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  1. CNC for musical instrument inlay
  2. Building an electric guitar by hand
  3. Welcome to the CNC section for
  4. Kool
  5. Acoustic Guitar Rosettes
  6. Anyone made an acoustic guitar?
  7. archtop guitar
  8. N.A.M.M. Show?
  9. Cnc For Guitars
  10. Drum Idea
  11. Wood Carvers
  12. Les Paul Hollow Body Copy
  13. My introduction, CNC for guitars, etc
  14. Guitar dxf files and fret calculator.
  15. Need help drawing Archtop guitar!
  16. Checkout the inlay I just did
  17. Inlay artist wants to jump into cnc
  18. Home made CNC Bb clarinet ?
  19. Would anyone like to carve my guitar with their duplicarver?
  20. Looking for Mandolin g code or dxf
  21. building a cnc guitar pickup winder, need info
  22. Guitar parts g-code
  23. Fixturing ideas and techniques
  24. awesome looking hand carved guitars
  25. Let's Build a Strat
  26. set up to build necks
  27. wood suppliers?
  28. My DIY E-Drums
  29. taylor guitar cnc videos
  30. Custom Walnut and Maple Strat (DONE)
  31. Anyone building a Bass?
  32. My Les Paul neck
  33. my IBANEZ JEM with JACKSON neck
  34. les Paul top
  35. CAD person needed for CNC drawings
  36. Help
  37. Stainless Pick Guard
  38. mandolin info:
  39. Tele cad drawings
  40. Violin outline and arching models
  41. To build an archtop guitar...?
  42. Ibanez Wizard-7 neck g code
  43. Carvewright a guitar body?
  44. looking for a CNC under 6k
  45. Few newbie questions about CNC
  46. Making Guitar parts with Alibrexpress & meshcam
  47. CNC in London UK for Padauk Washburn N4 Body
  48. Source for tonewood.
  49. g-code for classical bridge?
  50. CAD/CAM for Instrument Contours?????
  51. Anyone successfully model a guitar neck?
  52. Need Neck Heel digitized
  53. Need Wilkinson Tremelo Install Dwg
  54. Need help with CAD and G-Code Please... (RFQ?)
  55. Jewelry designer needs 3d cad files for guitars
  56. Inlay Help
  57. gift for Morgane
  58. first attempt
  59. Strat style Pickup/control cavities
  60. les paul solid body
  61. Flipping a piece and finding zero point
  62. Aluminum Guitar
  63. guitar bodies
  64. Drumsticks
  65. What's the smallest size cnc router needed to cut a guitar
  66. Jointer?
  67. Is my drawing ok? *file now attached*
  68. Rhino question
  69. CNC mill to make a good violin
  70. Any advice for a complete novice please?
  71. ANy interest in a tutorial?
  72. CNC guitar being cut out..
  73. Solidworks Guitar Tutorials are ready...
  74. CNC Guitar Site is up
  75. Instrument CNC stuff
  76. Semi-Hollow Singlecut Design
  77. SW and MC are at it again!
  78. Mastercam Guitar Videos are Ready!
  79. iges file Les Paul top
  80. Is it possible to Re-carve a neck?
  81. router feeds and speeds for hardwoods
  82. Banjo Neck Model
  83. Which DIY CNC router for guitars
  84. Anyone making drum shells
  85. Trainwreck Amp Headcab
  86. Computerized Coil Winder Build in Progress
  87. Les Paul custom project
  88. Gallery Page is up
  89. Cost to Model a Banjo Neck
  90. What probe to make a scan of my guitar
  91. ISO CAD or toolpath data for CNC routing (body+neck)
  92. Little video of my K2
  93. CAD/CAM w/o CNC ?? (total rookie)
  94. Laser scan of a neck
  95. CNC Guitar Website, New content is up!
  96. CNC Pickup winder programing
  97. How about a Rhino neck tutorial ?
  98. Need Help! 3D carving comes out jagged, not smooth
  99. The POWER or Solidworks (and CAD/CAM in general)
  100. pointcloud les paul??
  101. New Machine Build Accuracy/precision, etc.
  102. anyone setup to cnc Les paul bodies?
  103. Fret Cutting
  104. cnc machine for guitars question
  105. f-hole data anyone?
  106. Outsourced CNC in Australia
  107. need 3d guitar models
  108. Build Thread Broadcaster cnc build
  109. Need Help! Ibanez jem 77 solid body
  110. Compound Radius
  111. RhinoCAM Cutting Curved Fret Slots Help
  112. PRS modelling
  113. anyone have a J-bas, P bass and musicman plan?
  114. Rhino Help...Again..Machining an edge curve.
  115. Need Help! fender neck igs file
  116. cut from surface
  117. SG Model CAD
  118. Telestrat...what do you think?
  119. Newbie Les Paul
  120. Do you have a Solid Works Drawing of a Standaard Strat??
  121. Duplicator conversion to cnc?
  122. Introduction of myself
  123. Mentor Needed
  124. I need DXF's or DWG's or 3DM's for Tele parts
  125. 1/16th Fiddle
  126. PRS Electric
  127. Absolutely and totally new to CNC
  128. Broadcaster neck, U got one?
  129. Need Help! Musical Instruments
  130. 3d guitars
  131. Newbie HI everyone...I need some suggestions...
  132. Guitar neck
  133. New Machine Build MDF Machine for CNC Guitar
  134. looking for designs
  135. Ultimate 3D Guitar Model Thread
  136. eLUTHERIE.org
  137. Any drummers out there?
  138. telecaster diagram with measurements
  139. looking for precision bass body and neck
  140. Rendering a Strat....came out good
  141. Newbie What's the best CAD Software for Guitars?
  142. Strat/Jem Blueprints...
  143. Need Help! 3D Guitar Programmers Listing
  144. Rendered the Strat again..modified
  145. Free lightwave guitar tutorials...
  146. Newbie Help with guitar modeling in Alibre
  147. Guitar Plans
  148. a MUST read! complete 59 les paul
  149. Check this machine out....
  150. 3D violin
  151. carved top strat
  152. Need help with Rickenbackers
  153. Downloadable Guitar Plans
  154. Another Factory Tour.....Carvin
  155. Ho can I make my pickups look less ...erhm "Russian"!!
  156. Les paul digitising thread
  157. question for anyone who's cnc'd a guitar with a home made router
  158. gnome sized Gibson LP top w/video :)
  159. Digitized Jem 777 wh
  160. router bits
  161. Commercial router table comparisons/comments
  162. Need Help! Making Guitar Present
  163. Two Resonators
  164. Complete Noob working on a V
  165. Which Plans for a Guitar CNC machine? Switching from Pin Router - Suggestions???
  166. My designs - Telecaster, Music Man, Warwick....
  167. Harmonica parts anyone?
  168. Need help surfacing!!!
  169. handy mach3 wizard/addons for luthiers
  170. Vacuum holding workpieces
  171. Need Help! Anybody here use Vectric VCarve?
  172. Newbies First Project
  173. Build Thread Modelling a neck-headstock joint
  174. Newbie A pure dumplin trying to learn.
  175. Build Thread Electric Violin
  176. Any usable Les Paul 3d files?
  177. Arm contour recipe
  178. CNC Guitar Building CAD/CAM Services
  179. Build Thread A metal worker builds a Les Paul
  180. Need Help! cnc router or vmc?
  181. Custom SG body...
  182. Newbie Just saying hi
  183. First post: Anyone after an Gibson 83 V 2d dxf file?
  184. Newbie Help with CNC for inlay
  185. put CNC,music and a cause you get!
  186. Newbie Hello everyone - CarveWright CNC
  187. I need help Luthier
  188. Fretboard DXF's
  189. Strat .dxf files
  190. My latest Guitar
  191. Ibanez RG model
  192. Rhino Carve top help
  193. Stratocaster Neck Model
  194. GooCart's old Rhino LP File
  195. cnc router recommendation
  196. Mirrored: What's going on here?
  197. fender mustang dx????
  198. Mastercam neck pocket toolpath
  199. LP Size info
  200. 72 tele pick guard
  201. pocket cutting issue
  202. I get confuse , need help
  203. Les Paul type neck machining?
  204. Need Help! how to flip object accurately
  205. How do u model bevels?
  206. New style jem body neck profile
  207. Tutorial: Rhino, Cut3D, and Vcarve Pro to make a guitar body..
  208. I will buy 3D Guitar plans
  209. Post Processor
  210. file trading?
  211. My Flying V model
  212. Guitar Knobs - inserts and milling?
  213. Need Help! Looking for "files" for lots of different items..
  214. My "strat" style guitar
  215. Frustrated modeling "strat" neck
  216. Suggestion for router bits
  217. Speed/depth for pickguards
  218. pick gaurd
  219. Need Carvin CT6 or PRS 3D plan
  220. Stratocaster Pickguard
  221. Need Help! using touch probe for scanning guitar surface
  222. Problem RhinoCAM issue
  223. Need Help! Rhino - Neck/Head Joint
  224. how short is too short for necks?
  225. PreciseBit's Fret Cutter
  226. PRS Solidworks Model..
  227. Newbie ESP Forest
  228. CNC guitar build thread.
  229. Need Help! Dimension of switch cavity for back control guitar type
  230. Build Thread Custom Built Telecaster Body
  231. F5 mandolin
  232. Woodwinds, flutes, deep boring, outsourcing service
  233. Problem Guitar Dust Collection a big problem
  234. Arched Fret Slots on compound radius
  235. Build Thread CNC OSB semi-hollow TELE body
  236. Build Thread Dan's second build
  237. Build Thread Dan's Build #3
  238. CNC Guitar Building Instructional Videos
  239. Cutting a Strat body on a Larken 2424 router
  240. does anyone have guitar dxf plans
  241. Need Help! making a les paul
  242. New Les Paul
  243. Complete Newbie But Motivated Guitar Builder
  244. New Machine Build Drum Shell - Rotary Indexer?
  245. Problem Can't generate toolpaths
  246. Newbie CNC recommendations for milling custom stainless steel guitar hardware?
  247. How do you drill on a CNC?
  248. Counterboring Tele String-Through Ferule Holes?
  249. Need JEM Flower inlay in dxf,or dwg format
  250. guitar neck
  251. New site and a couple of short videos....
  252. universal neck machine
  253. Instrument making: split bore flute blanks (not deep boring)
  254. Looking for CNC for sale
  255. Mean and Green...Another render...
  256. The Beauty of the Burst!
  257. Well guys....
  258. CNC Guitars
  259. pitch for z axis
  260. Strat GCode help needed
  261. Newbie Birthday present for Disney Collector
  262. 3D guitars plans collection
  263. wanted:IGES LP archTop
  264. Need Help! Opinions and or reviews on cnc guitar instructional videos
  265. 3D Guitar Tutorial - Body flipover
  266. Favorite guitar colors - need input
  267. CNC guitar - Before and after
  268. Problem Strat 11 hole standard pickguard
  269. OYE! Need help on 3D neck transition
  270. Newbie CAD enthusiast needs help in materialising ideas!
  271. New Machine Build Small 3D carving machine
  272. Carved top Telecaster
  273. Good CNC Router For Making Guitar Bodies?
  274. Build Thread My first (proper) guitar build: The Mor'Paul
  275. Archtop Tutorials in Solidworks
  276. 3D Rickenbacker 325 Plans?
  277. Need Help! Neck placement and pick up help
  278. More Archtop goodness!
  279. Archtop In Solidworks Intro Video!
  280. Bandsaw Accident with Archtop!
  281. Problem Laminating Birch
  282. Archtop Videos Released today!
  283. Are CNC Services Available
  284. Les Paul Modeling with SW, Any Interest?
  285. CNC Ukulele Parts
  286. Urgent PAID help needed
  287. PRS Body Scan
  288. Shell inlay on CNC for guitar headstock
  289. projeting onto surface
  290. CNC guitar any good?
  291. cnc pickup winder.....
  292. Surfacing hardwoods
  293. Archtop in Rhino 4.0 / how can I crate the surface mesh??
  294. Which CAM program for guitars is good?
  295. How do you do this in Rhino? Floyd Rose Template.
  296. Guitar Body Mill Service
  297. Anybody interested in exchanging services?
  298. Interesting Guitar Plans Site
  299. Need Help! Les paul plans
  300. Newbie Make an oboe on a CNC machine