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    Default Sprutcam 7

    When is this going to become available for/from Tormach? I see the new tutorials in 7 and I want it, I want it now, I want it all or at least a Tormach only version anyway.
    Patiently waiting as always,

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    Default SprutCAM 7 Update from Tormach

    Thanks to everybody for your patience with the release of SprutCAM 7 from Tormach. We are working out a few final technical details to make the upgrade as easy as we can for existing Sprut users.

    With SprutCAM 7, the licensing scheme has changed and has become more complicated from a delivery standpoint. This effects anybody who wants to upgrade from SprutCAM 2007. This is the reason for the delay. We are actively testing a new license delivery system with several customers and hope to have something ready very shortly.

    Feel free to contact us at with any questions.


    Andy Grevstad


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