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  1. Detroit Area...
  2. Missouri
  3. Cleveland ohio area
  4. Tucson, Arizona
  5. Testimony
  6. Las Vegas
  7. North Idaho Area
  8. North central Missouri
  9. Western New York
  10. Arkansas
  11. SoCal
  12. anyone in pittsburgh area?
  13. Hobby Machinist Sacramento, CA
  14. Seattle/Eastside
  15. Anyone in the Salt Lake City Area
  16. hello all any one in sydney australia
  17. Walterboro SC
  18. Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area, S.E. Virginia
  19. york and lancaster couny i can not find anyone
  20. Vancouver Washington/Portland Oregon
  21. Looking for mentor in Savannah, GA
  22. Pottstown, Pa area
  23. Houston Texas
  24. Mentor needed, Dallas, TX area
  25. Looking for Mentor or Training Direction Mid ATL
  26. Tempe, AZ
  27. MikeM
  28. Tullahoma, Tenn
  29. Hickory, North Carolina
  30. aus
  31. NEPA Scranton area
  32. CNC builders in Toronto/Canada
  33. need menntor in orlando
  34. Anyone from Maine?
  35. Montreal and the area?
  36. ABQ/Rio Rancho, NM
  37. Mentor Needed Flint,Mi
  38. UK, Shropshire
  39. Seeking CNC Mentor in Alberta (Edmonton)
  40. East Tennessee
  41. chicago area tutor bobcad
  42. Help in HAWAII
  43. Hobby Metal Caster in Denver??
  44. Seacost New Hampshire?
  45. New Jersey Lathe Mentor Wanted
  46. Syracuse / Central New Yorkers!
  47. Anyone bitten by the cnc bug in Ohio? Local chapter starting!
  48. Orange County, CA. Mentor wanted
  49. e-Tutor (online tutor from anywhere)
  50. Looking for Mentor in Bay Area, CA area
  51. London Ontario, Mentor needed.
  52. new york city newbie
  53. Contacts in Central California
  54. Sydney, Australia
  55. Southern IL. members.
  56. Mentor in Vancouver BC Area
  57. Help in South Central PA
  58. clover south carolina-apprentice needed
  59. Rochester NY Mentor/Help Wanted
  60. Seeking mentor in Central NY
  61. Looking for Mentor in Macon GA.
  62. Mentor in Kansas anyone/
  63. Anyone in Michigan - Mentor/Elmer Needed? I will commute.
  64. Looking for mentor in Tampa, Florida area CNC Milling
  65. I see and see CNC but can't CNC, you see?
  66. Looking for Mentor, NW Washington
  67. Myrtle Beach, SC
  68. Looking for small shop space - NE Mass or SE NH
  69. Mentor needed Houston, TX
  70. North Phoenix Large CNC router
  71. I need to get up to speed on cnc
  72. Looking for mentor in central Wisconsin
  73. Wanting to learn in Novi, MI
  74. CNC mentor for HF mini mill
  75. Chicago: Access to shop in return for light work
  76. Mentor needed Dallas, TX
  77. New guy from Atlanta/Marietta GA saying hi
  78. looking for a mentor
  79. Looking for Mentor or hobbeist Yuma, AZ
  80. Looking for CNC Lathe near Ithaca, NY or Palo Alto California
  81. I'm looking for a welding Mentor...
  82. Cnc programmer Wood carvings from digital photo's Detroit Michigan
  83. Michigan, Flint anyone in the area 60mile radius
  84. Yuma, Arizona someone to shoot the breeze with
  85. Mentor/machinist wanted
  86. Looking: Houston/Humble Area Mentor
  87. looking for a electrical mentor in Milwaukke WI.
  88. looking for mentor in Dallas, Tx area (south Dallas)
  89. lookin for PARTNER in CRIME near Amsterdam/Noord-Holland
  90. Mentor for cnc router Needed in South of France (Avignon)
  91. H.B. CA, wanting to learn programing
  92. TN Chapter: CNC Machine builders
  93. mentor needed in williamsport, pa
  94. Mentor needed in central CO
  95. Mentor Wanted in Buffalo, NY
  96. boston, ma CNC zoners?
  97. Looking for some milling experience in Hawaii (Oahu)
  98. mentor needed
  99. apprentice needed in SE michigan
  100. Mentor needed, Memphis area
  101. Denver Area
  102. Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph
  103. Mentor needed - I fabricate, you teach cnc? L.A. California
  104. New Jersey area
  105. UK - South (or anywhere in the UK really)
  106. Toronto or GTA area
  107. Any Mentors near West Chester, PA
  108. Phoenix, AZ - Any hobby users out there?
  109. CNC in Raleigh?
  110. willing to volunteer in London ON canada
  111. mentor needed in canada sask
  112. CNC help in SLC
  113. Florida mentor?
  114. Victoria or Vancouver, B.C. Mentor?
  115. Need Help In Iowa
  116. SE Michigan garage shop
  117. anyone on Whidbey Island In WA State ?
  118. Maryland
  119. Anyone in Atlanta, GA
  120. Anybody in S.E. Minnesota
  121. Edmonton Alberta
  122. WEST TEXAS - running fanuc mill - need help - will trade for machine time
  123. Heidenhain TNC 155b Mentor, Johnstown, PA
  124. Help to give (tampa,florida)
  125. 3x mill shop in Raleigh, NC
  126. One year in Thailand!
  127. Highly Skilled CAD/CAM Designer seeks Machine Shop Apprenticeship (D/FW Area)
  128. Need help in Indy.
  129. Apprentice in Jacksonville, FL
  130. Delete
  131. Northeast Oklahoma (Tulsa-Claremore)
  132. Mentor in Upstate NY, Capitol District???
  133. Calling all NE Ohio people!!!!
  134. Viva Las Vegas
  135. (Texas) East Dallas/Rockwall Area mentor needed
  136. Looking for CNC mentor in Ft. Myers, FL
  137. Northern New England here
  138. Anyone Located in Chicago
  139. Anyone in France? Regeion Parisiene?
  140. Need someone to help me understand this stuff.
  141. Vancouver BC: Mentor needed -for Dynapath CNC mill
  142. I will Be a Free Intern in SWFL ft myers naples
  143. Central Michigan Mentor
  144. I am looking for a mentor in the jacksonville Fl area
  145. Im finding dynatorch and torchmate users
  146. CNC Wood Router mentor available in Houston, TX
  147. Mento in the GB - WI area?
  148. Wisconsin area forming a local informal group
  149. Los Angeles area looking for a mentor~
  150. Montreal/southshore
  151. Montreal/South-shore
  152. Mentor in San Diego
  153. Looking for CNC guru in Raleigh, NC
  154. Introduction
  155. getting servos to work using Mach 3
  156. Help in Calgary, Aberta Canada
  157. need mentor near Wichita Falls, Texas
  158. Mentor/apprenticeship
  159. Rapid Prototyping Mentor in The Woodlands, Texas
  160. manufacturing technologies student seeking machinist apprenticeship
  161. need a mentor in detroit aera
  162. Looking for guidance in Kingston Ontario
  163. UK CNC Guru required
  164. CNC Small Machine Help Needed In Illinois
  165. Mentor near Pocatello Idaho?
  166. apprenticeship in W TN?
  167. Anyone near Washington DC?
  168. NYC groups or individuals?
  169. Tri-Cities, Tn
  170. looking for a mentor in miami (305) are
  171. help in the Tampa Bay area
  172. Apprentice Machinist looking for work/mentor
  173. Looking for Mentor in Salisbury NC
  174. Salt Lake City
  175. Looking for a Mentor in Durham, NC
  176. Looking for CNC or Machining Mentor in Denver
  177. Mid Michigan Tool and Die Coalition
  178. tampa area needs help building 4axis
  179. Souteast Pennsylvania / North Delaware /Maryland
  180. Programming - NW Washington
  181. CNC Consulting needed in SO. CAL $$
  182. CNC builder
  183. Anyone in Spokane/Coeur d'alene area?
  184. Looking for mentor in Thunder Bay
  185. Looking for a Mentor in Courtenay, British Columbia
  186. Looking for Boston area X2 experience...
  187. Mentor needed in the Joplin, Mo area
  188. Help With Turbo Cnc Near Dallas Texas
  189. Any Pittsburgh, PA members?
  190. Looking for mentor in UK
  191. Coo-eee
  192. Saint Augustine, FL -trade machine time for tutoring
  193. south mississippi area
  194. Seeking Shop Work/Apprenticeship in Oahu, Hawaii.
  195. Mastercam Help Anyone? I need help!!
  196. South Kansas City DIY
  197. Looking for CNC or Machining Mentor in CA, San Jose
  198. Looking for apprenticeship opportunity in Provo/Orem UT
  199. New there, from Qc, Canada
  200. Austin Tx CNC'rs
  201. Anyone in the Thunder Bay area, Canada?
  202. Any Mentor in portugal!
  203. Private Pro/E tutor available in Los Angeles area
  204. Central Florida Orlando Area?? $$
  205. Mentors in Southern Oregon?
  206. Royal Palm Beach, Florida
  207. need help building cnc router in mn.
  208. mentor in philly suburb
  209. Seeking mentor in Boston Area
  210. Anyone in Kalamazoo or Battle Creek, MI??
  211. Anyone in Canada, Montreal or close ?
  212. nebraska machinist
  213. Need Help With Software
  214. mentor??
  215. Long shot, but maybe
  216. Looking for a mentor for a Tormach, NW Montana
  217. Bobcad help anyone?Portland Oregon
  218. User group for Dallas/Ft Worth area
  219. UPSTATE New York/Penn.....? MACH III cnc'ers
  220. Looking for mentor Loomis CA, CNC Lathe advice
  221. Looking for machinist Mentor In the WI area
  222. Lehrer in Deutschland gesucht
  223. South East Texas - PracticalCNC Mentor
  224. Mentor Hertford Herts UK
  225. CT Mentor???
  226. SoCal???
  227. Mentor Req'd Notts/Derbys UK
  228. West Virginia
  229. CNC and metal casting in Dayton and suroundings
  230. Illinois: Skokie - Looking for CNC instructors
  231. North East Kansas
  232. Winnipeg-southern Manitoba Canada
  233. Apprenticeship in St Louis, MO???
  234. Antelope Valley, Ca?
  235. Looking for a Mentor in DIY CNC Mill -Las Vegas,NV.
  236. Any one in the Waco,Temple, Texas area?
  237. Mentor, Consulting, Advice - Help Needed in Utah
  238. North Carolina...Kannapolis,Concord or Charlotte Area
  239. Ardmore, Oklahoma
  240. North New Jersey Mentor?
  241. Birmingham AL area
  242. help getting started
  243. kincardine ontario
  244. Looking for vendors for work in Atlanta, GA
  245. Panama City, FL
  246. Mentor in New Jersey?
  247. help torchmate 2
  248. Any Palm Beach'ers here?
  249. Looking for mentor - Austin area
  250. Certificate
  251. machinist looking for electronics guru Louisville Ky
  252. Houston/Spring/Woodlands TX - Need help with Mach III/Setup - $60/hour
  253. newbie looking for school
  254. cnc training
  255. CNC Mentor in Northeast Florida area
  256. North Dallas, TX
  257. CNC/machining mentor for trade
  258. Looking in SE Virginia
  259. Brooklyn, NY Help Needed
  260. Abbotsford/Vancouver B.C. CNC retrofit help needed
  261. Dayton OH Newbie needing assistance.
  262. Any CNC mentors availible on Long Island, NY???
  263. Machine Shop Setup Philadelphia Area
  264. Help in central NJ
  265. Hello from Ireland
  266. Columbia Sc hobby group
  267. Need Mentor
  268. help with BUILDING a cnc
  269. Looking for CNC mentor in NY/NJ
  270. CNC'rs in Denver / Northern Colorado?
  271. field service engineer
  272. Space in Frederick MD
  273. Southern New Hampshire CNC Club Meeting
  274. A student that needs feedback on CNC Questions
  275. Anyone from Romania?
  276. CNC'rs around Roanoke, Va area?
  277. Queens to Long Island, New York
  278. Missouri
  279. mentor needed in
  280. machining in northern california?
  281. Brampton Ontario, and Area
  282. Belgium french speaking artist need help
  283. Very eager Chicago CNC/CAM student looking for mentor
  284. Mentor needed N. Central Tn
  285. Pennsylvania PA group
  286. Looking for Mentor in Capital District NY
  287. sheken
  288. Anyone near Perpignan, France
  290. Looking for programming position O.C. ca
  291. Mentor or help needed central Michigan L.P.
  292. UK Mentor For BobCad
  293. Looking for Mach3 Mentor
  294. Louisiana???
  295. Something Good for me anyway
  296. Hobbyist in Dubai, UAE
  297. South Sound, Federal Way. I would like to help and learn
  298. Need set-up help NC router
  299. Need some assistance
  300. Cleveland, OH machinging questions