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  1. Ajax CNC
  2. Offering my services and support to CNCzone!
  3. Questions
  4. size of 4th axis drive
  5. Photos Of Your Retrofit
  6. usb upload to Linux pci card
  7. Question about Centroid M-400 control
  8. Digitizing
  9. OK, now I'm on the move at last...
  10. What Encoder Brands Do you use with your Ajax
  11. Anybody useing MasterCam post
  12. Ajax CNC encoder mounting positions
  13. Need Help With Linux/Ajax control software
  14. Centroid M400 code numbers
  15. Running a set number of parts?
  16. CNC linux operating system
  17. Modifying Servos
  18. controller for world sevo products
  19. What is Ajax?
  20. Advice about AJAX Conversion and Onecnc
  21. Hurco Kmb-1m retrofit with Ajax system
  22. Bells and Whistles
  23. Should I do this?
  24. Mill v1.27 problem install
  25. EZTRAK retrofit by AjaxCNC on a Bridgeport
  26. DP4/TT1 socket drawing
  27. Fun with the new control
  28. Are there any centroid (or ajax) users here with tool changing mill?
  29. ajax 4" Rotary Table with centoid m400?
  30. turning thread Q
  31. Ajax DM45
  32. Interest in Lathe retrofit
  33. Step and direction info on M control
  34. File size limit??? Dripfeed??
  35. Anilam Series-M (3 axis) to AjaxCNC anyone done that?
  36. software upgrades
  37. Some Retrofit questions
  38. BP Series 1 spindle speed / all out of whack... New Ajax dos reinstall...
  39. So who is running what inverters?
  40. Multi start thread milling
  41. Manual
  42. DM 45 AJAXCNC Toolroom Mill ?'s
  43. MDI Questions
  44. help with turning tool offset
  45. Satisified Customers
  46. Centroid M400
  47. Help with CNC10 install on BPBoss (software update from CNC7)
  48. Dm 45
  49. M-400 Manual
  50. Saving a File
  51. USB mouse with Ajax/Centroid controller?
  52. How does your spindle brake work?
  53. Programing AUX buttons
  54. MY Bridgeport Boss 5 & AJAX retrofit
  55. Controller Overheating??
  56. 5 Axis Alignment
  57. Key Remapping
  58. Feedrate Override by Keyboard
  59. Ajax DOS Demo
  60. Centroid/Ajax MPG plug
  61. M400 with Windows
  62. limit and home switch set up
  63. Centroid M400
  64. Z axis full power no motion
  65. Love my new AJAX!!
  66. Linux error code on CNC Mill
  67. End of the Centroid disaster.
  68. ATC noise fault
  69. CENTROID/AJAX Personal Demo Invite
  70. Z offset for probe
  71. Photo Ajax Retrofits from OZ
  72. Ajax retrofit Bridgeport V2XT
  73. cnc10
  74. Ajax Tool Room Mill
  75. Convert a Tree?
  76. linux will not boot
  77. Centroid M400 dxf glitches
  78. error 411
  79. Need Help! z axis full power without motion
  80. Help! Intercon Arcs
  82. New Machine Build Hurco HMC-1
  83. Limit switch problem?
  84. Help needed with z-axis position
  85. Text Editor Window Size
  86. Newbie Retrofit experiences
  87. Bridgeport Series 1 MK 2 retrofit
  88. Ajax - Centroid
  89. single block switching
  90. Ajax CNC business problems???
  91. Need Help! Programming woes!!!!
  92. Centroid / ajax controllers
  93. USB mouse on Centroid / Ajax
  94. centroid
  95. Surfcam post?
  96. Need Help! AJAX (AJ1300) with Fagor 8055
  97. z axis looses position - like it jumps time
  98. Ajax DC310 Servo Drive
  99. Need Help! Thinking about buying Ajax for Boss 8 Series II
  100. retrofit
  101. AjaxCNC What is their deal?
  102. G32 / G92 threading w/ T400 controller, examples?
  103. Mori SL1
  104. SSHD install problem
  105. CENTROID vs AJAX controls
  106. Very very satisfied
  107. Need Help! 435 Runaway :Check motor wiring
  108. Tree 325 cabinet photo
  109. Centroid vs Mach3
  110. 4th axis drives
  111. Need Help! Inverter hookuo
  112. Problem Z-axis motor noise
  113. Corrupted Data
  114. M P G control
  115. Need Help! Report files
  116. How many axes on Ajax Mach3 based control
  118. How big a drive do I need?
  119. Just ordered up my Ajax kit.
  120. Anybody have AJAX help Loggin
  121. Ajax on Hurco
  122. Ajax prices and software updates
  123. New AjaxCNC tech support forum NOW ONLINE.
  124. Will it work...
  125. Anybody know Mach brains with Ajax?
  126. Updating the M 15 control
  127. Need Help! Ajax Mach 3 can't fast jog ??
  128. PLC Documentation for Centroid Software?
  129. Ajax on Hurco
  130. My setup
  131. 4th axis activation?
  132. how to adjust for lost motion on M15 controller
  133. Problem Centriod Giving error message
  134. Centroid Problems
  135. Ajax 3rd party to Mitsubishi inverter - Need Wiring Help!
  136. Who's a Happy AJAX-MACH Customer?
  137. Problems with Centroid M400
  138. PARTS NEEDED....
  139. Centroid probe/tool setter splitter box
  140. Problem System stopped working, will not home or jog.
  141. Leblond Ajax CNC Lathe, a few questions
  142. Centroid & MPG Problems
  143. Need Help! 4th axis problem
  144. How to connect 3rd party PLC
  145. New Machine Build Dynapath Delta 10 Replacement
  146. Problem Mouse question on a Wells Index Centroid M-400 controls
  147. dnc on centroid M-400
  148. Need help with a Probe
  149. my supermac ycm-40 ajax conversion and more
  150. Need Help! ajaxcnc 401 error
  151. Need Help! Harding HNC Centroid retrofit
  152. Need Help! retrofitting and checkin out SEM servos
  153. Need Help! Anyone proficient with Intercon?
  154. Need Help! LCD on M400
  155. Visual Mill Post?
  156. machines in motion
  157. Problem Ajax MPU11 + GPIO4D
  158. Suggestions on proven and stable Motherboard, CPU and RAM combo for CNC10
  159. Need Help! Centroid M-39 fault -
  160. Problem with jog functions control panel after lcd monitor install
  161. Full Power W/out Motion Error
  162. V2XT Retrofit Questions and Answers
  163. Need Help! And on another note
  164. Need some help with a Centroid M400 - CPU7P3 - Z axis encoder connection bad.
  166. centroid M400 issues
  167. Need Help! Bridgeport R2E4 with Ajaxcnc -spindle direction in back gear
  168. New Machine Build Bridgeport Series II R2E4 to AJAX control and Variable speed removal
  169. Upgrade from CNC7 to CNC11 worthwhile?
  170. Ajax Centroid, MPU11, inputs.
  171. E-Stop and coil voltages.
  172. E-Stop on axis motor wiring.
  173. GP104D Inputs
  174. Centroid Operator Manual
  175. KB electronics VFD wiring to allinone help needed
  176. Encoder reading from AC/DC drives.
  177. Shizuoka AN-S Ajax Retrofit?
  179. Need Help! Turning spindle on reboots computer
  180. Problem Ajax cnc10
  181. New Machine Build Lathe conversion
  182. servo spindle
  183. Bridgeport S2I2 Head Control
  184. New Machine Build What do you get as Base AjaxCentroid? options lists?
  185. Need Help! Ajax CNC11 with 4th axis
  186. Will the ajaxCNC aio kit run these motors?
  187. Part II for Encoders for DC all in one. What style can is this and can I replace?
  188. Teach mode
  189. Combined vs separate Limt-Home Switches
  190. New Machine Build Can you put encoders over 2K on DC All in One? Say 2500 or 3000 -Any benifit??
  191. New Machine Build Dc AIO supporting parts question.
  192. Build Thread Wanna See the new Bandit IV ???
  193. Need Help! I just purchased a Centroid CNC4 controller and woodworking cnc cabinet with servo mo
  194. Centroid CNC10 compression tapping
  195. New Machine Build UDATED: Question on the DC-AIO H2 motor connection.
  196. Newbie Just a note from a Newb- B4 and Now.
  197. My Limit Sw. to DCAio Pic for forum Q.
  198. Question: VFD w/ 10vDc to DAC setups.
  199. Newbie DC AllinOne motor & use of default Kp, Ki and Kd on older motors.
  200. Problem DC-AIO PLC machine Parm #35 what should it be set to?
  201. New Machine Build Coil winder
  202. Last post for the week. Ajax Y Motor no stop.
  203. Problem RESOLVED - Homing error- Pic for thread on Ajaxboard.
  204. Centroid 4th axis not finding home on CNC10 M-39
  205. Upgrading CNC7 to CNC10 - Project Log
  206. M60 and CNC7 question
  207. TP-100 contact probe compatability with ALLin1DC controller
  208. Need Help! CNC11- Any way to put up Graphic when part cutting?
  209. CMT refit
  210. Need Help! Centroid M15 not working.
  211. Centroid CNC11 vs. I.T.S . NX GEN (MAG - FADAL Windows - based controller)
  212. Need Help! Centroid M39 only moves in one direction ... all axis ...
  213. An Important Survey! Which Machine Brands Are You Loyal To?
  214. Home Built 3 Axis CNC router with Centroid Allin1DC control
  215. Centroid thread mill problem
  216. Fadal 6030 Control Retrofit Requirements and Recommendations
  217. Lathe spindle speed
  218. CNC 11, Micro Switch Home setting.
  219. Centroid's Coordinate System Rotate (CSR)
  220. Spindle Gear Ratios
  221. Spindle Gear Ratio's
  222. Need Help! Centroid M-50 start-up error
  223. Newbie Part 0,0,0 - all my DC-AIO cuts are off in Y by .125 or more.
  224. PLC Programming
  225. Solved Moving my Bridgeport Series 2 CNC ....without heavy equipment....ALONE !
  226. Solved Centroid TCP/IP Networking
  227. "Probing" a bore with a Haimer or similar
  228. Need to reverse the X axis on M15 retrofit.
  229. Need some ideas on placement of keyboard for Ajax retrofit
  230. Relocating control interface from arm to pedestal
  231. Centroid Mill Cutter Comp Rule
  232. Centroid Control Pendant parts or replacement?
  233. Centroid M400 RPM Display
  234. Problem Probing error 915, CNC 10 software
  235. Velocity Mode Tuning with Fadal/Glentek Servo drives and a Centroid Oak based cnc
  236. 2016 Centroid Allin1DC CNC controller Hardware overview video.
  237. Lathe retrofit opinions/experiences
  238. Centroid T400 for lathe and gear head speed selection
  239. Mill Upgrade Options - Reuse existing DC Brush amps and servos?
  240. 2016 Centroid "Oak" CNC controller AC Brushless CNC Hardware overview video.
  241. I think I have an encoder wiring issue
  242. overtravel problem
  243. Remote Support (EZ Pathe Lathe Diagnostics)
  244. Centroid control on a plasma table?
  245. Which VFD's do you prefer?
  246. Parking with "jog to home" machines
  247. Servo drives
  248. Manual quill for Centroid knee mill retro.
  249. Posting a multiple WCS post on 5 axis mill without using rotary moves
  250. Need Help! How can I make programs from a Fanuc 20 control run on a Milltronics MB-20
  251. When will "acorn" release?
  252. Fanuc equipped CNC knee mill retrofit with Centroid Allin1DC
  253. Takeoff 5 AXIS Centroid cnc retrofit soon to be avail...from bridgeport VMC760/16
  254. Need Help! Centroid Bed Mill reference tool or not
  255. Need Help! DXF continuous line
  256. Need Help! New Centroid on Gantry router.
  257. Newbie Broke tool T1 - Need offsets remeasure. Knee mill. Ref tool F1/F2 question.
  258. Build Thread DC-AIO moved the Y+ limit Do I need to re-run any setup or length of travel config?
  259. Cautionary Tale: All-in-one DC, high bus voltage, solid handwheels and Autotune
  260. Newbie G64 Code Smoothing Explain
  261. Need Help! Adding a All in one DC to V2TX
  262. CNC Knee Mill Conversion from Mitutoyo Millstar III control to Centroid All in One DC
  263. Profile in Intercon Lathe
  265. Mini Mill Running Acorn Board and Software
  266. Those interested in ACORN
  267. Acorn on a D&M4 Benchtop CNC Mill
  268. Acorn on a Dyna Myte DM2400
  269. Acorn and Close loop steppers
  270. Need Help! Oak board to AMP-0040
  271. Query - anyone out there retrofitted any other controller on Multicam routers ?
  272. Centroid Acorn Step/Direction Motion Controller
  273. manual quill for M-15 Centroid knee mill retro.
  274. Centroid OAK board keyboard interface question
  275. Centroid issue: Entering tool height offset library changes the Z value of my WCS
  276. Ajax CNC
  277. Need Help! Centroid Tool diameter offset
  278. Need Help! Difference between Syntec 6MB controller and NK 300 Controller
  279. Centroid Acorn interview
  280. Need Help! Ajax CNC DM45
  281. My Experience with Centroid Acorn
  282. Accuracy of Acorn vs Allinonedc
  283. Acorn Centroid ATC Macro
  284. Will Acorn support a Shuttle device in the future?
  285. Can Acorn control rotary on router with dual y motors?
  286. Digitizing and usability
  287. Need Help! Improving Centroid Acorn reference safety circuit
  288. Centroid Servo3IO control not powering spindle up
  289. DC Servo Drive Recommendations for Acorn
  290. Floppy failure 80 m15-5
  291. Denford MicroMill 2000 rebuild
  292. Disable homing on M-15
  293. CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant for the acorn have just been released
  294. Centrois Linux 2.72 Aux Key question
  295. Centroid Homing Question (Linux 2.72 software on Ajax DM45-NC Mill)
  296. Slow file access
  297. Supermax YCM-40 w/ M-400 v8.13: Axis Position Errors and Full Power Without Movement
  298. Need Help! Centroid MPG
  299. Cam and cad software
  300. M39 Spindle encoder getting crazy numbers