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    Help needed. I get the error message AL-64 TURRET INDEX TIME OVER when I start my Hyundai Kia skt 12lms. I bumped the turret into the main spindle while doing a tool change. The turret is stuck between two positions and I cannot access the tool post reset operation because I am stuck in this error. Any thoughts on how I might get out of this jam?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If it is a Yasnac control put in handle jog x or z button, and manual index to recover.


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    thanks for the reply, Maz. Its a fanuc oi-tc controller. I am unable to move anything because i get a AL-64 TURRET INDEX TIME OVER error when the machine starts up from power off. I cannot run the standard turret reset because i cannot get into parameter write mode.

    another other thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Same machine and controls. We are having the same problem. Machine is stuck and repeating the same AL-64 alarm. As soon has we turn the machine on it alarms out and we can't zero return or do anything. The turret isn't hitting anything and we can manually turn it. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I honestly don't remember exactly what I did to clear this alarm. My situation was a little different in that the pin that locks the turret into position was engaged in between two turret positions (the turret moved freely ~30deg but hit a solid stop on top and bottom of rotation). I know I took out 1000 screws to remove the cover over the turret motor. I think I studied the way the locking pin worked applied leverage/tapping accordingly to move the pin into a disengaged position. Once the turret was able to rotate 360deg I think I was able to do a standard turret home position reset per the manual. It may have taken a few cycles... Sorry I don't remember all the details.

    Good Luck!


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    you can turn it manually.

    so did you do the procedure k5.0 ->1
    spindle stop+spindle select+feed hold button to unclamp the turret rotate it so position 1 then CALL BZ button
    after that press

    MODE SELECT (the select button which you can find on the right side where mdi edit memory etc is)
    +spindle stop +feed hold

    then turn k5.0 to 0 again and press again


    as on some plc the k5.0 have to be activated and on some not
    in order these 3 buttons can set the turret encoder back to 0

    after that turn off and on

    also check if the turret clamp signal and mill orientation signal is on

    ps i saw in the manual that on 0itc there are no keep relais so forget the K5.0 and do it without. but when you press MODE SELECT+SPINDLE STOP+FEEDHOLD
    the machine should be in standby mode not in emergency stop! thats a very important point as it is wrong in the manual.
    mostly i do every thing when the machine is in standby not in emerency!

    as there also on other machine some mistakes with this emergency stop during the tool post reset procedure.....

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    We were able to fix the machine. We took the covers off the turret and by backing off the limit switch was able to zero return the machine. Once there we pressed in the other limit switch and the turret indexed. I'm not sure what caused it in the first place. We are thinking one of the limit switches stuck and caused the problem. Thanks for the replies!

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    Double post...

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