Hello to all

One year ago I started building a large CNC milling machine.

I've installed steper motors (nema42), dirvers, connected to AKZ250 and everything works great. But
on the final step, when I came to spindle setup everything became very complicated for me.

I hoped to find solutions on youtube tutorials, where everything is wired and configured in 5 minutes, but VFD that I got from China has different inputs.

here is what I have:

- this is inverter (VFD) manual

- this is AKZ250 manual I'm try to use diagram on page 59

this is inverter model: GT-4R0G-2

my firs steps was like in youtube wiring - PWM, 10v from VFD+1k resistor in VI2 input, but it didn't work.

After this I asked for help manufacturer, I asked how could I control VFD with PWM signal and this is what thay sent to me

I've made the same vfd setup:
P001 - 1
P003 - 60
P004 - 60
P007 - 2
P202 - 1

and made wiring like this:

Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2-nor_1-jpg

Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2-nor_2-jpg

and this is how it looks like, when spindlde starts on 2000RPM.

I am very beginner in this and my electrical knowledge is very poor in this business. I dont ever understand how PWM +10v works.
I will appreciate any help.

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