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I am sorry imho you are WRONG!
I know software improves but sprutcam has problems opening files made by other users of the same version. And this should be a their main concern NOT added features. Added features does nothing if you cant use your previous files without problems. Backwards compatibility and bug fixes should be their number ONE concern when evaluating each code block that is added! I dont have one purchased program that has this problem except sprutcam. Freeware is that and I would expect problem because its free. Just think if you had to re draw every part because you updated software or new version. Re write every note or word in a book or anything else because of this problem. They are a professional software company and should know this! I use to consult and helped write code for a very complex software program for estimating huge construction projects. And the company was very very careful about this Most people cant even use this program very well. I can because I know how to look for bugs and work around them I also could guess what language its written in and the compiler used to compile it. uneducated guess is c# by microsoft! I use a couple very expensive programs that have no problem opening version 1 files all the way to version 15 files I dont expect version 1 to open version 15 files. Again INHO sprutcam could be a better product if they make it bullet proof and as error free as possible. Just ask tormach about the problems with their new rapid turn product. You try to avoid this as much as possible but sometimes it bites you. And ends up costing you more money then it will ever be worth short term anyway. People will move to other products if they find yours to be a problem to use.

And NO I have not explained this to them I am a Dumb user and they are PROFESSIONAL software developers and should KNOW this. btw I know that software is like the game of chess 12 moves into the game the number of branches approaches infinity so it pays to be very careful and to control every branch! imho its nice to get feedback from customers and use their ideas. but not at the expense of added bugs and backwards compatibility!

It looks like Sprutcam started this thread and I hope they use my user FEEDBACK.

BTW I spent 12 hours figuring out a simple error when I upgraded from 9 to 10. The chip pan in the machine definition had NOTHING to do with my PART or my operations caused me to spend that much time. I showed this to the tech support they said it was my fixtures that was causing problem . And it was the chip pan. now all my chips fall on the simulation floor. I would be embarrassed if such a simple error made its way into a new software distro like that. Hope companys that use this mentality never write code for flight systems of self driving cars

This is my way of communicating the problem private or public makes no difference to me. If I am wrong I learn from it, change my methods sometimes reluctantly and try not build on it! Build on a bad foundation its just a matter of time before it fails.
So, to summarize, you won't be upgrading?