i am interested in building a CNC machine that is based on the ShakeOpo design principle.
The machine i am planning will be 5 x 8 feet.
The problem i have is choosing the right motor and electronics components. I am totally messed up when i read about all those drivers , circuit boards......etc......................... I am also a bit confused with software. How does this all come together? GRBL, 360 Fusion...... Mach3
Which software can i use in with which hardware????? One time i read TB6560 are a bad choice another time i read they are top choice......
Here is what i want to do with my machine:
It should cut foams..... well, that should be easy....
Wood at reasonable speeds.....
and aluminium at slow speeds.... what ever slow speed means in your opinion.

For the longest axis design i plan to use 40x20mm Makerslides.
For the drive i want to attach a rack to the profiles.... because i have read that those do much better at longer distances.

For cost i plan to spend somewhat around 500€.
So that means i do not want to use Mach3.
I already downloaded Fusion 360 free edition.

But as i pointed already out. My problem lies in the differentiation of hardware electronics and software.
Can i use Fusion 360 without Mach3??? When do i use Arduino???
You see ... i really don't know what belongs to what.
It would be nice if someone could organize the chaos in my head.

Greetings from Germany

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