Isn't it time to put an end to the post processor madness?
Wouldn't you like to use a generic post like FANUC ... then run that code through something that will auto convert it to your machine ... can handle multiple machines ... Dynapath, Siemens, Okuma ... whatever?

How about the ability to take a proven G code program running on one machine ... and auto-convert it to run on another machine? ... without re-posting it through your CAD/CAM?
In the real world most programs get edits on the shop floor ... speeds, feeds, tweaks ... you lose those when you re-post.
Sometimes that CAD model doesn't even exist any more.

How about if you constantly make simple tweaks to your posted files ... can't seem to get the post right ... wouldn't it be nice to automate that process? ... quick, easy no mistakes, no misses.

How about manually create a G code for one machine and have something auto-convert it to another format?
You don't even have to know how to program in the other format !!

That time has come ... KipwareXC and CNC XChange from Kentech Inc. can make that happen.
Here's a couple of links for additional information :

Product Info : Kipware CNC G code conversion software from Kentech Inc.

Informational Article : Page not found | The Kipware Blog

Thanks to CNC ZONE for the chance to post.

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