I have a Tsugami BS19 panther series II with a Fanuc LH1 control that I know almost nothing about so far and have a single manual that is mostly a few photo copies of a few pages from the manual.

1.I turn the machine on and it sounds like it has an air leak, but it is coming out of the spindle area not a hose. Is this "normal" or is something amiss? the hoses go into the wall where the guide collet goes through,but the air sounds like it's coming from back where the motor/fan are at.

2.Also it wants me to do a zero return but I can't figure out how to get it to do it. I recently replaced the batteries, one of the 2 sets was dead, I have read that one battery saves the parameters and the other saves the home position, it seems to still have parameters so I am ASSUMING that the dead battery was the home position one.

3. I also have another alarm, it shows up as '1024 cross drill servo' I can't find anything about that anywhere, there is a servo drive in the back flashing, I assume I ought to be able to reset it, but I have no idea. I also think that maybe since I have this alarm, it is part of why I can't figure out how to do a zero return, that and I don't know how

I have been machining for many years, I have run a respectable number of different machines and controls. I have run mills, lathes, 4 axis w/sub spindle lathes and 7 axis with B axis lathes. I think I should be able to figure this thing out, but I have no starting point and almost no books for it. I know it will take me some to get things figured out, but I am looking forward to playing with this thing.

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