Hi everyone. I built a machine from scratch a couple of years ago. I had it as far as being able to jog all of the axis before life got in the way and I needed to sell it.

I got the cnc bug again and just purchased a 2x4 machine that I hope to have up and running in the next couple of weeks. Putting the machine together and getting it all wired up will not be a problem for me. Where I will need help and probably have some questions is all of the software. The software is something I have never used.

I have purchased and will be using Mach3 and I am leaning towards purchasing VCarve Pro. I want to start working with wood first and when I get a little confidence move to acrylic starboard and maybe aluminum at some point.

I live in Bacliff, (between Kemah and Texas City) if there is anyone that has time that can mentor/answer questions. My real job is out of my home office so I am almost always around. Thanks!