What is the "old knowledge" about interrupted turning. I've been doing some
Google searches, and checking the videos on YouTube, but most results seem
to indicate a need for new high tech special inserts. Or more accurately be
aimed at selling such inserts and insert tools.

I don't have to do it often, so I don't mind if it takes a while or if I
have to push it a little bit, but I'd kinda like to know how to do it the
"most effectively" with the tools I have.

I've got a Precision Mathews PM1440-LB 14 x 40 lathe that claims a 3HP
motor. So far this lathe does a pretty good job, but I'd like to shy away
from maxing out the motor if possible. Feed per rev is pretty flexible, and
its got spindle speeds from 70 upto 1255. Its more rigid than the average
Chicom lathe, but its still a Chicom lathe so I'd also like to shy away from
pounding on it to hard.

I've got a few 1/2" x 4" HSS Cobalt bits. I could sacrifice one to this
with no qualms.

How you would you do it if you were going to hand grind an HSS lathe bit for
the job?

P.S. For why guys no tell me about vertical shears. That's an aweome grind
for getting a smooth/er finish.

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