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Thread: QT-250 chuck sensor question.

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    Default QT-250 chuck sensor question.

    I currently do the programming for the company I work for. Word of mouth has opened the door for some side work for another company as their programmer. I keep getting "Spindle mis-operation" error and I know it because the chuck is not clamped. When Mazak set the machine they chucked on the OD of some barstock. The part I am programming requires me to chuck on the ID. Is this a machine parameter or user parameter? What needs to be done to switch the interface of the chucking sensors? I was going to swap the sensors around manually but I thought that there may be a better way.


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    there should ba a switch somewhere behind one of the doors near the control or maybe inside the electrical cabinet

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    Thanks....but I figured it out. I had to bring one of my other machines online and thumb through the menus. I thought I remembered seeing it. It is actually in "machine" menu under chuck. Pretty simple. The new customers machine has a different control panel then my QT200. They have a QT250 and instead of labling the function keys with a word, they are now using just an icon only. I think that is BS on Mazaks part. But I do like the idea of a full keyboard on the panel where as my 200 does not.

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