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Thread: newbe - Roadrunner program - need help

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    Default newbe - Roadrunner program - need help

    Ok, I'm done with my first DIY CNC machine. I'm using Mach3

    I can't get the roadrunner program (or anything else) to work.

    It is always going out of bounds and triggering my limit switches.

    I've read the setup document. but I'm confused as to what I need to
    do to run the roadrunner program.

    How do I align or setup the machine so it is in alignment to
    run a g-code program.

    If it's two many steps to explain, just tell me what I must do generaly.
    I'm lost on this.

    I've worked for months on this machine and got it done, and it works fine, but now I can't get it to do anything because the g-code programs are all out of bounds.


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    Wow! I can't believe no one has jumped in to help you, yet.

    I'm not familiar with your machine or software, but this might help:

    After homing your machine, send it to the position you want to start your g-code program from.

    Use G92 to set Program zero (aka soft home), G92 X0. Y0. Z0.

    Figure out directional values (by jogging ?)for your work zone (x positive/negative, y positive/negative, etc....

    Draw a template of your machine boundaries in your cad/art program and save it.

    Insert your work into the template you have drawn and this should eliminate your boundary problems.

    Hope this helps, tried to put it in simple terms as it is late on a Friday and the weekend is beckoning.

    Good Luck, maybe someone with roadrunner and same type of machine will jump in and really help you.


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