Syil X4 Plus CNC Mill With 4th Axis

This machine is a Syil X4 Plus, used in a home shop for small projects only milling aluminum. Built as a CNC from the factory, not a DIY conversion. Includes factory 4th axis with 3 jaw chuck. This would be a turnkey solution for anyone looking to start making parts in the home shop.

1.5HP 3500RPM R8 spindle
Runs on 110V Single phase power
Travels: 11x6.2x10.6 (XYZ)
Tabel size: 22 x 6.2 (XY)
All axis have precision ball screws
Machine weight: 800Lb
Includes computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse set up to run Mach 3
Flood coolant setup with Loc-Line nozzle
Includes Kurt style 4-inch vise (non-lifting movable jaw)

Buyer is responsible for loading and transportation

I also have available:

5 Tormach TTS ER32 collet holders - $25 each
1 Tormach TTS 3/8 Jacobs drill chuck - $25
1 Tormach TTS indexable fly cutter - $100

List Date: 8/3/2017

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On Sale For: $5,400.00


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