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  1. lookng for front view of 48-51 chevy pickup
  2. Need Help! PRIVACY SCREENS - How to assemble the frame
  3. SFM questions
  4. Reference Point Toolsetter Probe
  5. eagle dxf
  6. Bluing Linear Rails??
  7. Cheap and Dirty Zeroing on Custom Fixture w/ End Mill
  8. Here's a Celtic Cross STL file
  9. bow hunter
  10. Multiple mist nozzles, Wye splitters
  11. Reproduction of Antique Soda Machine Bezel
  13. Holding thin wall cylinders for milling
  15. Need Help! Sawblade.com......Any Good?
  16. Newbie cutting threads near shoulder - source for cutting tool?
  17. Dry milling of aluminum
  18. Fastest I can run 303 Stainless?
  19. Need Help! Does anyone recignize those inserts ?
  20. Lathe threading inserts use and direction IR IL ER EL
  21. Need Help with understanding CNC milling for my projects
  23. Machined thread converter
  24. Problem Deburring edge of sheet aluminum
  25. Lathe Spinde runout . Is 0.0005" too bad?
  26. Need Help! How to program perfect round socket for bearing without using CAM?
  27. Machnining with a 4 and 5 Axis
  28. Lathe Knife Tool and Boring Tool Sharpening
  29. Need Help! Speeds and feeds for 1018 steel are chipping my endmills!
  30. Need Help! barb wire
  31. Suggestions for entry level tool? (see attached picture)
  32. Small flat bottomed hole in brass?
  33. cutting a bearing seat in 4340 tube
  34. Machining an elipse
  35. Newbie Milling a narrow edge
  36. deburring/ rounded edge suggestions?
  37. Problem CNC Lathe cutting a left hand thread
  38. How to mill large hole in 6061 with less burrs
  39. China CNC "router "for making Aluminium molds for vacuum forming ?
  40. Onsrud End Mill Idendification
  41. Aluminum Fihish problems
  42. Drop Cuts near Tulsa, OK?
  43. Newbie Chamfering
  44. Newbie Welderzone.com??
  45. Anyone have a; Don't tread on me
  47. Need help with a Sandvik facing tool
  48. Can I get this flag converted to DXF?
  49. can I get this converted to dxf?
  50. off road files
  51. Aggravation game board. 4 and 6 player
  52. Problem Metric Screw-cutting and Full Profile Inserts
  53. Problem Aluminum chatter I believe
  54. What tools do you use to cut steel in smaller pieces, before start milling it ?
  55. help drilling 500 .375" holes 3" deep aluminum help
  56. Newbie The Right Machine
  57. Animal trophy
  58. Need Help! Undersized Tapped Thread
  59. Need Help! Can anyone tell me what this is?
  60. Thanks
  61. Drilling aluminum plate causing bubbles on backside
  62. Machining small fonts using CNC
  63. DIY aluminium machining without compressed air
  64. Need Help! Change gear help
  65. Need Help! Pre-finished Aluminum Stock for Medallions???
  66. Noob Fixture Plate Question
  67. Need Help! roughing ss316l on cnc lathe need advice
  68. Newbie 34 FORD
  69. Can someone tell me what this is used for?
  70. Newbie The right steel to machine 3-4mm steel rods on micro lathe for stop-motion armatures?
  71. Power Hacksaw motor
  72. Dowel hole reaming sizes, etc?
  73. KA-300 Glass scale installation - Remove orange plastic part?
  74. file needed
  75. Metalworking Vise Jaw Stability
  76. Corel Help
  77. Need Help! Cutting Aluminium 5075 and 6082 - Feed & Depth
  78. Newbie CNC Counter Sink
  80. Need Help! Burning out end mills!
  81. Need Help! Looking for assistance in creating these in .dxf
  82. Need Help! cutting 1/4" keyway 1.5" thru 1" bore(couplings) using Matsuura MC-500V. any ideas?
  83. Rant Spot boring vs qualifying a hole
  84. Newbie Hi Everyone! Newbie in need of Elephant head...
  85. tx longhorns art
  86. Need Help! LIPS HEART & MOUSTACHE DXF drawings
  87. Need Help! 292 ford
  88. VHM carbide cutter - all lenght from hard metal? Or just cutting part?
  89. Need Help! Boring Bar insert for cutting hole with cone inside
  90. Clearance hole for DIN 7991 metric flat head screw, does it have radius under head?
  91. Newbie Do lathe headstock spindle bores require line boring?
  92. Lathe deep hole drilling
  93. Some Newbie Advice Re Identifying Bits Please!
  94. Vise ID help - USA made Wilton 746
  95. Need Help! Cut vs Roll tap in thin sheet metal
  97. Is there a decent Aliexpress collet set?
  98. Need Help! npt thread understanding problem
  99. Need Help! gage length in bspt thread understranding issue
  100. Best way to cut-out copper door!
  101. CNC Aluminium UK
  102. Need Help! Tapping Thomson 1 1/4" ss 440c linear rail
  103. Need Help! Looking for dxf of Flip Flop
  104. Thread: tension/compression holder - please ID
  105. Issue - Milling a rounded bottom model , at finishing pass leaves a flat area.
  106. Need Help! Help with Wedding Cake Topper
  107. Newbie Aluminium 2024 T351 bowing when machining 'open pockets'
  108. Newbie CNC Lathe question
  109. help with bead knurling
  110. Need Help! 15/16 npt what is this
  111. Total newbie, hobbyist question: Screeching with countersink in aluminium
  112. Need Help! STRINGERS IN 1018 MARTERIAL
  113. Broken CAT40 holder
  114. Helix bore with a plunge mill?
  115. tow teams face to face
  116. Newbie Best place for a Newbie to ask questions about CNC milling
  118. Need Help! dxf
  119. 5th axis squaring
  120. Basic mill advice for steel...
  121. Need Help! Routing sheet metal
  122. Newbie looking for hotrod dxf files
  123. End Mills - Expectation vs reality
  124. Need help
  125. i want your opinions
  126. How to put a flange on a curved edge?
  127. Surface speed for cast aluminum?
  128. Cryogenic Machining? Has anyone here tried it??
  129. LOTR one ring
  130. Problem 15/32-32 external threads
  131. Grinding welding seams; grinding stone or cartridge roll
  132. Learn programming probing
  133. Aluminium chips and fire hazard...?
  134. Need help with cutting Aluminium
  135. probing pgm set datum between holes
  136. A2-6 165 mm diameter large bore power chuck = White Wolf search ?
  137. Scratching my head, breaking my bits ... Any clues about what causes this?
  138. Need Help! Help with Double lead Thread
  139. please, i need help with clamping a long thin part on a cnc lathe
  140. Newbie cutting 6063 speed, feed, and bit advice
  141. Advice needed. Aluminum + Drilling
  142. i am looking for a monte carlo dxf???
  143. Bending Spring Steel
  144. HD1080px <> oscar 2018 Stream Live
  145. Need Help! 115 Eagle
  146. Compressed air system design advice
  147. Problem is this problem due to heat treatment
  148. Device for preventing crashes
  149. Pittsburg Penguins Logo
  150. Speed and cutting depth for aluminum??
  151. Puzzle with chip weld, help!
  152. Need Help! Jaw put in the wrong location
  153. Need Help! spartan logo
  154. Need Help! dxf domino's set
  155. Need Help! Plunge End mill to make a Counter Bore in steel?
  156. Need Help! Plunging into 1045 100% tool
  157. what am i doing wrong?
  158. Need Help! CANDY SKULLS
  159. Problem Sea Container corner fittings
  160. Threads over 4"
  161. Fouled Anchor Navy
  162. Speeds and feeds for 3d milling aluminum
  163. Need some advice on tapping in aluminum
  164. Turn small aluminum parts in my spindle?
  165. Drilling 316L
  166. Feeds, speeds, doc, woc for tiny endmill in 7075 aluminum
  167. Looking for American Buttress (45°/7°) thread information....
  168. Cut this into quarters
  169. renishaw trs2 tool detection
  170. Help with Slater Rotary Broach Holder. Replacing bearings (kit)
  171. pls, how to deburr this part ?
  172. idea for faster er collet tool changes
  173. Are 3D printed metal components going to replace milling?
  174. please, about quick-change ( capto ) for od turning ...
  175. HBelp with JPG
  176. CNC Software and machine
  177. Dear all LASER CUTTING MACHINE users,
  178. Wood mini loom project
  179. Best approach for milling bearing pockets
  180. What cutting fluid do you use in your Fogbuster?
  181. help converting to dxf vector
  182. Cutting/forming tiny splines on aluminum
  183. CNC retrofitting fundamentals
  184. Android application for find the center in milling machine
  185. please, how to remove the plastic cover and the ruler from a dial caliper ?
  186. please, about quick centering 3d tasters ...
  187. Borrow money here today
  188. Drilling 1/16" diameter 5" long offset hole into 3/8" Aluminum Hex Stock
  189. Milling spheres?
  190. please, what is your approach, for rough facing operations ? using milling tools
  191. Need Help! Sealing cones
  192. Newbie How would you cut these slots?
  193. Need Help! G code for a waving flag for a wood project
  194. Coolant color
  195. CNCUSB Table top CNC confusion.
  196. Small, lightweight, precision chuck
  197. louis vuitton dxf logo
  198. tips for 304 st st plate
  199. getting accurate, round holes by CNC helical boring
  200. Newbie made an account just to ask some experts...
  201. Copper turning
  202. Question about CNC tapping
  203. Is there a way to estimate radial and axial cutting forces of an endmill?
  204. Routable AND bendable aluminum alloy?
  205. Need Help! Chatter - I am lost for ideas please help
  206. Running a gear cutter at high sfm in aluminum
  207. Selling Carbide Inserts for Milling & Turning Centers
  208. bearings ball
  209. Floor thickness needed for modest machines?
  210. Continuous Coatings on Graphite Crucibles used in Amorphous Graphite
  211. How do you cut your raw steel and aluminium stock?
  212. tooling for tough steel
  213. Trouble with spiral flute taps
  214. Castings machining
  215. Mic6 Aluminum - how's it made?
  216. cube holder
  217. Biggest Challenges with Workholding / Fixtures?
  218. Need Help! Looking for help with speeds and feeds, machine relief on aluminum with 1/8 ball nose
  219. Extending 1/8 tooling?
  220. Choice of steel for shafts
  221. Thread Milling rules of Thumb
  222. D2 steel sending to get heat treated or not
  223. Help with 17-4 PH
  224. Is it possible to make?
  225. Horizontal tombstone on vertical mill
  226. Help With Collet Identification
  227. Why does my 303 part warp?
  228. couls someone help to change this to a vector
  229. New Machine Build Automated Piranha
  230. Bar Feeder Issue
  231. How slow can you turn aluminum?
  232. Lion Mandala DXF
  233. Lion Mandala
  234. Selling Inserts
  235. 5c draw tube usual diameter?
  236. Trying to grasp lathe tooling
  237. 316 stainless steel and 88 spindles to cut it with.
  238. Need Help! Drilling 316 Stainless Tube with U-Drill
  239. Face cutting 2 inch carbon steel bar stock
  240. please, i need a " trick " : how to align a long drill on a misaligned turret ?
  241. Need Help! 17-4 oh h900 feeds and speeds.
  242. need help with wavy pattern when facing on lathe