of buying an IH Mill
  124. My IH Turnkey
  125. Need Help! Help for the do it yourselfer
  126. Expensive lesson
  127. IH manual mill dimensions and moving
  128. cleaning IH gearbox
  129. Mach3 Config file
  130. IH cnc mill for sale
  131. Quill wobble
  132. Speed Controller Wiring Help
  133. What have you made with your IH
  134. Drum swith between VFD and Motor
  135. CNC X Limits
  136. Z-axis problem
  137. Old Ih sits in the corner
  138. Mach 3 Kernel Speed
  139. Tuning help
  140. How Many IH Mills Exist?
  141. IH growth and delivery - is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
  142. Transmission Break-in Procedure?
  143. IH Conversion questions
  144. Gecko problem?
  145. IH Column
  146. How to Disassemble Head?
  147. Need Help! Cut Quality issues
  148. Newbie that say about CNC
  149. Any recent purchase feedback?
  150. ATC
  151. High Speed engraving attachment??
  152. Tool Plate / Sub Plate for IH table?
  153. IH Head ways head lose issue
  154. "...Will that be one shim or two?"
  155. Analam Wizard DRO Installation
  156. DIY Controls Question
  157. Need Help! Z Axes ballscrew bearing and motor support
  158. general VFD thread
  159. Industrial Hobbies alternative maybe ???
  160. VFD L200-015NFU
  161. turn-key wiring solutions
  162. Closed loop positioning in Mach 3
  163. Ball Nut Support IDEA... Will it work.
  164. Spindle Bearing Removal
  165. spindle rebuild need some help with parts
  166. Mill head weight.
  167. OT: Good CAD Package?
  168. Another belt question
  169. IH BT 30 spindle for sale
  170. Belt Drive Conversion
  171. .018 backlash??? What's wrong?
  172. making gearbox better
  173. IH Mill head assembly for sale
  174. CNC Conversion without IH CNC Kit
  175. Seal part #
  176. IHCNC project for sale
  177. z axis oiling slots
  178. Problems with Industrial Hobbies
  179. IH Saga
  180. spindle retaining locknut, lock washer
  181. What is benefit of NT 30 spindle, what is frame size of motor?
  182. Wiring Diagram for older IH mill
  183. Replacement limit switches
  184. awesome spindle leak fix
  185. IH price?
  186. Ordered some parts from IHCNC, fast delivery!
  187. Height of IH turnkey
  188. upgrading from g0704 conversion
  189. plugged in the turnkey for the first time, need some help
  190. video of my ihcnc running
  191. Need Help! Cutting out the column cross brace
  192. SERVO's and STEPPER's
  193. Tramming Issues
  194. in need of a z axis ballscrew
  195. Optocoupled Fault Detection
  196. EMC2 Configuration
  197. Need Help! stock motor wiring help
  198. Problem Z Axis creeping
  199. Power feed for manual IH
  200. Losing steps on Z height
  201. I.H. Tommy is a good guy.
  202. Quill rebuild seems imminent
  203. Some things to keep in mind when bashing IH
  204. upcoming slightly used IH parts
  206. Limit Switch choices?
  207. built my semi enclosure today
  208. Problem Brown Gooey Sludge in Mill Head
  209. Polymer Concrete Reinforced Mill Base & Tower
  210. Need Help! quill removal...
  211. Problem Ordered an extra Lower AC bearing... anyone want it
  212. Newbie IH Mill or not?
  213. Shielded Wire for Control Signals?
  214. Build Thread IH Mill Rebuild: Spindle swap, IH support
  215. Manual mill Z axis suggestions welcome
  216. Quill bearings, etc.
  217. Coolant collar/Auxilliary spindle
  218. IH Gearbox ratios?
  219. Making accurate circles? What do i need to fix? what to expect?
  220. IH CNC fully converted for sale
  221. Mach3 DRO moving... but not the motor...
  222. my fault, burned up a servo, now doesn't work
  223. Need Help! Tapmatic Tapping attachment NSM 2
  224. Newbie milling a threaded rod/screw
  225. IH mill,DRO,Pwr X feed,for sale PICS ADDED
  226. Planning for IH Mill Conversion - Questions!
  227. MTW IH clone - Ball screw / servo mount kits?
  228. Motor Weight - How Much is Too Much?
  229. Need help troubleshooting problem
  230. ihcnc contact?
  231. Build Thread 56C to B5 Motor Adapter
  232. SELLING NEW IH head complete, ball screw set
  233. Need Help! which harbor freight engine hoist?
  234. Another belt drive
  235. Belt drive installation
  236. Charter Oak Automation
  237. Spindle
  238. rigid tapping on ihcnc?
  239. Y axis backlash
  240. This place is deathly quiet
  241. Spindle power dropping out as i toggle X axis left and right above 1,600 rpm Help!
  242. Build Thread 1HP 3450rpm Motor Adapter
  243. Need Help! Help with dimensions
  244. Up and Running!
  245. Air Turbine Spindle mounted "grinder"
  246. New Machine Build First Run, IH Mill CNC Conversion
  247. New Machine Build New Mills Are In!
  248. Build Thread X-Axis Limit Stop Blocks
  249. Problem Z-Axis Binding
  250. 5 Volt Touch Probe from the Old Industrial Hobbies Website ?
  251. Need Help! belt drive conversion
  252. Solved Coolant Mainifold Built
  253. Preferred oil in one shot oiler?
  254. Mach-1 Quick Change Tooling System Adapted to Charter Oak Bed Mills
  255. spindle shuts off... runs for about 3 seconds then nothing
  256. Enclosure?
  257. Spindle control board?
  258. way covers?
  259. New Machine Build New 12z for CNC conversion
  260. Just In Inventory Reduction Sale
  261. Over all size
  262. manual to cnc questions
  263. ANXIETY - New Charter Oak Machine
  264. Build Thread C10 Breakout Board Optical Limits Wiring
  265. end of program errors phase converter
  266. limit switchesnot working ?
  267. Any plans form Charter Oak
  268. cad DXF files?
  269. Need Help! Directions for Charter Oak Automation VFD for Milling Machine
  270. Build Thread Squaring the Milling Head
  271. Source for AC bearings / belt drive conversion
  272. Just In CNC Wood Router Bits
  273. Mach 1 Tooling System
  274. Need Help! X Ball screw noise
  275. Build Thread Replacement Z-Axis Servo Motor, IH CNC Mill
  276. Spare motor
  277. Glad I didnt Buy One !
  278. Need Help! need help with motor removal (belt drive conversion)
  279. Build Thread Servo Motor Encoder Enclosure
  280. Need Help! Bearing size for IH Mill
  281. Charter Oak now selling Syil machines?
  282. Newbie fluctuation in the spindle speed ????
  283. Automatic Tool Changer with Pull Stud Tooling without changing R8 Spindle
  284. Need Help! changing gear lube on IH cnc
  285. Z axis ball screw oil line
  286. Newbie Like Bob I'm Anxious:
  287. lugs on spindle ???
  288. Need Help! Infuriating issue with Mach 3 is stopping CNC joy...
  289. R8 NT30 spindle runout
  290. How to reach the guys at Charter Oak - anyone have good contact info?
  291. Which params to change on VFD for > 60Hz ?
  292. Need Help! Post processor for Osai control system from Mastercam x4
  293. IH mill lost weight?
  294. Under no load spindle shuts off
  295. 12Z IH Charter Oak - Bolt Pattern Base
  296. limit switches and ethernet smooth stepper?
  297. 12Z Custom Stand Build
  298. Z axis gib issue - 12Z Charter Oak
  299. New oil foaming instantly - is it expected?
  300. ball screw and nut information