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Thread: NH5000 with MAPPS MSG-501 Need to re-establish APC and Magazine Reference

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    Default NH5000 with MAPPS MSG-501 Need to re-establish APC and Magazine Reference

    We have a Mori Seiki NH5000 with MSG-501 control and Fanuc 18i. APC and Magazine lost reference. Both have Fanuc Beta Servo Amplifiers. We have alarm 224 for both beta drives in the PMM, and both drives show "u" on the display. Does anyone have a procedure for re-establishing the reference for APC and Magazine for this machine? We also need to change the language of the MAPPS display and can't find the parameter. We changed the language of the Fanuc, with Param 3102 but we can't find what parameter changes the language of the MAPPS (Mori Seiki interface).
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    you lost reference when changing batterys . you got an email i got procedure i can send you,

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    Don't have a MAPPS parameter list with me. It's a setting on the maps page, not Fanuc, however...some versions of Mapps required the English software.

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    that would be on your parameter book not in the mapps manual. the big electrical book check in there

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    That would be incorrect...
    Fanuc parameter changes Fanuc side to english
    D data/ keep relay changes alarm messages to english
    MAPSS parameter changes CAPS/Mapps screens to english.

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    I've changed the Alarms and the Fanuc side to English but I can't find out how to change the MAPPS screen.
    Also I had no luck finding the procedure for the APC reference set.
    If anyone can help I will appreciate it. Thanks.

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