Im about to purchase a vibratory tumbler to be used mainly for finishing/ polishing plastic and resin after my parts have either been 3d printed or milled.

Materials will typically be milled acrylic, delrin, Teflon or 3d printed resin on a high end DLP projector based 3d printer ...sometimes, very rarely, ABS printed on an FDM printer.

My goal is to remove tool marks on milled parts, layer lines on 3d printed parts and to have the plastic achieve a polished look to prepare parts for silicon mold making to create casts with a shiny finish.

Parts will typically be small, think large jewelry size.

I also have a problem where im laser cutting very small , high detailed stainless parts on my fiber laser and im sometimes getting burn marks or discoloration and it would be great if I could use my tumbler to help clean and polish the surface after laser cutting.

Id like to try and find a one size fits all media to polish plastic and resin to a high shine ( will be used for this 95 percent of the time) as well as use this same media to clean laser cut steel that might have small discoloration marks ( very rarely for this purpose)

Can someone suggest the best single media that I can try? thanks!!

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