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Thread: What options does my Meldas 520 AMR have?

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    Default What options does my Meldas 520 AMR have?


    I have a VMC, Feeler FV-800 built in 1996, with a Mitsubishi Meldas 520 AMR controller. What does AMR stand for? Does anyone know what options this control has? Is there a way to get full info from Mitsubishi about my particular control if I submit Serial No. and other original data that I have? I would like to know all M-code functions, all G-code functions and about some added relays that I can't figure what they do. They should have records of these things!?? Would appreciate any links to site(s) where I can get this info.

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    The best source for information on your machine is the machine manufacturer, in this case Feeler or the local distributor. Mitsubishi keeps records of the parameters but it would take time for them to tell you what software options you have and couldn't tell you the machine options. As far as your M-codes and G-codes, most of them are standard (G02, G03 etc.) you should be able to find references on line.

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    Thanks itmancnc,

    I am already down that route, but guess that I have to be patient. The manufacturer is not too keen to answer questions about a 12 year old machine. Anyway, I realize that I need to ask Mitsubishi about the contents of my control and Feeler about the customized functions (M8's etc) Are there any Mitsubishi experts out there that know an easier way to get hold of this info?

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