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Thread: Haas VF2 Y-Axis Problems, ALARM Codes 102,104,140,162 HELP!!

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    Default Haas VF2 Y-Axis Problems, ALARM Codes 102,104,140,162 HELP!!

    We have a 1992 VF-2 With A "Y-Axis Over-current" And "Y Axis Over Current Or Drive Fault"

    So here is what is does, When Start up alarms are removed, have to go in and By pass "jog with out zero return", the I can move the Z and X Freely and At any speed Fine. But as soon as I try to home or JOG the Y axis, The Table Moves about 1/2" In a jump motion(Either Direction I try and JOG), And sets codes 102 104 140 and 162.

    So here is what I have done,
    Did the obvious First, and Swapped the leads for the Axis with X and Y on the Side of the Computer Cabinet(Just unscrewed Pin connnectors and swapped)

    The Problem Followed the Drive, Now my X axis had the Problem, and the Y axis Moved completely Freely. This Test eliminated that the problem was with a motor lead or Encoder problem specific to the axis.

    Then,, I Figured I would Swap Drive Boards With the Y and the A axis, Since my machine has the 4th axis prewire, and the Boards are Exactly the Same.

    Swapped the Boards, Problem Still Exists in the same Y axis.

    So here I am, What to do now?
    I am Wondering if Since the machine has the drive capabilities to run the A Axis(Which has never been used) Im wondering If I can switch a parameter or set up file to run the A-Axis components as my Y axis, If that makes sense.

    Technically Speaking the Circuit is already on the board, and Is Exactly the Same Drive Voltage and Encoder Pulse width, It Is Just meant to be ran as a 4th, Could I swap this Circuit with My down Drive/Circuit?

    What Could I try to do to get this machine back up and Making Chips again?

    Thanks So much to your Help,

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    I have only skimmed quickly through your post. (I got lost in your swapping axes.)

    Anyway, a machine that old is going to have brush type servos and these can give the over current alarm simply because carbon dust from the wear on the brushes cause short circuits. A possible quick fix is to dismantle the servos, blow all the dust out and reassemble them. If this works it is not a long term fix because the servos are probably going to need new brushes; or new servos.

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    Servos Are All Clean And Have NEW Brushes Installed. The Servos are not My Problem, When Swapping the Leads to the servos from the Drive Boards, the servos all individually work.

    It is a drive problem, But not A drive board Problem..If that makes Sense....Since Switching the Boards Around Did not help My Situation

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    it sounds like your cable is bad. it happens on my 4th axis cables.

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    Couldn't be a cable or servo, as said before, swapping the cables at the control cabinet, the problem is before the cables/servos. When swapped the problem moves onto any axis you put the lead do I check main boards, or the boards that feed the servo drive boards?

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    Well..the problem is fixed..

    For those who are wondering..some how the parameters for the y axis got changed around. The "rev encoder" needed to be activated. Machine is up and cutting Again!!!

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