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Thread: Perske spindle bearing replacement-how?

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    Default Perske spindle bearing replacement-how?

    Hi Folks,
    out trusty router has an ancient greenish Perske 3HP spindle head. It's 3 phase, 360Hz, 230 volt, 8 amp, via a variable freq. speed controller. The chuck/collets go up to 1/2", and are a V50-60 style from memory.

    The bearings were apparently replaced a circa 2005 with ceramic bearings that suit a truck alternator, or so I was told.
    Anyhow they're starting to sound a bit noisy and when you stop the router, the spindle stops quickly, instead of coasting to an eventual stop.

    I think it's time to replace the bearings. We don't live near any possible technicians, so will have to resort to doing it ourselves.

    My queries are-before we dissect it-does anyone know of which bearing sizes we'd need and whether they're readily avaiilable anywhere,
    and secondly any tips on removing them?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Aah, well, we pulled it to bits today.

    For the record here, the two bearings were 6203TB.P63, and 6206TB.P63.
    Single row, deep groove ball bearing.

    6203 is 17mm ID, 40mm OD, 12mm thick.
    6206 is 30mm ID, 62mm OD, 16mm thick.

    They are a very high speed version of the common 6203 2RS designation, but the 2RS ones have a max speed far too slow for the router spindle. (like 7500 RPM?)

    The balls look like they're steel, though we thought we were told they'd had ceramic ones fitted just before we bought it. Evidently not!

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    Just for the record...the bearings are not sealed, they're an open case, and they're not lubricated-they just have an anticorrosion coating that has to be cleaned off just before installation.
    Then you have to find the right grease-a no-melt high temp, high speed stuff, and use about 15% or fill about 1/6 of the case with it. That is all. Any more and you'll impede its ability to spin at 20 000 rpm without getting hot.

    Hope that helps someone in the future!

    (P.S. I find it interesting that no one else has mentioned replacing bearings on a Perske spindle on this forum before...)

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    thanks for the info beem looking for years.

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    Default Me too!


    I find myself in the same position. Too poor to pay to have the perske rebuilt, but need to get it fixed. Disassembled the motor, see the bearings. Haven't pulled them yet.

    Can I ask which model of Perske motor you have? Not sure if we have the same bearings.

    Did you order some? Where did you get them? Can I ask if it was expensive?

    Any advice? Did you use a gear/bearing puller to remove the old ones? How did you press on the new ones?


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    Hey my first post! I recently picked up a Tekcel router similar to the one that you have Stewey. It needed some work and some of your posts were very helpful, so thanks!

    I also currently have a bearing issue (that being seizure!) and have found a few sources if it helps...

    Motor details - Perske 3.3HP Type VS.09-2

    Frank Spencer at Global Bearing imports has been most helpful and can source both bearings.

    I sourced a hybrid bearing for the 6203 from Small Parts And Bearings

    Finding these has been quite a challenge and I've learned that the cage and the clearance+precision affect the possible RPM. Steel cages are the cheapest but will overheat at high rpm. The cage in the 6006 is a phenolic resin and design is of high precision allowing the 21k rpm.

    Some of the bearing numbers I believe to be compatible (but can't guarantee performance just yet) are;

    6006TBR12P4 RHP
    6203TBR12P4 RHP

    NSK 6006TCG12P4

    The two bearing numbers I got from Perske themselves are;
    6006 2Z T9H P53
    6203 2RZ T9H P63

    Will report when I've fitted the new bearings.

    This is fun stuff eh!


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