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I have taken them out before and put them back in the same bearing after servicing the bearing, there is no reason that would not work, unless where the inner seal lip runs may not be ground the same

Is this what you where looking for https://www.123bearing.com/bearing-F...+Vehicle+Parts
Yep, but this one is a generic one. I'm looking for Japanese bearings by EZO. They seem to be excellent quality and the F698-ZZ one is selling for a little more than 6 bucks here. They do have F688-2RS, which are 16mm of as opposed to 19mm in 698, but bigger outside diameter produces better characteristics and durability a long with making the spindle body lighter. (I've moved from simple "tube" spindle body design to one just like pictured in op. Integrated bronze bushings and lead screw but mount look worth it to me. Already made a model in Solidworks, found a 85*85*85mm chunk of aluminum for just 6.5 bucks and a shop with a HAAS CBC mill to make it.