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Thread: No FollowThrough From CNC Machine Builder

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    No FollowThrough From CNC Machine Builder

    Two-plus years ago I purchased an Art-Router from the Thom Carr Co. It's been plagued with problems to the point which Mr. Carr promised me a new gantry set-up to replace the one that originally came with the machine. The "check has been in the mail" for over a year and half but has never showed up. If I review my emails I think I can find at least 10 promises of "next week" but nothing has ever happened. I have sent measurements to him twice. I have resisted making a public statement regarding this situation, but now I don't even get email responses to my queries, and my phone calls are not returned. Maybe Mr. Carr will notice this little blurb. I wonder if others out there have experienced similar treatment. I have the machine running fairly well, but at a reduced speed because of its limitations. Mr. Carr made a promise and so far has not lived up to it. Maybe this can be considered a warning to those out there considering buying a machine from this company.......

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    866 views. Any updates?

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    I have looked at your machine on the T Carr website. I'm sure your were drawn to it by its low price. What type of problems are you experiencing? Perhaps we can help you fix it without the assistance of Mr. Carr.

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    Ordered this machine and had to wait 3 months for delivery only to find that the computer system that came with it had the wrong unlicensed OS on it. This caused damage to the router and after a week of waiting for a replacement with no word, I've had it with Thom Carr.

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    The Carr machine runs off of Mach3. Any computer will work as long as it has a parallel cable connection. The latest and greatest is the smooth stepper in combination with a C32 breakout board. The smooth stepper emulates a parallel connection and runs off the LAN cable. Both are available from :: CNC4PC :: iNtRo. The stepper motors that Carr uses are really underpowered for high-speed operation. You have a good basic machine with fair mechanicals but you need to educate yourself on the operation and setup of Mach3. If you need help fixing the electronics or setting up Mach3 properly for your machine I can help. I run my homebuilt machine with an old Dell computer that was given to me. It has a P4 processor and 2gigs of memory which is adequate but i need to be sure that no other program is running when I am using the router. A cheap refurbished computer from TigerDirect.com - Electronics, Tablets, Phones, Office Supplies & Video Games should be adequate for you. Mail me direct if you have any questions; rbraeking@gmail.com

    What software are you using to generate the g-code? A good basic program is available from Vectric Ltd - Passionate About CNC. I started with their cut2d and have since upgraded to cut3d and vcarvepro. Their top of the line program is called aspire.


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    BTW - the carr website says that he ships the machine with the Mach3 demo version. The demo version will not run enough lines of code to do a complete job. You will need to purchase the full license from Mach3. What version of turbocad did you get with the machine? If it is a lite version you will also need to upgrade that. I run turbocadV20 which is fully 3d capable but it does not generate g-code.

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    I have Mach3 license. Carr never loaded TurboCad. He has an unlicensed copy of Win7 on the Dell with only 512 in memory. I am using BobCam, BobArt for my Design and Gcode (on 64bit Win7 PC w/8Gig Ram) I have replaced the PC myself with an XP OS (2Gig of Ram) and have the mill fully operational with the exception of a router. Mach3 and Win7 do not get along well. This caused lost steps on the X and ran the router into the turn station bending the armature at the tool holder. Mr. Carr has never offered to send new OS and told me a week ago that he will "get back to me" about replacing the router. BTW I'm the one that had to tell him that Mach3 was not written for Win7.
    Yes, I know some people have gotten it to run. But the majority of posts on the Mach3 forum report problems.

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    If you go to microsofts website there is an add on for running xp programs on windows 7. Follow this link: Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

    I'm thinking that the lost steps were because the stepper motors on that machine are way undersize. I doubt you can achieve 1/8 depth of cut at over 50ipm. I found that a router is not good for cnc work. I burned up a few dewalts, even set one on fire, before I decided to go to a 3-phase spindle. The nice thing about using a spindle instead of a router is that the speed can be controlled from the Mach3 screen.

    After posting this morning I looked at the chinese offerings. The prices have really come down and a basic 48 x 96 machine can be had for about $5000. Once you get the hang of things that may be a route to go.

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    Guess you missed the part about it being and unlicensed copy of Win7 and only 512M of ram (min ram for 7 is 1G) Not having any lost steps on the XP machine. Cut 1/4" deep with 1/4" mill at 60ipm no problem (yellow cedar).

    I do have to agree with the rats nest wiring in the box. Had to go into it once to rewire the spindle relay. The machine shipped to me with the 110v input on NC and the output on the NO.

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