SpectraLIGHT Turning Center -questions???

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Thread: SpectraLIGHT Turning Center -questions???

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    Default SpectraLIGHT Turning Center -questions???

    hello everybody,

    has anybody out there have knowledges about SpectraLIGHT Turning Center?

    How this machine works?

    what is the functions of interface card and control box?

    can i control this machine from PC via parallel port? how? it is possible?

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    SpectraLight has had a few versions of software and controllers used with their cnc setups. I have seen one with an Apple Computer and another with DOS and now they have windows based programs. So depending on what the year it was manufactured it could be any of those.

    I have the SpectraLight Mill and it came without any controller cards/box or software. The machine itself appears to have been hooked up through a serial port originally and I am not certain but I think it required a special card in your PC to use. When I got mine I just pulled the steppers off and replaced them with better bi-polar steppers and built a xylotex controller box to drive it via the parallel port without any extra PC card needed.

    You wouldn't happen to be the person that won the ebay auction last week for a lathe would you?

    Should you need to update/upgrade anything with the system hardware or software I would recommend the DIY route. SpectraLight is still in business and will be more than happy to upgrade you to their latest wares but for the $$money$$ they want you can DIY and still have enough left over to build a cnc router If you google SpectraLight you will see they are made by Intelitek go check out their website.

    Good Luck!


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