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    I have a 1 hp Grizzly Lathe G9972. For starters I would like to add a VFD to this. The motor is 110 volt 1 phase 15 amp dealie. It's also a capacitor start. Will that pose a problem? I need something that will alleviate the time wasted by having to change belts between drilling to turning to cut off operations. I also need something that will later on be able to be integrated with a 3 axis system when I go all out CNC with this lathe. I also need a stepper system if anyone has one in mind. I need like a Nema 43 system that I can integrate with my computer. I am also clue less as to how to do this integration VFD 2 axis control and when it comes to it turret control. I was planning on buying one of those systems from Ebay but have no idea how those things integrate.

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    Capacitor start 1ph motors do not run that well on VFD's even ones that are designed for such.
    They drop out of run at the lower rpm's.
    You are better off either replacing with a 3 phase motor and VFD, or fitting a DC motor and SCR drive.

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    What would be a better choice a 3 phase motor and VFD, or fitting a DC motor and SCR drive?

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