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  1. Welcome to the mold making forum.
  2. Patternmakers
  3. Curious about moldmaking
  4. Newbie needs help
  5. Controller program for MoldMaking?
  6. Toothbrush?
  7. Concrete casting moulds
  8. Molding/Plug Tutorials/Videos
  9. Injection Molding Help
  10. Plaster Patterns
  11. Rayite 100Machinable Media from USG
  12. Casting material?
  13. How to copy existing part to make a mold?
  14. Mold polishing
  15. vacuum degassing rubber
  16. diy injection moulding machine plan needed
  17. EDM [Electric Descharge Machining on old machine]??
  18. silicone rubber (rtv)
  19. fiberglass + plastic molds
  20. New Flasks and molding bench - web posting
  21. R.T.M injection molded fiberglass
  22. Beginner moldmaking questions
  23. Casting Gears
  24. male and female molds
  25. After all these years
  26. recycling plastic
  27. Where to find Machinable(CNC) Wax for molding ?
  28. 7075 Aluminum
  29. Need info on molds for aluminum
  30. Plastic Molding DIY??
  31. Expanding foam beads
  32. Great Stuff expanding insulation for lost foam molds?
  33. test mold in aluminum
  34. Molds for MUD system
  35. molding basics
  36. molds for expanded foam
  37. Sanding a mould
  38. Ceramic Mold vs Good Finish
  39. Aluminum Mold
  40. wax model - galvanization
  41. Best solution to injection mold this part?
  42. Large parts Molding techniques
  43. would blue insulating foam work ????
  44. Tunnel gates in Aluminum molds
  45. average rates for mold components
  46. Pattern board source
  47. Ceramic molds
  48. Home Made Injection Machine
  49. Mold material for tinted PC (Makrolon)
  50. Casting resins still toxic when cured?
  51. EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) Molding and Machine
  52. Hand layup mold
  53. INsert Molding
  54. Surface texture in a mold
  55. How to design a injection mold
  56. Machining from center or zero corner
  57. Who can help me?
  58. filling aluminum extrusion with plastic
  59. Molding plastics
  60. Mold polishing method/tools
  61. Where are the moldmakers??
  62. To mold or not to mold
  63. help! peice problems
  64. I need some molds made for an eps airplane
  65. New Mold Maker
  66. Clamping force calculation
  67. Hot Melt Vinyl
  68. Tooling steel you used
  69. pewter molds in soapstone?
  70. Surface finish after milling a mold ?
  71. tpe
  72. Aluminium Die Casting Mould
  73. Alu. mould making end mill question?
  74. Retrofitting old Injection Press
  75. Texturing an aluminum mold?
  76. Intrested in learning
  77. Looking for a good mold shop
  78. Prototype Mold needed.
  79. About Wire EDM original in China
  80. General Injection Molding Terms?
  81. Rubber Injection Mold question..
  82. Ejector pin machining? Length setting?
  83. How to make a plastic torispherical dome?
  84. Can an ejector pin sit against a shutoff surface.
  85. dust collection for graphite?
  86. EDM sinker supplier
  87. enlarging vacuum holes
  88. Injection Molding - Clamp force calc - Sliding blocks
  89. New Bench top injection molder
  90. looking for bladder molding info!
  91. Automated Mold Polishing
  92. looking for a mold builder
  93. Partnership Opportunity/Mold Making/Molding
  94. i need books in mold design please
  95. Spherical Mold...
  96. Need to make scale tire mold for 1/6 scale car
  97. Mold Center Of Gravity
  98. mold making tooling
  99. 'Artistic' aluminum casting ideas wanted
  100. Benchtop Injection Molders - do they work?
  101. Out sourcing for molds
  102. Feedrate and RPM for a Plexiglass mold
  103. Clear Casting Resins and Molds
  104. How are these made:`
  105. Making a positive mold from a negative mold - how?
  106. I need a crash course!!!!
  107. heat treating
  108. Charmille Roboform 200
  109. DIY Plastic Injection Machin
  110. Mold conversion from solid model
  111. How much would this cost?
  112. composite Polyurethane and Aluminum powder?
  113. Injection plastic - ounces/grams question?
  114. Shrinkage percentage
  115. Anyone in the market for Small Injection Molder?
  116. Has anyone ever seen a mold built for a part like this?
  117. buying a used injection molding machine - what to look out for
  118. any advises?
  119. Mold bases - sprue/runner/gate system
  120. rotational moulding with pewter
  121. First time investment mold maker
  122. Nozzle VS Drooling/Stringing effects
  123. High speed mold polishers?
  124. medium duty DME springs
  125. Mold Shoe Material?
  126. horn pin (angled pin)
  127. parker quick couplings
  128. DIY bench moulder
  129. Questions Spurred By Browsing deviantArt
  130. vero visi
  131. Surface texture on zinc diecast parts
  132. stripper flash repair alternatives?
  133. Velocity stack aluminum mold - how would you do it
  134. budget molding... how to mold help w/ High-Density Polyethylene
  135. How should I mass produce a plastic ring?
  136. Renshape Tooling Board
  137. Remnant Modeling and Tooling Board?
  138. Ejector pin grinding/cut off machine?
  139. Mold cavity insert question
  140. Paraffin
  141. Baking Soda Cores for Aluminum Casting
  142. Control knobs for musical instruments
  143. Chess Pawn
  144. hub centre steering
  145. Suggest software/machines for making tyre mould
  146. Molding question
  147. A2 Mold help?
  148. Lines in mold
  149. Get into molding business
  150. DIY moulder Part 2
  151. Using Anviloy for cores
  152. Newbie questions, would appreciate any input
  153. hinged molds
  154. Ejector question - electric machines
  155. one off mold for tools
  156. Plastic extrusion
  157. Melt Pressure
  158. foam master for mold
  159. Need advices for mold and foam
  160. Harmonica cover plates
  161. Cnc'd mold pricing
  162. How's the mold repair business in your area?
  163. OK- Complete Noob; I need a mould made
  164. Need Help! Moulding material -help !
  165. Need Suggestions: Which type Plastic should I use?
  166. How to make a mold of this?
  167. figuring shrinkage
  168. Aluminum molds for Ultem???
  169. Vacuum degassing RTV silicon DIY help
  170. ball barings
  171. Source for ABS and a Noob Needs Help
  172. Action Figure molds?
  174. Aluminum molds for sole
  175. Carbon Fiber Mold Help
  176. Need Help! Books on mold making and design
  177. Type of injection molding
  178. Need Help! DHC Supermax 165 & 110 ton molding machine
  179. Kitchen sink
  180. What happens to the air sat in the mould?
  181. Home made granulators.
  182. Need help for stamping aluminum parts
  183. Rubber compound needed
  184. Injection Machine Tonnage Calculation
  185. Need Help! Poly/Plastic molds.. how are these made?
  186. Rapid mould
  187. Looking for more into on tooling/mold for EPS shapes
  188. Help on collapsible core mould please!
  189. Injection Molding Plastic Fishing Lures
  190. Need Help! Looking for a microwelding shop
  191. Making Plastic Balls; Solid or Hollow
  193. Fun With Apprentices!
  194. EMCO Injection Molding Machine
  195. Newbie Looking for...
  196. what material for molding clear plastic?
  197. Providing draft and pattern plate
  199. Newbie Getting rid of tooling marks
  200. Heating element for an EMCO model 666
  201. What casting urethane to use?
  202. Vacuum Pump
  203. Need help: molding 12 details 100 pcs each
  204. Silicon Rubber compression mould advice ??
  205. Machining or casting mold cavity
  206. Acylic Vacuum Chamber
  207. Need Help! Newbie help with molds for desktop injection molder
  208. Need to find a manual!
  209. Yet another DIY Injection Molding Thread
  210. Bonding fiberglass to polyurethane
  211. Need Help! Looking for production mold manufacturers
  212. Need advice on injection material
  213. Tyre tread
  214. pics of welded mold tooling
  215. online outsourcing jop???
  216. Need Help! RIM mold
  217. Need Help! 4 threads on cylindical core
  218. Newbie Machinig MOLD MAX HH
  219. Newbie Machining MOLD MAX HH
  220. Mold making?
  221. Need Help! removing air from gypsum casting
  222. Build Thread Molding a gear - looking for critique
  223. Newbie Precise Hold Down Fixture? Help?
  224. injection mold basics help
  225. Nozzle guide vanes and compressor wheel wax dies.
  226. Best way to prep mdf mold for making female mold
  227. Help: Password for Arburg injection moulding
  228. Low cost tooling for die sinking?
  229. Need Help! Need wing mold for RC glider
  230. Rubber vulcanizing and molding?
  231. Silicone rubber filler materials
  232. Newbie Pattern Making
  233. Need Help! Machining Heat Threated H13
  234. Introduction/plastics vendors
  235. Newbie Coat metal plates with logo/info tag
  236. Blowing Agents/Do they work?
  237. Wind turbine blade mold?
  238. Getting graphite molds to mate
  239. searching for threaded mold alignment devise
  240. Best material for resin casting ?
  241. draft
  242. how was this made?
  243. Moldflow
  244. Newbie mold help
  245. any USA moldmakers?
  246. Urethane bubbling in silicone mold under vacuum
  247. Need Help! need chines molding machines for plastik.
  248. share your experience with offshore molds, dies or machined parts
  249. Need Help! Chromium Copper!!!
  250. boat building
  251. Newbie mold making process
  252. Lure Prototyping - Engineering and Production Molds
  253. casting bronze nuts
  254. Resin Injector machine
  255. mold cavity surface finish
  256. Would like info about machining electrode
  257. Need Help! Resin casting project questions!
  258. mold making and aluminum concerns
  259. Need Help! Electrode Machining
  260. Roto Mold finish
  261. Newbie Negative Molds
  262. How to create mold to copy existing items?
  263. urethane molding
  264. Heads up - Pacific Plastics is your resource for custom injection molding
  265. What is the cheapest way to get a prototype made
  266. Proper way to drill ejection pin holes
  267. Process/Sources for EPS product
  268. CNC Mold for Casting Urethane Foam?
  269. I need a simple mold /rubber comp/liquid silicone
  270. Emco Benchtop Injection Molding Unit
  271. What do you use for 3d milling software with solidworks?
  272. Need simple rubber compression mold quick
  273. Moldmaking in Portugal
  275. Need Help! Mold Design
  276. Injection Molding a plastic block
  277. Polishing Hardened Steel molds...
  278. Need Help! Machining P20 Pre-toughened Steel ??
  279. Is PolyMorph good for a plastic material for Prototyping parts??
  280. Need help finding the right injection machine
  281. Source for very high density EPS sheets or blocks?
  282. Looking for someone to design simple injection tools for us
  283. How to make a mold out of polyethylene Plastic?
  284. Need Help! hardened stavax machining
  285. urethane casting resin for pattern making
  286. Need Help! Demolding: Mother molds vs poured silicone vs ??
  287. Newbie which mold design
  288. Epoxy resin and Silicone Rubber mold help
  289. Need Help! Mold making for automobile panels
  290. Fit for leader pins
  291. molds for quartz kitchen sinks
  292. Need Help! Making molds for a Pedal Car
  293. New High Speed Mill Selection
  294. Sodium Silicate for core making
  295. Newbie what materials for mold and LOGO
  296. Share some Mold design Drawings
  297. Newbie Toying with 3d machining - a few basic questions
  298. Newbie Is this made from a mold
  299. Mold Design Jobs
  300. Need Help! Jolt squeeze molding machine