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Thread: M-16, M-4, AR-15 DXF Files

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    Default M-16, M-4, AR-15 DXF Files

    I'm taking my CNC router apart and putting the essential parts in my duffle bag tomorrow. I'm taking it with me to Iraq so I can make items for my unit. I want to be able to make plaques and keepsakes for the soldiers in my unit. I'd like to get a DXF file of an AR series rifle in profile so that I can carve it into the plaques or even cut one side and then flip it and do the other for a miniature key fob. Does anyone here know where I can get one in miniature? I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'll do with it so a 3D model about 3 inches long would be best, so I can have options to rotate, etc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    You might want to spend a little time at this site downloaing some artwork


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    Yeah, I went there and downloaded the IGS files a couple of days ago, but I don't have anything and can't find anything to convert the igs to dxf so that I can use them. I also need the rest of the weapon, not just the upper and lower receivers. I will draw my own if I have to, but would rather just use somebody else's hard work.

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    I've opened the files using alibre, but they don't open well and it won't let me go to 2d and export as a dxf. Oh well, I have a year to figure it out If anybody sees some miniature military weapon DXF files please post a link here and maybe I can come and see them once I get set up in Iraq. On another note, I was able to fit all the essential parts of my CNC Router in my duffle bag. The first man portable CNC Router! I'll have to reassemble everything over there using scrap wood. I'm hoping they'll let me use a milvan as a shop.


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    Default Igs

    Download Rhino3D
    It should be able to convert the model to DXF or DWG and a couple of other formats. You get 20 saves in the demo unless they have changed it.

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    Well, I made it here in one piece. Thanks for the tip on rhino. I will post some pics once I get my machine up and running.

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