kollmorgen P6000 Stepper Drive (2 drives)

This ad is for 2 drives at the listed price.

Used but pulled from working system. Below specs are from manufacturers website:

No programming required!
Switch Selectable Current Output from 0.2-5.7 Arms, 8.0 A peak
120/240 VAC Input (160/320 VDC Bus)
All Inputs and Outputs are Optically Isolated
Single-Ended and Differential Step and Direction or CW/CCW Command; Switch Selectable
Enable Input
Fault Output (Sinking or Sourcing)
Status LEDs for easy troubleshooting
Switch Selectable Micro-Stepping-Resolution Settings
Step Smoothing Filter; Switch Selectable
Idle Current Reduction; Switch Selectable
Anti-Resonance Based On Load Inertia; Switch Selectable
Self-Test Conducts Spin Test to Confirm Proper Connection; Switch Selectable

List Date: 2/9/2017

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This item is no longer available.


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