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Thread: Mori Seiki TV-30 MSC-802M (M50) interpolation problems

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    I have these two problems with my TV-30:
    Z70 abs. illegal error
    Z will only move up

    I am also trying to change the machine from metric to inch.

    Any ideas?

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    Been there, done that! First thing to check is the Z limit switch. I had this happen on both of my machines. When the coolant dries out, it gets sticky and holds the switch down.

    On the metric to inch, you have to change a few parameters. Some of them are in the GOP parameters. I will have to look through my books tomorrow. Let me know what you find with the limit switch.

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    I think I change 1040, 1041, 1042 from 0 to 1, any others? for metric to inch.
    I'll check the sticky switch tomorrow.

    The Z only went up, and severely overtraveled when I tried a zero return. I hand turned the screw to bring it back down, but I probably need to do a zero set for Z... still looking thru the manuals for that procedure.

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    I think there is a couple more parameters to change. As soon as I get a chance tomorrow, I will post. I remember something in the GOP parameters, but it has been a while.

    The Z set is kinda tricky. Have you done it before? I machined a block to go off the table for a reference.

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    Thanks for your help, Custom B.

    How do you find the Z limit switch? I do not have a maintenance manual for this TV-30.

    And no, I have not done a Z zero adjust before. I assume I just move the head to the tool change position and set it in a parameter somewhere.

    Also, there are a lot of parameters that are in mm, do I need to change them all if I set the machine to run in inch mode?

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    The Z limit switch is located on the top right hand side of the machine. It is kinda behind some brackets and casting, but you can get to it.

    You assumed wrong. You have to use gauge blocks, or like I did, machine a block to the correct length, bring the head down and touch the spindle nose on it. Zero the machine and move it up to a designated number and set zero. Then you have to move it back down to the next quadrant on the encoder. It's fun, you'll get used to it.

    There is a lot of numbers in MM, but you don't have to change them. Also, on the offset screen, the decimal is moved over 1 place. Kinda crazy, took me a while to figure it out. So basically, if you need 2.000", you have to put 20.000.

    I will post in a little bit about the Z home position.

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    Thanks a lot for your help.

    I found a blue rectangular device about 1"x1"x2" made in Germany with a roller on the end that retracts about .25" when pressed, however, it does not contact the wall when the spindle over-travels. It needs to retract/extend about .75" for it to work, or I have to move the device closer to the wall.

    Took it apart, and there seems no problem with it. when I manually retract the wheel, the DRLK comes on, so it does work.

    Maybe the Z limit switch is somewhere else? I am still getting Z70 abs. Illegal and Z only goes up.

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    No problem! I have been helped many times in the past. I am happy to pay it forward!

    Do you have a pallet changing machine? They are a little different from one to the other. I have one of each.

    I can also fax it if you want. Let me know.

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    My TV-30 just has a simple X-Y table, no pallet, etc.

    Please fax the GOP parameters and any thing else that might be helpful to fix the "Z70 abs. Illegal" alarm and convert the machine to inch.

    fax: 408-286-7950



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    Fax should be there...

    Ok, it says to use a 250MM block. That is with the table removed. It is kind of a PITA to pull the table, so you can subtract the thickness of the table and machine a gauge block that long.

    I am running some parts right now, but when they are done, I will take a look and see what my parameters are for inch.

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    Thanks again!

    I got the fax, however, I have to clear the "Z70 abs. Illegal" alarm before I can go farther. Currently I can not move Z down (it only goes up now).

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    Give me a little bit. I gotta dig deep in the back of my brain. I have had this happen before. There is a way to go into the ladder and tell it that it is OK to travel Z-. There is something that is telling the control that it can't go down.

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