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Thread: Buying a new 48x48 Art-Router 4 Axis CNC Router

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    Smile Buying a new 48x48 Art-Router 4 Axis CNC Router

    Looking for the best software for the money and user friendly?
    (The Biggest Bag for my buck)

    I've been looking at VCarve Pro + Cut3D + PhotoVCarve Bundle for $947.00 and I've also looked at ArtCAM Advantage Package + ArtCAM Express 2010 for $1150.00. Programs must support a 4 Axis. I was just wondering if anybody has any better suggestions or their feedback on these program.

    Thank you much

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    You need software to run the machine : Artcam's Mach 3

    What do you want to do cut, carve or machine with the software.

    Both ArtCam and Vectric make excellent software. On the cnczone forum however they are a lot
    more Vectric Vcarve users.

    Personally I use VCarve Pro to generate my gcode. I however do a lot of sign work and not
    much photoVcarve or cut 3d work.

    All of vectric's products are excellent and my next purchase (sometime in the future) will
    be their flagship software Aspire.

    You will have to make a choice on your software bundle.

    Mach 3 and VCarve Pro have served me well.


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