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  1. Started to build my plasma table.
  2. Starting Plasma Table Pics Added
  3. 5 x 10 plasma table build
  4. Rutex p-cut 510b
  5. DIY plasma/router
  6. Damo's CNC Oxy/Acet table - In the planning stage for now!
  7. New O/A Cutting Table
  8. Hypertherm 1000 Machine Torch Help
  9. Plasma Table Build Log Including Free Plans Link, & Pictures by Weldtutor
  10. Ghetto plasma cutter!
  11. z axis
  12. getting serious about building CNC plasma
  13. wireless control of CNC?
  14. Homemade Plasma X-Y thingy
  15. My dirt cheap torch table
  16. Rail Design?? Let Me Know What You Think
  17. new plasma table buildup with pics
  18. Transformer Winding
  19. NESCO Plasma-mate Model 425
  20. In the design stage CNC Torch X rails
  21. Sources for gear rack
  22. Started building new 5 X 10 table today
  23. Water table depth for submerged cutting?
  24. Plasma Cutting Aluminum
  25. Plasma CNC Pipe Profiler
  26. My cnc table
  27. servo motor vibration
  28. Plasma table construction in progress
  29. wire cut
  30. 3x2m plasma table project/log
  31. XY Plasma cutting table design plans?
  32. THC in Plasma system.
  33. Another low buck build. (Yeah, right!)
  34. A few Plasma Questions.....
  35. Hitachi 6M
  36. K2 CNC Plasma - new mount
  37. Torch Height Control
  38. ## Help anyone##Win CNC Problem
  39. MPC03 and MPC05 movement cards
  40. My little project
  41. Poor Man's Cutter Table
  42. is this all you need?
  43. Looking for a CNC Plasma Table
  44. How do I know?
  45. High Polished Stainless Steel
  46. CNC oxy profile cutter
  47. Plasma table kits
  48. To THC or not to THC
  49. No go motors
  50. cnc plasma using a cnc mill
  51. 495 oz motors
  52. need advise on building my own table or just buy one.
  53. What to post in this forum? Please read before posting
  54. I think I Found my donor machine.
  55. taking the plunge............
  56. plasma/router ?
  57. Wiring the step motors
  58. New Large Table Build in Houston, TX (Build Log)
  59. Plasma/router table build progress
  60. moved?
  61. Home Grown Wire EDM
  62. 5 x 10 table for plasma / tourch / router - project
  63. My 4X4 table build
  64. Question on torch height
  65. I am in now
  66. 4 x8 Plasma and Router
  67. No place for Current Tranformer
  68. My 4x4 plasma
  69. New Machine Build 4x4
  70. Software that uses the Parallel port of a PC
  71. need help! with drivers
  72. Thermal Dynamics 4Xi
  73. Low-cost 4x4 plasma table, finished.
  74. New Machine Build plasma table with mobile water bed
  75. New Machine Build BlueFin CNC Oxy/Fuel/Plasma Build
  76. New Machine Build 6' X 12' Plasma machine
  77. Problem THC signal filtration
  78. Components from large pen plotter?
  79. Need Help! cheap plasma/tig/stick machines on ebay, anygood??
  80. Need Help! Switching from Plasma to Router
  81. Need Help! Z height micro switch control
  82. *Slight* change in plans...... 6x12 CandCNC
  83. anti -collision torch sensor
  84. Riddle me this: electrical anomaly
  85. Problem Not sure if this is safe to build or not
  86. Wiring recommendations for servos, limits, etc.
  87. New 5 x 10 plasma build
  88. torch height help
  89. another 4 x 4 table
  90. Milling machine serving double duty as Plasma Cutter
  91. Portable 3(8) x 4 Plasma Table
  92. Made a leap of faith
  93. New Machine Build Stepper motor size calulations for plasma
  94. Need Help! Integration of THC300 to my plasma cutter
  95. Newbie Nube need advice
  96. Researching/planning 4x4 plasma build
  97. type of motor for A axis - Lathe operation plus indexing?
  98. plasma gantry guide
  99. ...
  100. ...
  101. Newbie Plasma table, motors, drives, controllers
  102. Tuning the motors
  103. Build Thread Upgrading a old Torchmate.
  104. New small plasma table nearing completion, got a few questions...
  105. My new Plasma Cutter
  106. Newbie Torch Control
  107. Need Tables Cut speed
  108. searches tables , cutting speed
  109. New Machine Build New 4x8 Table from scratch(pics)
  110. Need Help! updating water jet system
  111. Water Jet cutting Specs needed......
  112. 8"x18" table
  113. Newbie Will dust from plasma collect on the surface of the material beeing cut?
  114. Torchmate1 Remodel Complete
  115. Need Help! Caps for screw on linear rail
  116. Newbie Just another LOW budget table
  117. Need Help! thc rate
  118. Need Help! bob cad
  119. Start of design!
  120. New Machine Build Overkill 48" X 120"
  121. new plasma build 4X10
  122. Need Help! Problem Cutting 16ga steel PowerMax 1000
  123. Newbie New concept for a Folding CNC Plasm Cutter. What do you think?
  124. Newbie CNC mill to control plasma torch?
  125. gear reduction
  126. Noob looking for advice from the gurus
  127. New Machine Build Chain drive plasma table
  128. New Machine Build 5 x 10 Plasma with submerged cutting
  129. motor vibration
  130. New Machine Build 4 X 8 CNC Plasma Build
  131. Table Retro-Fit.....What to choose?
  132. Newbie Advice in what Electronic Controller Goodies!
  133. Need Help! HYPERTHERM Powermax45
  134. How much does a stepper motor have to be geared down for X and Y axis ?
  135. plasma cutting problems
  136. Pro Cut Plasma table fix
  137. new user
  138. Need Help! How do you....
  139. Wiring in Powermax 600
  140. New Machine Build 4 x 4 Plasma/Router Build
  141. Need Help! Going for a new torch on my plasma cutter witch?
  142. floatinh head
  143. Anyone Heard From Tom at CandCNC?
  144. Build Thread Some comparison Notes
  145. Need Help! RMU Baja Team plasma table build
  146. Open Gantry Table In Progress
  147. Strathclyde EDM trouble
  148. Build Thread A "Not so cost effective" Plasma Table
  149. Brother EDM Programming Questions
  150. New Machine Build New plasma build from UK..
  151. How deep did you make your water tables?
  152. Belt and Pulley ?
  153. Newbie CNC Programing
  154. Newbie V Rail and Rack gear?
  155. New Machine Build 6 x 5 Table Build
  156. Starting a practice table (with extra-ghetto)
  157. Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Cut Master 82
  158. Auto-Refireā„¢ Technology Miller
  159. Water table size question
  160. Timing Belt For Plasma CNC Table
  161. Well It's oficial FrankenCNC Lives...
  162. Fastcut Cnc
  163. New Machine Build From scrapyard to cutting parts in 5 days...
  164. my 4' x 4' table build
  165. Need Help! few questions
  166. Yaskawa Servos
  167. CandCnc + Powermax 45 + Machine Torch =
  168. 4x8 longterm build
  169. plasma table accuracy
  170. need help with screw drives
  171. Newbie torchmate 2x2 water table fab
  172. What is optimal motor speed ??
  173. New Machine Build CICOTHEMAJSTOR
  174. Can I do This?
  175. Router to Plasma Conversion - M3 pause?
  176. Newbie Yet another new build
  177. New Machine Build Started 4x4 plasma table
  178. Newbie Need Help Setting Up Used Table
  179. My 4x4 Plasma Table Build
  180. Need Help! Getting torch to follow contour
  181. THC has anyone used this
  182. New Machine Build 4x4 machine
  183. New Machine Build 96x48x22 plasma-router prototype build
  184. Plasma Choice
  185. New Machine Build 3x4 Plasma table build..
  186. Newbie Ventilation and plasma cutting?
  187. Newbie THC?
  188. Candcnc Mp-3000 communication problem?
  189. which machine
  190. What do you do with your water table waste water?
  191. camcutcnc kits?????
  192. K2 Z Axis
  193. Plate Marking and Center Punch options for CNC Plasma
  194. Using steel for the water table?
  195. new 2 X 4 plasma cutter with down draft table.
  196. Tracker CNC software
  197. Gantry Input: With your 20/20 what would you do different?
  198. 5axis router plasma 10'x5'x24"
  199. Cut Quality THC Please help!
  200. Encoder Belt
  201. Lonestar 5 x 10 Build
  202. Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Retrofit for CNC Router
  203. My 5'x5' Table build
  204. 4'x8' Table Build
  205. Trying to Building a fold up plasma table from plotter parts
  206. 50 x 98" Plazma Table Build
  207. choosing a torch for my new build
  208. Newbie Anybody here build their waterjet.
  209. CNC Plasma Cutter Table Build 3x2m including THC and watertable
  210. New Machine Build 4 x 4 Plasma table project
  211. My PlasmaBot
  212. Cut some pieces for me? Need for my build
  214. Newbie plasmaroutecnc?
  215. Parts for 4x8 Plasma Table
  216. Build Thread Was going to build, but took a MAJOR shortcut instead!
  217. Need help with electronics and software
  219. Low Slung 4x8 Kinda HD table build
  220. Pak Master 25 problem
  221. How to differ between 220 v and 380 v on powermax 1000 ?
  222. New Build questions
  223. Lincoln or Hypertherm ?
  224. Servo reduction
  225. Build Thread Physics undergrad decides to have some fun.
  226. New Machine Build From Solidworks to real life using 8020
  227. Crash - bang - oh crap!
  228. Best free CAM software for Plasma?
  229. project cheap plasma build
  230. Newbie Pre Designed Artsy Stuff
  231. Servo stepper debate
  232. E-chain questions
  233. Need Help! CNC X, Y, and Z Orientation
  234. Need Help! Which way is correct to rough out a raw material?
  235. Depth to water for plasma quench?
  236. Torch touch off / floating torch
  237. Need Help! Plama Cutter Gantry Drive Unit
  238. belt drive reduction
  239. Can I convert HF plasma to arc pilot plasma??
  240. Mechanical Questions From a Newbie CNC Plasma Table Builder
  241. Water table and electricity?
  242. Help!, Plasma machine setups
  243. Newbie Simple point in the right direction, Please!... 4'x4' build...
  244. Water table design
  245. Quick question about small table build...
  246. New Machine Build CNC Plasma Water Table Bladder Tank Question.
  247. Plasma Quench Alternatives
  248. Need simple schmatic of water bladder
  249. Need link to 4 x 8 table FRAME plans
  250. MP3000 THC hooked up using c10 BOB?
  251. Gantry drive
  252. New Machine Build My CNC plasma build
  253. New Machine Build CNC inline Oxy/plasma Cutter
  254. Plasma cutter choice
  255. KCR-HD3070 Project: Retrofit Komatsu Rasor KCR-0951 w/ Hypertherm HD3070/Sensor PHC
  256. New Machine Build Table Upgrade
  257. Drive ratio question for new build
  258. Stepper Questions 23 vs 34
  259. Software advice
  260. Torch clearance
  261. New Machine Build Starting my "PlasmaBot" 4x4' table build!!!
  262. 5 x 10 Precision Plasma/ Dragoncut build
  263. Need Help! Problem with THC 301D
  264. New Machine Build 4x8 Oxy / Plasma Table
  265. Project to make open source 5 axis router/plasma plans
  266. Build Thread Yet another "PlasmaBot" build :D
  267. new hypertherm 85/65 connections
  268. New Machine Build DIY plasma
  269. Build Thread My ~3x4 table build
  270. Need Help! Super crappy cut quality.
  271. Need Help! Need analog circuit nerd to help with DIY DTHC plasma reference voltage
  272. Blade runner questions
  273. Need Help! Trying to setup new controller via Servoconfigurator3
  274. turning off torch and motion with e-stop?
  275. How deep is your table
  276. water table question
  277. Need Help! Torch moves up at pierce? need help
  278. Keling NEMA42 2830oz-in motors vibrating
  279. Newbie Need help wiring table controls
  280. Need Help! Water Jet solution to replace band saw
  281. Need Help! shopsabre 7214
  282. New Machine Build My CNC Plasma design
  283. Newbie Noob looking for advice on build
  284. Any tips for cutting stainless with plasma?
  285. New Machine Build My 4x8 project has started
  286. Plasma cutters suck!
  287. New Machine Build My first cnc: plasma table 3.5' x 2.3'
  288. New Build Have Some Questions
  289. Newbie need some help....
  290. what kind of plasma fits cnc?
  291. Torch Height Control question
  292. Another cnc plasma/router build
  293. Problem 2 questions
  294. Need Help! Burney 2.5 Plus Controller
  295. Wanting to change my Hand Torch to a Machine Torch?...
  296. Need Help! Dual Plasma Router Table Design Concept Idea - Any Good?
  297. v-rail vs linear slide
  298. New 4x4+ plasma table project
  299. Alternative Building Materials / Methods for Plasma Water Table
  300. Angle Iron and Tubing