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Thread: Mazatrol Fusion 640m PCMCIA Card

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    Exclamation Mazatrol Fusion 640m PCMCIA Card

    I have a Mazak VTC-16b with a Mazatrol Fusion 640m control system and it runs on windows 95. I recently purchased a PCMCIA multi card reader to be able to run programs off of a 128 MB SD card.
    The problem I'm having is the front IC card slot isn't recognizing the card PCMCIA card I purchased.

    I am pressed for time and have some electrodes to run and I cannot because the floppy disk only holds 1.44MB of data. We do not have the ethernet card yet but we are getting that soon. And the Serial cable to the laptop we are using stopped working.

    If someone could please post a link to the CORRECT PCMCIA IC Memory card I need to purchase it would be greatly appreciated. I need to get these programs run by early next week or my shop is going to be backed up.

    I've spoken to Mazak and they have assured me the card I have is fine. We want to use the front IC slot over the 2 inside slots so we can go back and forth between our design computer and the machine.

    The multi reader I have discovered only supports Windows 98SE and above. I have googled my heart out trying to find an answer but I only get results for the Mitsubishi internal PCMCIA card.
    I need one specifically for flash memory to be able to take it in and out.
    Everytime I try to run the card it says "Card not Ready" Alarm 580. The book says the card isn't inserted properly which also means its not being read.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You need an OLD PCMCIA card!!!!!

    Hard to find these days.....but they're out there. The reason is the control won't handle the 32bit newer cards. Has to be the older one....

    I ran into this with a '98 vintage 640T.

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    Do you know where I can find one?

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    Got mine from an electronics geek friend who donated it as a favor.

    I did find some on Ebay though. Otherwise, try the electronic/computer surplus guys.

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    Could you possibly post links or model numbers of old 16 bit cards that seem to work. I purchased one from eBay that is described as a 16 bit old school PCMCIA card and it doesn't work in my VTC-16B

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