The superior Telwin Plasma 16 (inverter) has a voltage of 10-300 volts output and SteelTailor smart III needs a 50-300 volts the problem is that it does not work the torch height control .. can anyone help me?
thank you

PIN 1 Polarizer
PIN 2.3 MODBUS Rs485.
PIN 4.5 Cutting arc contact. Normally open, it closes when thecutting arc is enabled. PIN
6.7 Pilot arc contact. Normally open, it closes when the pilotarc is enabled.
PIN 8 External power enabling command. If closed at 0[V]
(PIN12) it will enable power. It completely replaces the torchbutton function.
PIN 9 Voltage OUT signal. Range 0-10[V] with settable range10V/200V, 10V/300V, 10V/400V, 10V/500V. The setting requiressimultaneous pressing of the “Encoder and Select Mode”buttons when the card is booted. Select the desired range usingthe encoder. Press the “select mode” button again to exit. PIN10 Current setting IN signal 1[V] / Imax/10 [A].
PIN11 Air pressure OUT signal 1 [V]/[BAR] range 0..10 [V] PIN12 Reference 0[V] signals PIN 8,9,10,11 and 13.
PIN13 Power supply 12[V] max 100mA.
PIN14 PE protective conductor.

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