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Thread: Mori Seiki MV 35/40 Tool changer problems

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    Default Mori Seiki MV 35/40 Tool changer problems

    It didn't orient before the tool changed, I manually dropped the arm down and the tool fell out of the spindle. Now I can't get the tool to clamp and since I powered it down to try and reset it it won't home out either. It moves in Y and X but not Z, it is not over traveled I got it about 3 inches off the home position. Anyone know how to get the tool to clamp manually. The solenoid will close it but not keep it closed. I am also stuck in M31 it won't let me do an M32 to get out of it. Any ideas?


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    Which control do you have?

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    If you have Fanuc 6M, I may be able to send you info.

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