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Thread: CNC Controller with Arduino - open source

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    Default CNC Controller with Arduino - open source


    I've made a cnc controller based on an Arduino UNO for my cnc mill - maybe someone has some use for it:]Open Source CNC Controller with Arduino - YouTube

    • Its free and open source (VB.NET 2010 / AVR Studio 6 Assembler... not exactly an Arduino project - it just uses one as convenient and inexpensive hardware platform).
    • Uses a wireless Logitech gamepad to manually control the machine from a few steps per second up to full speed.
    • Controls the VFD of my chinese spindle with just 2 resistors, 1 capacitor and 1 optocoupler...
    • Quite fast... >>70000 steps per second...
    • Some built in commands for drilling, circles, rectangles etc. with macro editor - quite nice for simple tasks that may be done without CAM program...

    More Information: CAM Software


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    Interesting project...

    Could you explain a few things?

    Does the Windows program send motion control instructions to the Arduino in real time over the USB connection, both when machining a part and when operating under manual control via the gamepad? Or are the motion control instructions downloaded to the Arduino and then interpreted there?

    Are you using G-code interpretation within the Arduino, or are you sending step and direction signals from the PC to the Arduino?

    (I guess that I could download and look at the open source files, but the answers to those questions will help me decide whether or not to do the download).

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    tried to download the software
    Norton said it was unsafe
    should I be surprised?

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    The windows program and the Arduino share the work:

    • The Program is doing some preprocessing on the G-code - basically anything requiring floating point calculations and the look ahead.
    • Then the preprocessed commands are sent to the Arduino and stored to a buffer to avoid USB latency or program response issues.
    • Step generation itself is done by the Arduino (>> 70kHz possible). The ramp is stored in the Arduinos flash memory during setup and can be up to 4990 steps long (sinusoidal ramp)
    • Gamepad control is done by issuing a start command with axis, direction and speed to the Arduino - then a loop starts updating desired speed according to joystick position and reading back steps done by the Arduino until the joystick is back to neutral position when a stop command is issued.

    @Mike: what is Norton reporting? I'm not aware of any virus on my computer.

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    Hello Christian
    tried to download Estlcam 2.5D (4.027)
    got this error
    followed the link and got this from Norton

    hope that helps

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    Hello Mike,

    WS.Reputation.1 should be a false positive.
    (You've downloaded my CAM Software not the CNC Controller Software) The problem with the CAM installation program is its license registration component - some virus scanners regard it as suspicious because it communicates with my website during the registration process.


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    aha I did wonder if that was the case
    sorry for the scare

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    I like the idea of the simple command setup for doing things like drilling that do not require a full-fledged CAD/CAM setup.

    I have a lot of things keeping me busy right now, but will be interested in looking at your package in the future. Thanks for sharing it.

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    The Arduino Uno you are showing is not available. It comes now with a different
    Why would the Duelinenove not work, I think it quite similar.

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    The Arduino Duemilanove may work as it also uses a ATMega328 but there are 2 things that can cause trouble:

    - It uses a different USB-Serial chip - I don't know if the FTDI accepts 100000 Baud as this is no standard baudrate
    - I don't know if the bootloader is compatible.

    If you already have a Duemilanove you can just try if it works - however getting a UNO should not be difficult - they are sold by many vendors (the UNO always has a ATmega328 processor - but sometimes as DIL and sometimes as SMD package). Arduino Mega and all the other versions using a different processor definitively do not work.


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    Are you saying that the chip in your UNO looks different because it is a SMD but a
    ATMega 328.
    If that is the case than I will get a UNO with a 328 rather than monkey around with the

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    yes - the chip just looks different - but an UNO is always an UNO (at least as long as it is the official version and not some clone). You'll find both versions at the Arduino homepage: Arduino - ArduinoBoardUno


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