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Thread: Stepper Motors - are they all the same?

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    Default Stepper Motors - are they all the same?

    I am looking to learn more about what I have and what else is out there. I noticed that all the DIY CNC like mine use similar motors and I would like to know if they are all the same or if there are motors that are more precise and or better quality. What are some "good" brands versus what is an ultra entry level motor. Some have a longer body whereas some are shorter.

    For instance my kit came with:

    282 oz In. Hybrid Motor
    1.8 /200 Steps Per Rev.
    3 Amps Current Per Phase ( Bipolar Parallel)
    4-wire Bi-polar, NEMA 23 Frame

    I wonder if there are motors with a finer step count and if they would offer more accuracy?


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    Most stepper motors are very much the same, but at the same time they can be very, very different.
    Different length motors will usually have different torque ratings. Generally, the higher the torque, the longer the motor.

    You can get different motors with the same torque rating, that wuill perform differently. The difference is the current and inductance ratings. Higher current, lower inductance motors will have more torque at higher speeds than low current, high inductance motors. While they may cost the same, you may find that higher current motors need more expensive drives to deliver the higher current.

    Most people here use Chinese motors, which are probably all very similar quality wise. If you want a better brand motor, look at Oriental motors or the made in the USA motors that Gecko sells. Expect to pay 50%-100% more for these higher quality motors. They may be a little more accurate, but don't expect to really see any performance improvements.


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    thank you for sharing the info.

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