Hi All,

Can anyone help, I am to say the least confused?

I am currently wiring the motor on my home built rotary phase converter, I can wire the motor in "Star" but this gives me output voltages of 680-700 volts! but only 16.25 Amps, (as per the ident plate) where in "Delta" I get 380-420 volts and28.15 Amps, again as per ident plate.

My problem is I can wire the motor to star successfully but end up with a capacitance of only 50uf? and 260 volts this is as low as I can go or the motor will not run,

I have tried several combinations in Delta but just cannot get the motor to run even with run caps up to 280uf? With the 3 links set to Delta as soon as I switch on it throws the trips?

I have wired in 16 amp resistive breakers (I know this is to low at the moment but I am playing safe so I do not damage the motor or blow any of my garage fuses)

My main question is this: what is the most preferred method of wiring a motor for a 3 phase rotary converter Star or Delta?

Thanks for any help.

Allen. Ps I have a pony motor rather than start caps coz its a big motor 15Kw!

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