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Thread: Mastercam pricing

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    Default Mastercam pricing


    My shop is running a pirated version of Mastercam X.

    We sometimes have problems which would possibly be linked to the pirated version, but even if it's not, we can't really call our local distributor for support...

    Before giving them a call and basically broadcasting the fact that we are running hacked versions, I was wondering if someone here could give me an idea of the price range for Mastercam ?

    This will be running on 2 computers, we use lathe & mill.

    Thanks !


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    Default Mastercam pricing

    I am afraid to tell you it's not the fact that it a bootleg copy. It's just crappy software. Don't expect better results just because you spend money. The dealer may take your money but won't be able to make the software work any better.bloom at Edgecam or Solidcam.

    Its kind of funny that this is a very common reason to consider mastercam. Wonder if it can be hacked easily on purpose.


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    Mastercam is a member of the Business Software Alliance so your shop is playing with fire. They run a 'rat out your employer for cash' program. Some mention of pricing in other threads. It's probably a bit like dealing on a car, options and varying dealer mark-up. .

    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharkas View Post
    ...Before giving them a call and basically broadcasting the fact that we are running hacked versions...
    Too late. Don't you think they track IP's? That was a little unwise to say that you are running a hacked version..

    Why not just call your local representative and ask them how much it would cost? They don't need to know that you already have a copy.

    BTW, the owner of my company told me yesterday we have about 10k wrapped up into this version. It's a Level 1 Router, MasterCAM X4 with extensive post work. We're looking into getting Level 2 to open up some 3d operations now...

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    Mastercam and Gibbs are very expensive. If you have to ask you probably can't afford it. We have Gibbs Multi Task Machine (MTM) software and we have about $25,000 into it with the post processor. That is for one seat and doesn't include full 3, 4, or 5 axis contouring. You could easily add another 10 to 20 large to that number. You can take about $14,000 off that number for the MTM module and post.

    Our options:

    Solids import
    2.5d solids
    advanced cs
    rotary mill
    production mill
    Multi Task Machine

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    Holy crap bigjw. Get a life. Mastercam is second to none when it comes to easily getting toolpath to make money with a machine. I have used geopath, pro, bobcad(cough), gibbs, and a number of others, so I do know from experience.

    Some have their minor complaints, but the software is SOLID. The fact that this guy has problems with a bootleg... he asked for it.

    Go buy the software, or get a 30 day trial from your dealer. Then see if you are having the same issues.

    As far as dealing...good luck. They are a bit like Haas, and the price is the price...although, I've heard of at least one guy getting a bit of a price break (not me).

    I do know that full surfacing 3 axis with solid modeling is about 15k(level 3). 12k for solids with some surfacing( level 2). It's pricey, but worth it. And now that I see what Gibbs costs, perhaps it's a bargain!


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    This is not the place to get pricing. Everyone is going to tell you a ridiculous price. Talk to your dealer and get a quote for the level you need.

    News flash: If you say "just quote me everything" It's just like buying a Lexus with all the options. It will be $20K.

    There's a good chance that 1 Basic mill and 1 Basic lathe with maintenance will be about $9K. A lot cheaper than the fines you'll pay when you get caught. It's also upgradable. Get what you need now and add to it later.

    I'm assuming your making money with it now. Dont think of it as how much you have to spend. Think about all the money you made with your "unlimited Free Trial". Do the right thing.

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    I cry about MasterCrap X3 alot however you guys running pirate versions are the biggest losers and deserve all the problems you are having with the software.

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