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Thread: ACME thread and derlin nuts

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    Default ACME thread and derlin nuts

    Hi, I am pretty much brand new to cnc and have a few questions. I have purchased a set of plans from solsylva. I have decided to build it pretty much to the renderings of the plans but with much upgraded parts in critical areas. I have solid hardened steel rods for all 3 axis, acme rods for all 3 axis, nice bearing blocks, pillow blocks for the rails ect... My question is this. The acme rod that I ordered came with a derlin nut for each rod. This looks to be some sort of cousin to nylon and although has non existant backlash in its new condition I can see it getting loose in just a few hours if used hard. These nuts are CHEAP and semi easy to replace. Is there another option to using these that will yeild little to zero backlash that will not cost me an arm and a leg?

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    I have just placed an order for dumpstercnc anti-backlash nuts after being reccomended by other members on this site.

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    Delrin will last a surprisingly long time running against a good quality thread. Your few hours could easily be a few hundred hours although it does depend on what you call hard use. In clean conditions a lubricant will prolong the life but in a dusty environment such as cutting mdf it may reduce life because it collects the dust.

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    I assume the you ordered these from eBay? If so, they are probably Widgitmaster's from here on the forum. I just ordered some Delrin nuts from him yesterday, and they shipped today. I think that they will serve you better than you expect.

    If not, then look through the posts on here... he just released a brass anti-backlash nut that looks pretty sweet. If only he had posted it a day earlier, I may have gone that route .

    But seriously @ $3 and change, you can afford to replace the Delrin nuts as they deteriorate.


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    But seriously @ $3 and change, you can afford to replace the Delrin nuts as they deteriorate

    yeah this is what I figured. I am going to use these untill they burn out and then make a decision about what to do next. One thing I also figured and correct me if I am wrong, is that the derlin material seems to be the softer of the two between the rod and nut. This will allow the ACME thread to extend its life for a much longer period of time because of the metal to metal contact being non existant. Yes I got them from ebay but can not remember the seller... I had him make me 2 custom pieces at...

    1/2" 10 RH thread at 60" long each for the x axis. The others were standard sizes that he sells on ebay at 6" and 24". I am very excited about getting this all together, Today I got the timing belt and the 3 aluminum timing pullys in the mail. I need about $300 worth of stuff to have it done. This table started out as a $400 table and has graduated to well over 1k in a very short period of time. Thanks alot ebay

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