I played around with a demo version of David Laser Scanner using a cheap webcam and a projector a few years ago I was using a really cheap webcam so the results were not that great but looked promising. I have an upcoming project where I need to make a design work with an existing product. I could get by using primitive methods but a decent quality 3D scanner would be really nice to add to my capabilities. I understand the workflow from 3D scans and going from point clouds or mesh data to a proper CAD model. For the latest David Laser Scanner now HP they are advertising up to 0.05mm resolution and are priced upwards of 3 grand depending on the options. Does anyone know what real world accuracy is going to look like?

The price of the DAVID5 software on a dongle that is supposed to work with their hardware and generic hardware is selling for the ~$600 range. Does anyone know any good off the shelf hardware combinations that play well with their software and what kind of accuracy I can expect from them?

Being able to scan something to 0.005" accuracy for the $1,000 price range would be well worth it to me even if it takes a bit of tinkering and to get it going and having to fab up a bracket to hold the hardware. I was thinking if the software is $600 that would leave $100 for a camera + $300 for a cheap projector. Am I being too hopeful this would get me results I would be happy with?

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